• Chromecast – Google’s Best Living Room Solution So Far

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    Google unveiled Chromecast along with the New Nexus 7 on Wednesday, this streaming utility, costs $35, can be regarded as Google’s best living room solution so far. According to Google, “With Chromecast, you can easily enjoy your favorite online entertainment on your HDTV – movies, TV shows, music and more from Netflix, Youtube, Google Play and Chrome.”

    Google released Nexus Q in 2012, which did not come to a success, but Google never gives up the trial on the living room solutions. This Chromecast can be regarded as a success to the Nexus Q. Yet, however, Chromecast could not catch up with the Apple TV and Roku. The Beta screen-mirroring feature of Chromecast doesn’t work as well as users want, and users also won’t be able to get access to the apps you may need, for example, Amazon Instant, HBO Go, MLB TV, Spotify and Rdio. Apple TV and Roku have experienced many updates so they are more multifunctional and powerful than Chromecast. Although Chrome lacks the power when compared with other similar products, Chromecast is sure to attract many consumers because of the fair price. With $35, users are able to enjoy the streaming services with ease.

    Janko Roettgers, the senior writer for GigaOM, writes, “Chromecast is pure simplicity: Search and discovery of video content is happening on the mobile device or laptop, and all Chromecast does is stream media from the cloud.” Chromecast is about to provide convenience for users to enjoy the media files, and this is the mainstream of the living room solutions. Nowadays, people don’t want to be interrupted by ads when watching movies, or wait for the favorite TV shows after a long time. What they want is just watching what they like. The streaming service is all about user experience, users can find favorites on the mobile or laptop, and use certain technology or devices (for example, AirPlay and Chromecast) to stream the media files onto their TVs. So Chromecast meets users’ needs and has done well by far, and this device will be widely used in the coming years, but the functions of Chromecast should be perfected.

    Chromecast - Living Room Solution

    According to the hands-on review of Chromecast from THEVERGE.com, we get to know that when you plug in the streaming stick to your TV, the mirror feature of this device will make your phones, tablets or computers as remotes, and you are able to playing videos, control volume or even turn on TV. The videos will continue to play even when you use other apps on your phones or computers, and even when your phone is asleep, the video playback will not be interrupted. The Android and iOS devices just work the same, but the Windows Phone is not supported at present, but you can transfer the movies from your Windows Phone to iPad or Android devices to solve the problem. The Chromecast supports nearly all kinds of movies, but Silverlight and Quicktime videos are not supported. The Chromecast is so attractive that some news press is making a trial to find their ways in. Washington Post, for example, said in a statement that it would begin “integrating the The Post’s upcoming new video offerings, Post TV, with Google’s Chromecast.” It proves that Chromecast has gradually changed people’s viewpoints of the multimedia. The traditional multimedia needs a change to catch up with the new trends.

    In a word, if Chromecast improve its functions, it will be a good solution of people’s living room.

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