• Should We Ban PowerPoint? – Disadvantages of PowerPoint

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    It is not a joke. A political party named Anti-PowerPoint Party (APPP) has been established in Switzerland recently to ban PowerPoint. Its core is the firm belief that the Microsoft PowerPoint is a waste of fine Swiss resources. They give out evidence that PowerPoint costs Switzerland 2.1 billion Swiss Francs (about $2.5 billion) every year. This event has caused hot debate these days. People who oppose this Party say that it is not the fault of PowerPoint but the person who use PowerPoint.

    Of course this is the problem but one of the reasons why APPP bans the PowerPoint is that people are forced to use PowerPoint to do presentations, not by Microsoft but by the boss, teacher, etc. The problem is that when talk about presentation, people subconsciously think of PowerPoint. It seems that without PowerPoint they cannot make a presentation.

    In fact other than PowerPoint, we can use many others ways to make presentations, too. Like the founder of APPP Matthias Poehm said “Over 14 years of public speaking training I have noticed that the use of flip chart beats PowerPoint in 95 of 100 cases.”

    The Disadvantages of PowerPoint:

    Through years of advertisement and popularity, we are quite familiar with the advantages of PowerPoint, so here we’ll talk about the other side of PowerPoint – the disadvantages.

    1. It will take you a lot of time to make a good PowerPoint, not to mention how it will work when you really give the presentation before large audiences.

    2. Before you can use PowerPoint proficiently you will take much time to learn how to use PowerPoint.

    3. Style without substance – many times the style of PowerPoint is more important than the content. If the style is not deliberately arranged audiences will lose interest at the first glance and your great content cannot save you then.

    4. Dynamic animations, transitions or background are widely used in PowerPoint but they will distract the audience from the actual information in presentation. However, if you don’t use these features, your PowerPoint will be absolutely boring.

    5. The PowerPoint file size could be really large once your presentation takes long time or has too much information.

    6. PowerPoint doesn’t allow you to present topics in significant detail for the space is limited and you need to make the fonts big enough for audiences sit in the back to be able to see it clearly.

    7. You may lose where you are as you are making the presentation for you cannot see the next slide and unfortunately you shouldn’t jump to the next slide as you wish.

    8. The speed of the presentation may increase when use PowerPoint.

    9. Since the main topic has been written on PowerPoint slides, audiences may pay more attention to reading the slides instead of listening to what you say.

    10. Presentation with PowerPoint makes you very dependent on the computer. Many problems may happen like computer disorders, PowerPoint versions, different operating systems, video codec, etc.

    After knowing both the advantages and disadvantages of PowerPoint, you may have a clearer understanding. No matter you agree with APPP or not, you have to admit they have the goodwill – make our work and study more proficient and save resources.


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