• Surviving tips for Christmas gifts for last minute Christmas holiday shoppers

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    Getting hysterical as Christmas is nearby and you have yet to prepare suitable Christmas gifts for your lover, families and friends? In this case, we lead you to meet the coolest Christmas gift candidates to help you survive Christmas gift exchange.

    There is not much time left for Christmas shopping from now. If you didn’t accomplish your goal in the earlier Christmas discount periods, maybe you were stuck in between the decisions on what Christmas gift is most suitable for your recipient. Well, there are always options for making a universally acceptable Christmas gift and help you survive Christmas gift exchange. I am talking about Christmas gifts that do not fall into the stereotype or humble categories. Actually, they are leading the coolest fashion around the globe. Surely they can make a sweet candy to whoever you are going to gift with. Let’s check them out and give an end to your dilemma.

    • Music and Media players

    Apple’s iPod has been solidly remembered by the folks every Christmas. Its wide product line accommodates rich options for all levels of Christmas gifts and presents. With the introduction of the latest model of iPod Touch and iPod Nano G5, the glory of the famous music player glows dramatically. The sleek appearance, the rich entertainment capacity (Video, Game, FM…) and huge memory capacity (8GB to 64GB) of iPod Touch and iPod Nano G5 constitute the essential factors of recommended buy as gifts for this Christmas holiday.

    Apple iPod Touch Christmas sale

    The iPod Touch is now at $274.99, holding the position as the most popular music player. Get a powerful iPod Touch video converter to make Non-MP4 videos play on iPod Touch.

    Apple iPod Nano G5 Christmas sale

    Apple’s iPod Nano G5 is probably the coolest icon in this Christmas season. You can visit our early post on Christmas gift tips on choosing a colored iPod Nano G5. Starting from today, the world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart is selling the $150 Nano for $145 with a $50 iTunes gift card. (The same Nano is $134 at Amazon without a gift card.) You can get a powerful iPod Nano G5 video converter to make Non-MP4 videos play on iPod Nano G5.

    Microsoft Zune Christmas sale

    Microsoft Zune is a strong competitor for Apple’s iPod and we see the dedicated efforts the software giant has instilled in its only portable media player. Similar to Apple’s iPod, Zune offers a larger touchable OLED screen, the unique capacity to share video and music through a Wi-Fi spot and Microsoft gaming experience. Despite the lack of Apple App Store’s counterpart, Microsoft Zune is a good recommended buy as a desired Christmas present.
    The cost of the Zune starts from $219 according to specifications. Get a powerful Zune video converter to make Zune a more powerful video player.

    • Video Game Consoles

    Sony Play Station 2&3 (PS2/3) and Play Station Portable (PSP) have long been the striking game consoles for advanced game players. As Christmas discount prevails, they could also make good Christmas presents to your friends who are new to the video game world.

    Sony PSP 3000 Christmas sale
    Play Station Portable (PSP) 3000 enjoys Skype functionality and a couple of new upgrades from PSP 2000. It costs only $169.99 at present. With a powerful PSP 3000 video converter, you can view all kinds of movies on the go.

    Sony PSP Go Christmas sale

    PlayStation Portable (PSP) Go, the smallest, most portable PSP yet is now for sale at $239.99. In addition, you can get a powerful PSP Go video converter to turn any videos you want to play on your PSP Go easy and fast.

    Sony PS3 Slim Christmas sale

    Play Station (PS) 3 Slim is the latest PlayStation model and the latest price is $299.99. This advanced game console can also be powerful video console. With a powerful PS3 Slim video converter, you can get any videos to play on the console easy and fast.

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Christmas sale

    Microsoft Xbox 360 is also a powerful video game console on the other side of the coin. It is an amazingly versatile Christmas gift and now underselling at $399.99 with Modern Warfare 2 bundled. Get a powerful Xbox 360 video converter to facilitate playback of any video format on Xbox 360.

    Nintendo Wii and DS game console introduce fresh and exciting gaming experience. They are excellent versatile Christmas gifts for those who are looking for interesting sport gaming entertainments.

    Nintendo Wii Christmas sale

    The Nintendo Wii possesses an amazing collection of games to be played on it with great fun for just $199. You can get a powerful Nintendo Wii video converter to enjoy any video playback on Nintendo Wii as well.

    Nintendo DS Christmas sale

    The Nintendo DSi can make a super-cool Christmas gift for teens and tweens for $169.99. With a powerful Nintendo DSi video converter, you can easily enjoy any video playback on Nintendo DSi.

    eBook Readers, Cameras, Netbooks and many more cool digital gadgets are beyond this post but should be in your mind within minutes. For most of these gadgets, Christmas season is the best time for the best buy. Catching the Christmas discount can save you up to 40% cost. Should you need tips on Christmas gift card making, we think you might be interested in the posts below:

    May you survive the Christmas gift exchange and Merry Christmas in advance!

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  • Best resources for making and writing your personal Christmas cards

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    Handmade Christmas card tips, Christmas card designs, Christmas card guide videos, Christmas online ecards and Christmas card photoshop tutorials… Best Christmas card resources to help you make your own Christmas cards.

    People send Christmas cards around Christmas holiday to greet friends with festive blessings. A good Christmas card is a successful Christmas greeting that will be cherished for a lifetime. There are many approaches to get instant Christmas cards like buying from local Christmas gift shop. However, I recommend that you should take pleasure in making and writing Christmas cards with your own hands. This could not only produce the most personal cards, but also worth your time and money. It is because people think high of dedicated efforts.

    If you know little to nothing about Christmas card making and writing, you have come to the right place. Here is where the best resources for making and writing Christmas cards are collected. They include tips, tutorials, videos, graphics, designs and anything else you would be dearly in need of.


    • Cross stitch Christmas card is riding on the fashion nowadays. If you are going to send a very personal Christmas card to your dear ones, don’t miss this tip cluster on how to make various cross stitch Christmas card.
    • cross-stitch-christmas-card

    • Rubber stamps are perfect for making handmade Christmas cards. Here is another tip cluster that will see you through with abundant advice and tricks.
    • christmas-rubber-stamps


    • PSDTOP makes a wonderful collection of more than 45 pieces of neatly crafted Christmas cards. You can download the Christmas cards images to print out freely.
    • christmas-card-designs


    • eHow offers a video series on the ideas, techniques and tricks of crafting Christmas cards. If you are a fast learner, you will make yourself an expert in no time.
    • christmas-card-video-guides

    Online eCards:

    • Funny flash eCards are available on Leawo’s website to be sent to your friends. This is a good resort for busy people who don’t have time to make their own cards with bare hands.
    • flash-christmas-cards

    • Lovingyou holds an enormous bank for eCards. It is another fancy place to get cute Christmas cards and image resources for your own Christmas card making.

    Photoshop Tutorials:

    • Best Design Optionsrolls out 23 useful Photoshop tutorials on making fascinating Christmas cards.
    • christmas-card-photoshop-tutorials

    Christmas card greetings:

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