• More evidence: new iPod model will gain cameras in Apple’s annual iPod event

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    Apple’s lips have always been tight about the information on its upcoming products. In this year’s annual iPod event, Apple is going to announce a new product line of its famous iPod player. Rumor has gathered to make people believe that the new generation of iPod will be camera-toting model. The models to be upgraded include iPod touch, iPod nano and likely iPod Classic.



    It dates back to March 16th when Apple issued a recruitment notice indicating its iPhone Engineering Group is looking for a Camera Engineering Project Manager to drive the design, development and integration of camera modules across iPhone and iPod. It is obviously Apple does imply its purpose on the design of camera-toting iPod. Photos of the alleged upcoming model of iPod have been exposed continually on the internet. Although the authenticity is not verified, the accumulating evidence has increased the stake on the positive side.



    The newly surfacing evidence is the leaked photos of suspected protective shells for the new third generation of iPod touch and the fifth generation of iPod nano. There is clearly a hole at the back of both the shells, probably designed for the camera. If these photos are officially authentic, it is substantially positive that the new iPod touch and iPod nano will equip camera capabilities. However, no specifications of the camera regarding both models have been revealed yet.


    The suspected protective shell for iPod touch 3rd



    The suspected protective shell for iPod nano 5th


    The camera upgrade is an advisable strategy according to experts’ analysis. It will inspire more users download from the App Store, especially the utilities that are pertinent to video processing. It means expanding influence and boosting income. This can also help promote the sales of iPhone, which is the keynote product of Apple.


    camera-ipod-touch1 camera-ipod-touch2


    Some rumor says that iPod Classic is going to fade away in order to give way to iPod touch and iPod nano. So it is still a secret whether Apple will bring a new upgrade to iPod classic in this year’s iPod event. As we can see on the product timeline, iPod classic is the oldest marketed product among all iPod models.




    Nevertheless, we still have to wait until the veil on the new products is lifted. If everything goes fine, tomorrow on September 10th will witness the answer to the questions.


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