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    YouTube has been a very successful online video service provider. Videos, videos, and all kinds of videos are our first impression of YouTube. Then, what is behind the scene? Here, we have gathered some datas from the internet to outline some unheard facts of YouTube as a feast for your curiosity. ^_^

    1. the aggregate of videos on YouTube has reached above 70,000,000. Provided that average video file size is 5 megabytes, it means 350 terabytes required for storage.

    2. the number of active video contributors on YouTube are more than 200,000.

    3. there are over 100,000,000 video playbacks everyday on YouTube.
    4. the ever hottest YouTube video has been played 112,486,327 times.

    5. the average length of YouTube video is 2 min 46.17 sec.

    6. the total length of YouTube video is 412.3 years. It means a person will need at least 5 lives to watch over all those videos given a stop on the video increment.

    7. the average age of YouTube users is 26.57 years.

    8. the combined length of videos being uploaded to YouTube every minute is 13 hours long. Let’s say if you are living in YouTube, a whole day of life for you means only 2 minutes for humans on earth.

    9. the cost for YouTube to pay for the bandwidth is US $1,000,000 per day. It charges YouTube US $1 for 100 video playbacks, seems fair enough.

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