• What Is Retina Display and Why Is It Good

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    What Is Retina Display and Why Is It Good

    Retina Display is created by Apple, it stands for a high resolution screen with high enough ppi which human’s eyes see little pixelation. Apple took Retina Display on iPhone 4/4S/5, iPod touch 3rd/4th/5th generation, iPad 3rd/4th generation, and Macbook Pro with Retina Display 13” and 15”. The PPI of the iPhone, iPod and iPad is above 300 pixels and the Macbook Pro goes with the PPI above 200 pixels, so that in a typical distance, human eye is unable to notice the pixelation. Currently, the Retina screens of iPad come from Samsung, and the Macbook, iPhone and iPod touches’ displays come from LG and Samsung.

    Retina Display makes our eyes comfortable when watching. The displays a few years ago were not Retina Displays at all. You may still remember how the picture looked like when we watching a video or reading a book on our computer. Our eyes got tired and hurt because we couldn’t help to notice the pixelation in the screen here and there. But with the high PPI Retina Display, we will get rid of the eye strain problem. According to Gary Heiting, OD and associate editor of AllAboutVision.com, said, “A key factor in something that’s called computer vision syndrome, or just eye strain from computer use, is screen resolution.” And with high-PPI Retina Display, he said, “people are going to notice less pixelation, especially in a small typeface. It’s not an enjoyment issue or aesthetic issue, but it’s definitely a visual comfort issue, over time.” So Retina Display is going to reduce the eye strain problem when people use computers, tablets and smartphones more and more often.

    Non-Retina Display Screen Vs. Retina Display Screen

    Retina Display will also encourage people reading more on tablets. iPad 4 owns a high resolution of 2048*1536 and the PPI is 264, it provides a good visual experience. As people now rarely take paper-made books along with them, an iPad is what they need for reading. High PPI with less pixelation will make the letters on the e-book clear so that readers are able to read the e-books with comfort. That will be nice for seniors who don’t play games or watch TV series a lot. For the youth, iPad is more than a book library, it is multi-functional and can be used both for work and daily life. So a high-PPI Retina Display will protect their eyes from becoming shortsighted.

    Retina Display will also make the coming iOS 7 more terrific in visual experience. As is known, the flat design has been used in the iOS 7 and make this operating system has a simpler appearance than before. The iOS 7 on a Retina Display will make your eyes in a very comfortable condition and even for a long-time use, your eyes won’t get tired. You may want to update your iOS 6 to 7 on your iPad, it’s a good idea, the 9.7-inch screen with simplified design and high-PPI Retina Display will reduce your eyes’ work when you are tapping the screen. Of course, you would love to transfer movies to iPad for an enjoyment, and watching a 1080p movie on the Retina Display is absolutely fantastic.

    Retina Display has been used for various Apple devices, but not on iPad mini. Actually, a 9.7-inch iPad is a little bigger than what people need for daily uses. So if the iPad mini with Retina Display will be released in the autumn, Apple is likely to attract more attention.

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  • The most unbelievable rumors said that iPad 3 out in March and iPad 4 in October in 2012

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    After the iPhone 4S came to market, now people around the world who pay close attention to Apple now come to focus on the next generation of iPad, not only Apple fans, but also competitors of Apple as well. Now, there have been so many rumors and guess work done online about the specifications and release date about the much anticipated Apple tablets, while the thing being most focused is about the tablet screen display. Most rumors and guess work predicated that the iPad 3 would configure a Retina display (2048×1536, double the resolution of the first two iPads), which will absolutely deliver better digital experience for users to watch HD videos on iPad or play HD Blu-ray on iPad for unlimited movie enjoyment. However, do you know that there even were rumors about the iPad 4 in 2012? Well, the Geek writer Will Shanklin has written a post about the next generation of iPad and the generation of iPad after the next iPad. Check freely what he said or rumored bellow:

    Retina iPad 3

    Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for everyone to shift their focus onto the next big thing: the iPad 3. In the last week, we’ve already heard a (probably false) rumor that two new iPads will be launching in January, and another that has an iPad with upgraded cameras launching in March. Now we have yet another report: that a Retina display iPad 3 will launch in March, with an upgraded iPad 4 (or iPad 3 Pro?) launching in October.

    The rumor — to be taken with many grains of salt — says that the iPad 3 will sport a Retina display (2048×1536, double the resolution of the first two iPads) and an extended battery. It also, however, says that other upgrades won’t be as exciting as many are expecting. What does that last part mean? It could mean that it won’t get an A6 processor (harder to believe than the other details), or that the form-factor won’t be much different from that of the iPad 2.

    According to the report, the October iPad will be the one to truly behold. It says that the real battle for market share will take place among 2012′s second iPad, Windows 8 tablets, and Intel’s Clover Trail-W platform. The description of the alleged iPad 4 is vague: it iPad Windows 8 tabmerely says that it will have “much upgraded hardware specifications” and “integrated applications” (Siri, perhaps?).

    Would Apple release two iPads in one year? It’s possible, but keep in mind that the same trade publication that ran this rumor also predicted a second iPad in 2011. That obviously didn’t happen. It sounds more likely in 2012, as there is expected to be tighter competition (from Windows 8, a Google tablet, and perhaps a larger Kindle Fire) than there was in 2011.

    Yes, we’re getting into the season where iPad rumors fly in from all angles, with no indication of what’s plausible and what isn’t. Within the next month or two, it will build to a feverish pitch that will take us all back to last summer; that was when iPhone 5 rumors covered the entire gamut of possibilities. Prepare for exhaustion.

    Source from: http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/ipad-3-in-march-ipad-4-in-october-according-to-rumor-2012016/

    How do you think about the above rumors about iPad 3 and iPad 4? And what are your anticipations towards the next Apple iPads? Feel free to share with us your ideas in the comment part.

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  • True or Rumor: iPad 3 with up to 2048*1536 high resolution screen display

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    After the release of Apple iPhone 4S, the next most anticipated Apple produce might not be the next generation of Apple iPhone, but the iPad 3, which is rumored to be out in the first quarter of next year, which, absolutely, would be a false guess. The next generation of iPad is said to feature with a 10-inch large screen display. And to make the large screen display comfortable with users’ eyes, the iPad 3 screen display resolution must be high enough, which has been proved to be a big step for tablet and a big challenge for manufacturers. The latest rumor from CNET shows that the iPad 3 would feature with a 2048*1536 pixels high resolution screen display, which has really excited all iPad fans, even though still needs to be confirmed. If this is real, the visual effect on iPad 3 would be showed just as bellow:

    Apple Retina DisplayApple has always been trying to have a Retina Display-like resolution on the iPad 3, according to the source who is in contact with Asia-based suppliers who, in turn, are familiar with Apple’s plans. Apple makes a definition for Retina Display as having “pixel density is so high your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels.” The iPhone 4S features a 960×640, 3.5-inch display that packs in 326PPI. At about 12 inches from the eye, this is the most amount of detail the human retina can see, according to Apple. If the iPad 3 would get such high screen resolution, the iPad 3 would absolutely become the best choice for you to watch HD Blu-ray on iPad. Also, playing HD videos on iPad 3 would be an enjoyable experience for you in your spare time.

    However, such high resolution screen display might still be a big challenge for manufacturers. “They have production plans for 2048×1536 displays. Starting in November. But those are only plans at this point,” said the source, referring to LG and Samsung.

    Thus, whether we can get 2048*1536 pixels HD screen display on iPad 3 or not is still in question. It still needs to be confirmed. Stay tuned for more information about iPad 3.

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