• Stanford University Engineering Professor Imagines See-through iPhone with Transparent Battery

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    Have you ever imagined having a see-through iPhone 4, other than the elusive white iPhone 4?  Or have you ever got such kind of transparent devices? Thanks to the Stanford University engineering professor, Yi Cui, now you may have the chance to get a see-through invisible iPhone 4 with the transparent battery designed and developed by him. The following post was written by Christina Hernandez of http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/, which made a detailed explanation of this new transparent battery. Check the bellow content to get a detailed acknowledgement of transparent batteries.

    iPhone 4 white

    Written by Christina Hernandez.

    Forget the elusive white iPhoneYi Cui, an engineering professor at Stanford University, imagines a transparent iPhone.

    Together with graduate student Yuan Yang, first author on a recent paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Cui developed a transparent battery — potentially the final component needed to make fully transparent electronics. “If the batteries were not transparent,” Cui said in an interview, “then the device wouldn’t be transparent.”Transparent Battery

    Because the key components of batteries cannot be replaced or made transparent, Cui used a trick of the eye to develop the battery. He created a mesh-like framework for the battery electrodes. ”Each line in the grid is smaller than 50 microns,” he said. “When a human being looks at an object that’s smaller than 50 microns, it’s not visible. That’s how we make it transparent.”

    The team found a transparent alternative to copper and aluminum in polydimethylsiloxane, a compound used in contact lenses, according to a news release. They deposited metals onto the rubbery material to make it conductive and poured it into molds to build the transparent grids. Yang created a transparent substance that served as both an electrolyte and a separator and inserted it between the electrodes, creating a functional battery. “It’s completely new,” Cui said.

    Now, the researchers are working to increase the capacity of the transparent battery, which is only about half as powerful as its lithium-ion counterparts. And they’re hoping others take notice. “We’d like industry to pick up our concept,” Cui said, “and do the commercialization of these transparent batteries.”

    From there, the possibilities are varied. ”Imagine you have a watch that you want to look transparent,” Cui said. “You can have your iPhone be transparent. You can have your laptop be transparent.”

    Watch a video about the transparent batteries.

    Photo: Transparent battery

    Sources from: http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/pure-genius/transparent-battery-developer-imagines-see-through-iphone/6876?tag=nl.e550

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  • Top 15 Cooling Gadgets to Make a Cool Summer for Home, Work and Play

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    The long summer holidays not only bring people nice time to fully enjoy funs, but some inconvenience to our life at home, work or play as well. Have you got well equipped to beat the hot waves in the long hot summer days? Whether you have done or not, it should not be missed for you to take a look at this post, which provides some popular and effective cooling gadgets to make a cool summer for your home life, work or play. Thanks to Gloria Sin, who wrote the following content in zdnet.com with the purpose to create a cooling summer for all people.

    Besides blasting the air conditioner and fanning yourelf with modified a spray bottle, here are 15 hot products that can help you stay cool at home, work and play in this unusually hot summer.

    1. Dyson Air Multiplier Fan

    Dyson Aire Multiplier Fan

    One of the most innovative cooling device for the home is the Dyson Air Multiplier. Rather than just spin blades to move the air around us, the Dyson design pushes air through a tiny crack along the edge of the fan, to create its own steady and powerful blast of cool air. Available in national retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond and Best Buy, the 10″ Table Fan starts at $299.99.

    Photo Credit: Dyson.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    2. Brookstone Bed Fan

    Brookstone Bed Fan

    Suburbia’s favorite gadget store Brookstone has a Bed Fan that can draw 100 cubic feet of air every minute to direct at your bed. Its height is adjustable so you can aim it precisely at your sheets, and comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust the temperature from your bed. Available in Brookstone stores and online for $79.95.

    Photo Credit: Brookstone.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    3. ecobee Remote Control Thermostat with iOS and Android app

    ecobee Remote Control Thermostat with iOS and Android app Say goodbye to coming home to an oven after a long day at work, as the Wi-Fi enabled ecobee thermostat offers full remote control of your home’s heating and cooling systems — through a website, or via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Available from home hardware stores like Home Depot and online retailers Smarthomes.com for $395.00.

    Photo Credit: ecobee.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    4. New Ice Suit

    New Ice Suit

    With special pockets built into the jacket to fit removable ice packs, the Haruyama-designed New Ice Suit will keep you refreshed en route to work. And when you get to the office, you can simply freeze the ice packs in the fridge, so they’ll be nice and cold by the time you go home. Unfortunately, the New Ice Suit is only available in Japan, which costs the equivalent of $520 USD (as of 2009) according to CrunchGear.

    Photo Credit: CrunchGear

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    5. MaxiFresh Anti-Odor Astronaut Undershirt Vest

    MaxiFresh Anti-Odor Astronaut Undershirt Vest

    Developed in collaboration with the Japanese space agency JAXA, these t-shirts are designed to fight against the micro bacteria that causes body odors and are said to reduce “body odor by 82%, and sweat odor by an amazing 92%.” Available from JapanTrendShop.com for $52 USD plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: JapanTrendShop.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    6. USB Portable Cooling Pad

    USB Portable Cooling Pad

    This USB Mini Portable Cooling Pad cools your hands and wrists as you type by positioning air vents underneath them, which also offers some support for your wrists thanks to its half-moon shape. Currently out of stock at USB Brando.com, this device retails for $19.00 USD plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: USB Brando.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    7. USB OptiWind Mouse

    USB OptiWind Mouse

    With a built-in fan and air vents that shoot cool air into your hand from the mouse, the USB OptiWind Mouse can help your hand stay cool and your mind alert as you work. Available from USB Brando.com for $22.00 USD plus shipping (compatible with Windows 98 to XP).

    Photo Credit: USB Brando.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    8. Mobile Air Conditioner

    Mobile Air Conditioner

    The next best thing to carrying a personal air conditioning unit wherever you go is this Mobile Air Conditioner-in-a-can from Japan. It claims to create a blast as cold as -49 degrees Fahrenheit that you can spray on your clothes and even your skin. Too bad it’s only available in Japan.

    Photo Credit: Strapya.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    9. USB Desk Fridge

    USB Desk Fridge

    This USB-powered Fridge-shaped cooler for your desk keeps your drink (up to two cans) at the right temperature, so you can stay at your desk for longer bouts and (hopefully) do more work. Available from USB Brando.com for $39.00 USD plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: USB Brando.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    10. Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Paper

    Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Paper

    Ladies who need to maintain a professional appearance (read: makeup) while on the job would be interested in the Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Papers, as they “contain antiperspirant and deodorant ingredients to prevent body odor.” They also cool your face/body down and help minimize your shinny glow from facial oil and sweat. Available from YesStyle.com for $9 USD plus shipping for a 10-sheet pack.

    Photo Credit: YesStyle.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    11. iPhone 4 Dock Fan

    iPhone 4 Dock Fan

    The iPhone 4 Dock Fan attaches to most i-devices’ dock connector — from the first-gen iPod touch to the current iPhone 4 — which makes it a handy gadget to keep in your bag for short cooling sessions. Available from Japan Trust Technology for about $16 USD plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: Japan Trust Technology

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    12. USB Cooler Cushion

    USB Cooler Cushion

    With more and more cars becoming equipped with a USB connector, this USB Cooler Cushion from Thanko could keep your seat, um cooler, on your next road trip. Available from GeekStuff4U.com for $32 plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: GeekStuff4U.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    13. Cooling Foam

    Cooling Foam

    The Hokkyoku Monogatari Cooling Foam is extremely malleable so you can either shape it into a wristband or necklace, or just rub it into your skin for some invisible relief. It’s only available in Japan so don’t go looking for a can in your local CVS.

    Photo Credit: JapanTrends.com’s YouTube video

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    14. White “iPhone 4″ Air Cooler

    White “iPhone 4″ Air Cooler

    Stay cool by holding up this iPhone 4-inspired portable fan to your face wherever you need some instant cooling action. Available from KOGadget.com for $9.90 plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: KOGadget.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    15. Wi-Fi Fan

    Wi-Fi Fan

    No power, no space to tote more gadgets in your bag? No problem. You can always cool yourself with this plastic Wi-Fi fan by the whimsical French design company ATYPYK. Available from ATYPYK’s eShop for $12.15 USD (shipping excluded).

    Photo Credit: ATYPYK’s eShop

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    Sources from:


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  • 20 Rumors on Apple iPhone 5: A Roundup of Apple iPhone 5 Rumored Specs, Release Date and Possibility for Each Rumors

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    Through the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, we have got the top 10 hot features of iOS 5, now the Apple WWDC has past for days and it would be the right time to get our attention back to the next generation of Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5. Four years ago, Apple released iPhone in summer without any notices, which makes sense that a release in September of Apple iPhone 5 would be a deterministic event of Apple. And after the closing of WWDC 2011, there emerges various rumors on iPhone 5, and here I have collected a roundup of rumors on the specs and release date of Apple iPhone 5 and made a prediction about the possibility of various rumors.

    Apple iPhone 5

    The following are the rumors I collected in the past few days:

    1. iPhone 5 adopts larger edge-to-edge screen. (Somewhat possible)

    It is possible as the competitors of Apple iPhone, like the main trend phones of Android OS, all adopts delectable 4 inch large screen, which makes it reasonable for people to rumor a larger edge-to-edge screen on iPhone 5 to pander to the trend of the times.

    2. Support for 4G network connectivity. (Seems impossible)

    Apple had spent a whole year for the 3G network connectivity support. 4G network connectivity has been anticipated for long to make a smooth support on the new iPhone. Maybe Apple would make it possible for iPhone 5 with 4G network connectivity to optimize its performance.

    3. Support for both Verizon and AT&T. (Much possible)

    Some people predicted that the iPhone 5 would become a “global” communication device, which means the support for both CDMA and GSM network. This also means, you could get an iPhone 5 capable of both Verizon and AT&T.

    4. More selling points of iOS 5 before official marketing. (Much possible)

    iOS 5 indeed appears to be great, yet still needs more to be perfect: adding third-party plugs, dimensional sound control, absence of 3G network supported Facetime, etc. And before the official market release in September, Apple still gets enough time to perfect iOS 5.

    5. Dismiss the HOME button. (Impossible)

    Maybe Apple would change the phone design scheme, just like what Android did before, to dismiss the frontal physical buttons. Then all applications would be in control under a touch button.

    6. Configure camera capable of HD video shooting. (Seems possible)

    The 5MP camera on iPhone 4 didn’t provide quite nice HD video shooting experience for users. There are reports that an 8MP camera is capable of 1080P HD video shooting. In the market of smart mobile phones today, many Android phones own 8MP camera for 1080P HD video shooting. According to the configuration standard of Apple iPhone cameras, 5MP camera on iPhone 5 seems to be reasonable. However, the existing market has made it hopeful for us to expect an 8MP camera on iPhone 5.

    7. Dual LED flashlights. (Possible)

    Some rumors leak another optimization of iPhone 5 camera: iPhone 5 will feature with dual LED flashlights for better lighting effects.

    8. The same appearance design as iPhone 4. (Possible)

    The appearance design of iPhone 5 should keep the same as that of iPhone 4. There are various rumors on iPhone 5 appearance. Some think it would be just a simple upgrade version of iPhone 4, the appearance staying the same while providing faster processing and larger RAM. Still, some other people think the next iPhone would be called “iPhone 4S”, instead of iPhone 5.

    9. Fully new design. (Unlikely)

    Some people think the iPhone 5 would own ultra slim phone body and larger screen, which is the favorite of Apple’s products for every new upgrade.

    10. Enlarge RAM from 32GB to 64GB. (Possible)

    People had been anticipating this break on iPhone 4 but finally not satisfied. And now, this anticipation has been changed to iPhone 5. If it comes true, then the iPhone 5 would have two versions: 32GB version and 64GB version, which would result in a price reduction of 16GB iPhone 4.

    11. Near Field Communication Payment. (Much possible)

    The NFC technology has been long rumored on the iPhone 5, which would enable users make payment through mobile phones. The NFC chipset would be bounded with Apple account, thus users could easily pay music and apps they purchase from iTunes.

    12. Adopt A5 processor. (Definitely settled)

    The iPhone 5 adopts Apple A5 processor could be said to a definitely settled fact, just like the iPad 2. The A5 processor could own twice speed as that of iPhone 4 and much longer battery life.

    13. Built-in antenna for better signal capturing. (Definitely settled)

    Apple would not repeat the mistake on antenna. iPhone 5 would feature with built-in antenna or redesigned outlay antenna for better signal capturing.

    14. Release cheap Nano iPhone. (Totally impossible)

    Every iPhone upgrade would accompany with cheap Nano iPhone. But some analysts think the cheaper and smaller Nano iPhone would end all cheap Android phones, thus this rumor is absolutely impossible.

    15. Games and videos with 3D effect. (Impossible)

    It is impossible for Apple to improve anything related to 3D effect as it would cost so much time and costs. But, still rumors say iPhone 5 would feature with apps and videos with 3D effect.

    16. No glasses on the rear. (Much possible)

    This seems to be quite possible. The iPhone 4 glass back produces quite nice sense of touch and secure. Now, some designers say Apple would change the glass back to metal, just like the first iPhone.

    17. To be released in this September. (Maybe)

    Apple released no information on WWDC about iPhone 5. So, if Apple releases iPhone 5 in September, it would not be a surprise, yet still not confirmed. The only thing we are sure is that Apple would release new iPhone after the iOS 5 in September.

    18. Feature with mini SIM card. (Impossible)

    An European officer from Orange revealed that iPhone 5 would come with a customized smaller SIM card, but the opponents insist iPhone 5 would stay the same as iPhone 4 in phone body.

    19. Compatible with Sprint and T-mobile. (Maybe)

    We have got some leaked tests of iPhone on T-mobile. Some analysts think iPhone 5 would also be compatible with Sprint and T-mobile network.

    20. Nuance omnibearing sound control. (Much possible)

    The owner of Dragon Dictation, Nuance is one of Apple’s partners, which provides great opportunity for iPhone 5 omnibearing sound control expansion. With the omnibearing sound control system, you could speak your email or message on your iPhone 5, instead of handwriting, just like Android mobile phones.

    Well, these are all the rumors popular recently I have collected. Whatever, what your opinion for the Apple iPhone 5? When do you think it would be out and what specs you are expecting for? If you like, you can just share your own opinion below in the comment part.

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  • 8 tips to save and prolong iPhone 4 battery life to maximize iPhone utility

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    Many of my friends have been complaining about the gradually weakening battery performance of their iPhone 4. And also, online complaints about the iPhone battery use could be seen everywhere. Actually the iPhone 4 battery is made pretty well. The problem is the improper use of iPhone 4 owners. The official materials of iPhone 4 battery shows that the battery would retain 80% performance of original battery after more than 400 cycles of charging and discharging if well maintained and properly used.

    iPhone 4

    Here I would like to share some knowledge with all iPhone users on how to save and prolong iPhone battery life to maximize iPhone utility. Hope the info would be helpful to better your iPhone experience.

    About iPhone 4 battery: Lithium-ion battery

    iPhone 4 adopts Lithium-ion battery (sometimes Li-ion battery or LIB) as its power source, the strongest point of which is the No Memory Effect. Memory effect refers to the phenomenon of nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries holding less battery volume along with repeated charging and discharging cycles. The No Memory Effect of Li-ion battery means the Li-ion battery volume would not reduce while charging and discharging and the Li-ion battery could be full recharged in less than 3 hours with the 4.2V constant voltage charger.

    How to charge for fresh iPhone 4

    It is improper to pursue over charging (charging longer than 12 hours) and over discharging (recharging until the battery is out and automatically shuts off, both of which belong to the nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries. The following tips would be useful when you are to charge iPhone 4:

    (1) Charge battery according to the standard time and procedure specified on the guidebook, even for the first three times.

    (2) When you are reminded for the low battery, you should recharge battery in time, no waiting for battery out and automatically power off.

    (3) No special ways to activate iPhone Li-ion battery. The Li-ion battery would automatically activate when charged in proper chargers.

    (4) Stay your iPhone Li-ion battery away from high and low temperature conditions: the Li-ion battery life would be shortened in very high temperature and extremely low temperature conditions. Reference temperature of Li-ion battery: charging temperature: 0℃~45℃; discharging temperature: -20℃~65℃; work temperature: 0℃~40℃.

    How to save iPhone 4 Li-ion battery

    New York Times tech columnist David Pogue recently got four iPhone battery tips from an Apple store Genius, while Mr Rick Broida made an overview of these advices along with his thoughts to sum a Six Ways to Improve iPhone Battery Life. Here I would like to make a list of advices from the two knowledgeable experts and add some additional tips from yours truly.

    1. Turn off push e-mail: Turn off the “Push” feature, and set it to Manually instead (in Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Fetch New Data), then your iPhone checks for e-mail only when you actually open the e-mail app, rather than every 15 minutes.

    2. Turn off GPS tracks, Bluetooth, WiFi: These are all high power consumption apps, so if not needed, turn them off. Turn off GPS: In Settings ->General->Location Services; turn off Bluetooth: In Settings ->General->Bluetooth; turn off WiFi: In WiFi Settings ->WLAN.

    3. Turn off notifications: In Settings -> Notifications. Every notification would eat your battery juice, so turn off unnecessary ones.

    4. Manually terminate background apps: The background apps would be not worth the battery boost you might get

    5. Lower the screen brightness: The brighter the screen, the more power consumed.

    6. Keep it out of your pocket: The hotter your iPhone gets, the faster the battery will die.

    7. Turn off 3G connection while not surf internet: In Settings->General->Network. If not needed, 3G connection is advised to turn off for its powerful power consumption. Make sure you open the 2G connection.

    8. Other power consumption use of iPhone: SBS app, playing videos, recording videos, 2D and 3D games, etc.

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  • Top 10 anticipated Apple products for the Apple Store’s 10th Anniversary big event

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    Today, May 19th, 2011, is the 10th anniversary of Apple Stores, which began on a Saturday, May 19, 2001, in Glendale, Calif., and the Tysons Corner mall in McLean, Va. This year, May 19th follows on Thursday, but it is reported that the anniversary celebration would last to this weekend. Apple has provided global consumers with the most charming retailing experience with their excellent products.


    There are rumors on the big events Apple has been prepping for the Apple Store 10th Anniversary and new products may be released for this important day. Apple has been tight tipped in what the big event would be. But for Apple users and fans, there are many products long anticipated to be launched on this special day. The bellow is the list of the top 10 long anticipated products from Apple users and fans:

    1. iPad tablet with 4G connectivity

    Apple iPad 2 has been proved a great success, while one big flaw is the disability of 4G connectivity. The 4G connectivity of iPad tablets has been a great anticipation from users, but seems to be less possible. If there would be a 4G connectible iPad, it would be a great surprise for users.

    2. iPhone 4 with 4G connectivity

    Just like the iPad tablets, Apple iPhone 4 is also disabled for 4G connectivity. And as the iPhone 5 will not be released in the near future, an upgraded iPhone 4 with 4G connectivity will really surprise users a lot.

    3. New Apple TV

    Some people think the Apple TV should be upgraded for a better way to entertain users with stream media. The upgraded Apple TV should include the on-board storage and App store visiting features.

    4. The long anticipated Apple Television set

    There have been rumors for years that Apple would push out a brand new TV set, which is able to surf internet and visit Apple App Store. Now, this has been greatly anticipated on this anniversary celebration.

    5. Mac computers with iOS

    Along with the Chrome OS computers named Chromebook to be released next month, there would be a new era for computer. The desktop computers with powerful functions have been history in computer industry. And now, computers with mobile OS will be the trend. It has been rumored that Apple is going to launch light notebooks or Nettop with iOS operation system. Due to the release of Chromebook, users are eagerly to know something about Mac computers with iOS.

    6. Apple iCloud music service

    As Amazon and Google released iCloud music service one after another, it seems to be the right time for Apple to launch Apple iCloud music service. It has been said Apple has been negotiated with music record companies for the cooperation of iCloud music service.

    7. Brand new iPod player

    It will be not surprised for Apple to launch new iPod audio players. iPod has played a great role in the success of Apple Stores. And on this special day, it is reasonable for users to think there will be an upgrade of iPod.

    8. New MacBook Air notebook

    The MacBook Air notebook upgraded last year needs to be upgraded now. Currently there have emerged many competitors of this admirable designed gadget, not only in design, but in prices as well. These have made it necessary for Apple to upgrade its MacBook Air notebook.

    9. Sprint version iPhone

    Along with the launch of Verizon iPhone, consumers and business users are all curious on when Sprint iPhone would be released. As the AT&T is just now prepping for purchasing T-Mobile, T-Mobile iPhone may be a soon products if the deal succeeds. The Sprint iPhone will be a big gift for all Sprint users.

    10. More new products

    On the anniversary celebration, many people hope to find more new products from Apple. Apple is famous for its unexpectable products for users. So, on this celebration, there may emerge new products that are not iPhone, iPad, nor new Mac computer or Apple TV set, but anything else.

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