• Top 3 Best iTunes Duplicate Remover to Remove Your iTunes Music Duplicates

    Posted on June 19th, 2013 David Brooks No comments

    It is widely know iTunes is the most favored media player and media library application developed by Apple Inc. It is used to play, download, and organize digital audio and video on personal computers running the OS X operating system and the iOS-based iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices. Nowadays more and more people prefer to use this popular software for their daily entertainment. Music lovers may have stored thousands or even millions of songs in iTunes music library, however, countless song duplicates occur due to frequent uses and large collection. These duplicates may clutter up your iTunes library and lots of identical files can make your good listening experience a nightmare. Manually tracking down duplicates is hardly practical. Thankfully there are many iTunes duplicates remover tools that help us find and remove these files fast, I have just listed the top 3 for your reference.

    Top 1:  Leawo iTunes Duplicate Remover (Win/Mac)
    The recently launched Leawo iTunes Duplicate Remover is put in the first place of our top 3 list. Highly-remarked to be the most powerful and professional iTunes music duplicates remover tool so far, it really impresses people with top-tier duplicates removing capability and other stunning features. Such iTunes cleanup tool can automatically song duplicates in iTunes and is capable of deleting song duplicates in iTunes music library in just simple clicks. If people have gotten hundreds or even thousands of songs in iTunes music library, the duplicates removing task will be a quite easy job with the help of this duplicate remover. This iTunes cleaner is a more practical and intelligent program than iTunes itself to help people clean up messy iTunes library.

    However, the iTunes duplicates removal is not the only target, this app could even help people to get album artwork for iTunes music, automatically download from the world’s most powerful online database to add missing music tags like name, artist, album, cover, etc., manually edit music tags with the built-in editor, fix iTunes music library from the break-point and many more. this iTunes cleaner tool even supports to clean up other music folders on MP3 player or other devices.

    Currently, for people who have collected lots of songs in their iTunes with song duplicates, mismatched song tags, missing album artwork, etc. this cutting-edge iTunes cleaner is indeed what they want. This software provider – Leawo just throws out a grand Leawo iTunes Duplicate Remover giveaway party. People who show interest to this app could get this iTunes cleaner for totally free.

    Top 2: Dupe Away (Win/Mac)
    Dupe Away is the fastest, easiest and most powerful iTunes duplicate remover app for Mac and PC. It instantly cleans duplicate tracks, playlist entries, missing files and more. The most eye-catching feature of this software is that it can instantly find the dupes in iTunes and then based on your preferences, automatically determines which duplicate to keep and which to remove. This iTunes duplicate remover uses a three-step process to find, identify and delete dupes. With Dupe Away, you can also detect music tracks on your computer that aren’t in iTunes already for you to make choice to bring them back to iTunes or clean them up. Apart from that, you can also clean duplicate track references in playlists, get rid of dead tracks by taking advantage of this iTunes duplicate remover app.

    Top 3: iCleanup(Mac)
    iCleanup is for cleaning iTunes library like an iTunes duplicates cleaner and iTunes duplicate remover. We know that iTunes provides a way to show all duplicated tracks by choosing from menu “File->Display Duplicates”, but this only can choose and delete track one by one. iCleanup is such a iTunes duplicates remover app created for doing the deletion job automatically. As an easy-to-use iTunes duplicates cleaner, iCleanup finds and sorts duplicated tracks in iTunes library, and check tracks to be deleted automatically depends on reasonable algorithm. It will show number of duplicates, unwanted tracks and lost dead tracks in different colors visually, and also offer three ways for duplicates removal: remove, move to trash and delete permanently. If you want to keep iTunes library clean, iCleanup is also a good choice, but it only works for Mac.

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