• Leawo DVD Ripper V3.3.0.0 Upgrades with Enhanced Conversion, Fluent Preview and Multiple Discs Input

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    Leawo Software released its latest Win DVD Ripper V3.3.0.0, with ensured conversion when launching CUDA accelerator, complete converting for all DVD discs, fluent preview for drag-and-play on the preview screen and multiple inputting discs.

    An outstanding representative who is famous for its never-stopped exploration spirit in software industry– Leawo Software Co., Ltd. (http://www.leawo.com/ ) Shenzhen P.R.C, today -Dec, 16th, 2010- officially declares the release of its latest Leawo Win DVD Ripper V3.3.0.0, with upgrades in four parts: modified conversion failure caused by launching CUDA accelerator thus to enhance successful conversion, modified incomplete conversion of some DVD discs to produce complete converting for all ones, fixed the occasional play stuck when dragging the play bar, support inputting multiple discs simultaneously.

    Leawo DVD Ripper <http://www.leawo.com/dvd-ripper/> is an all-inclusive tool used to rip and backup DVD content from disc to hard drive in variety of formats, to edit original DVD videos by cropping, trimming, watermarking, etc and to transfer DVD content to various media devices like cell phone, iPod, Apple TV, PSP with the unchanged picture and audio quality.

    New features of Leawo DVD Ripper V3.3.0.0

    1. The newly upgraded version enhances the ability of conversion from DVD to other file formats by making best use of CUDA accelerator, thus to both ensure a smooth and successful DVD conversion and speed up the conversion process for users without quality loss.

    2. The V3.3.0.0 Leawo DVD Ripper also features enhanced ability to completely convert all DVD discs to other common video file formats for playback on different devices. Videos, audios, images and animations of the original DVD discs would be perfect retained in the output video files.

    3. A perfect and fluent preview on this soft program would be available with the upgraded DVD Ripper. When dragging the play bar on the program preview screen to view different sections of converted DVD discs, the software quickly responds to drag-and-play operation. No play stuck or disconnection would exist to trouble users.

    4. The upgraded version V3.3.0.0 gets another point for users, allowing users to input multiple DVD discs simultaneously, which would save time and energy for users to repeat converting different DVD discs again and again.

    Price and Availability

    Leawo DVD Ripper has both free trial version which can be downloaded via the link below and registered version costs only US $49.95 with lifelong updates and prior technical support. An even lower price at only US $29.95 is available during the Leawo Christmas Promotion Activity (Christmas activity link: http://www.leawo.com/software-giveaway.html).


    Company Website: <http://www.leawo.com/>
    Product Webpage: <http://www.leawo.com/dvd-ripper/>
    Product Download Link: <http://www.leawo.com/download/dvdripper/dvdripper_setup.exe>

    Contact Person:

    Leawo Software Co., Ltd.
    Email: contact@leawo.com

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