• HTC DLX Exposed with Quad-core Processor and 1080P HD Screen Display

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    HTC has really poor performance recently, but maybe the appearance of its new 5.0 inches flagship appearance will stop this. A few days ago, according to the information from an XDA BBS developers Football4PD, HTC’s new handset will be named HTC DLX, loading with 5.0 inches 1080 p full HD touch screen, 12 million pixel camera, and other wonderful functions. Although these sayings are quite similar to rumors of other sources, this is more reliable for this guy once revealed the detailed specs of HTC One X+, which have been quite the same as the official release.


    5.0 inches full HD touch screen
    You might all be familiar with the specs and images of new HTC smartphone from previous leaks. For the name, there’re various rumors. For example, it is rumored that this new smartphone will be named HTC Droid Incredible X in North America, and even named as Google Nexus 5.

    The name Football4PD leaked this time is a new name, HTC DLX, with few differences in main features, like 5.0 inches 1080P full HD touch screen, and 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Dragon S4 Pro quad-core processor.

    1.5GB RAM capacity
    Compared with the 2GB RAM of Samsung GALAXY SIII LTE and LG LTE2, the HTC DLX equips with 1.5 GB of RAM, while ROM capacity is 16 GB. Fortunately the camera is a breakthrough. Its double-camera configuration not only has 2MP front camera, but also a built-in 12MP main camera, which is quite rarely in HTC Android smartphones.

    Other features
    HTC also picks up the Android 4.1.2 OS for HTC DLX, and the battery capacity is 2500mAh to cope with daily use of basic needs. In addition, according to the latest news from global GCF authentication, the new machine will also support LTE networks, and can work in W – CDMA/GSM/CDMA2000 network for global use.

    Although it was unclear about when HTC will officially release the new smartphone, it is quite possible HTC would have it happen next month, as Google may release the Android 4.2 OS on November 15th and bring out its new Nexus smartphone.

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