• Nokia HERE Maps is Available for Web, iOS and Android

    Posted on November 15th, 2012 David Brooks No comments

    Nokia is set to release its own map application for iOS. Called Here, the application will be part of a wider rebranding of Nokia’s mapping product. Here won’t be completely native, as Nokia announced that it is based on HTML5. Here will include voice-guided walking directions and some measure of offline functionality, among other features.

    With HERE, Nokia hopes to change that. Available now as a desktop and mobile web-app, HERE is a lightning-fast maps solution with clean design, a strong data set and dedicated navigation modes for walking, driving and public transit.

    Here Maps

    It will be a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. “Of course, Nokia will build apps, some of them unique to Lumia devices, that gain a competitive advantage for Nokia,” he added.

    The iOs app will include voice-guided transportation and walking directions, both things that Apple does not offer. It will also have offline support, allowing users to select a local region and pre-download the maps for that region in advance.

    With the problems faced by Apple Maps, many have looked to Google for a new native mapping experience on iOS, but it’s not here yet. Nokia says Here will arrive “in the coming weeks.”

    There hasn’t been serious maps competition on iOS before, so these next few months, with Google and Nokia releasing competing products, and Apple fixing errors and filling in missing data, are going to be interesting to watch. It is also important to remember that despite problems faced by many, Maps on iOS are still reliable for many others. When these alternative apps from Google and Nokia do eventually launch, if they are good, iOS will have not one but three viable mapping options available.

    While some might question whether or not Apple would approve these apps, remember that having three major mapping apps on iOS is good for users, and makes iOS more attractive, and as long as you’re using iOS, Apple wins.

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