Top 6 Christmas Gift Ideas to Delight Your Loved Ones on 2012 Christmas

December 18, 2012 / Posted by David Brooks on Holiday

It is drawing nearer, nearer and nearer, keeping us full-blooded. Guess what? The hotly-anticipated 2012 Christmas? Bingo! Although the weather is getting colder and colder, our enthusiasm to welcome yet another Christmas is running higher and higher!

Since the 2012 Christmas is on the horizon, feel so much to do but only little time left? Sounds a lot of things running up to Christmas? House and Christmas Tree need to be trimmed immediately, cards cry out to be written, dishes are in urgent need of cooking……oh, DO NOT forget one most important thing: Christmas gifts to give. For so many buddies, preparing Christmas presents is a rather challenge thing. If you happen to be the one getting stuck in preparing what types of Christmas gifts for your loved ones, let me help you! Below are top 6 best Christmas gift ideas for you to get inspired this Christmas. Just check out!.

1. Send your beloved a tablet

With regards to a tablet gift, what comes to your mind firstly is absolutely the iPad Mini. Far as I know, iPad Mini has topped on 2012 most-wanted Christmas presents list. If you loved one is an Apple addict, iPad Mini is no doubt your best choice for Christmas gift. Every year Apple lead the way in the latest, hot, must-have gadget. This year is the iPad Mini, a smaller, more compact and more cheaper alternative to its big sister iPad. It comes with so many great features to let us surf the internet freely, watch beloved movies, play video games, view photos and more. So, just shop for an iPad Mini and send them to your loved one as Christmas present. I bet he will smile from ear to ear when finding iPad Mini gift under Christmas tree.

2. Surprise beloved with a handset

Coolest touch-screen phones are the gadgets catering to everyone in your list. You know, everyone in this planet needs a mobile phone to keep contact with family or even say “Merry Christmas” to beloved far away. Moreover, they could take use of a handset to listen to Christmas carols, watch Christmas movies, etc. to deeply immerse into Christmas spirit. So, if your precious one is just lack of a smart phone, consider giving him a favorite mobile this Christmas! Pick up the best smartphone from highly-reputed mobile phone producer like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, etc. I am fairly sure your loved ones will fall in love with it!

3. Video Converter for boasting Christmas mood

Video Converter is also a red-hot Christmas gift of late. If your loved one is a moviegoer and plan to watch some hot-trending movies to spend this long and boring winter holiday season, I highly suggest you to pick up this quite useful video converter as the Christmas gift to help him solve the format incompatibility issue. No matter his collected movies are downloaded from YouTube or copied from DVD/BD, such kind of video converter could do its job well to convert videos among all popular formats to work on Kindle Fire, iPhone 5, iPad Mini or some other portable devices perfectly!

If you desire to DIY treasured Christmas video to express your deep love to family members or friends, this helpful video converter could also do you a big favor. You can take use of it to create some funny Christmas videos with those captured memorable clips or take a snapshot from a Christmas video to make a special Christmas card for your buddy. I bet this will be the most unique and special Christmas gift that your family members or friends have received.

4. Gift Christmas-themed DVD Movies

When the swirling snow dances gracefully outside across the sky, nothing would be cozier than enjoying Christmas movies with loved ones around the fireplace. So, to send some hottest Christmas-themed DVD movies like Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street is absolutely one of top Christmas gift ideas for family members and pals to get relaxed after house decoration and Christmas dinner preparation. Here you can make reference to a roundup list regarding 2012 Top 10 Most Popular Christmas Movies for Kids and Family, and choose the Christmas movie according to your loved ones’ taste!

5. Holidays for whole family

Christmas is not only a time for shopping, cooking dishes and decorating houses, but also a season for a family holiday. With the long-awaited Christmas holiday is not too far off, just take your loved ones on a trip. Ha-ha, indeed no one could refuse the charm of traveling, including you you you and you!!! So, surprise your beloved with a Christmas trip gift. If he has long expected to go to Australia or some other places, you can make his dream come true by giving him with a trip. When opening your gift, I do believe he will be the happiest one of the world!

6. Practical Gift Card

Those practical gift cards are also great options for Christmas presents. You can give your loved ones a gift card and let him buy whatever he likes. For example, if your friend owns a Kindle Fire, you could give him an Amazon gift card to let him buy movies, music, apps he like. If he is an Apple follower, instead, give him an iTunes gift card.

Face-to-face, Christmas is the best time to show deep feelings to loved ones like family members, close friends, etc. Just surprise them with the Christmas gifts already on your mind and create special Christmas memories for your beloved! Merry Christmas!


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