• Alice in Wonderland, Disney recreates the world with 3D technology

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    Debuted on Mar. 5, Alice in Wonderland is a sequel to the original story filmed 9 years ago. This 2010 new Alice in Wonderland by Disney incorporates 3-D film technology to render the fantastic scene in a more vivid way. The viewers are invited to take a journey back to the exotic world with Alice ten years after her first wonderful experience. This time, the experience is exciting, filled with familiarities and unknowns. Alice is greeted with the same items, the potion, the cake and the key. She meets her friends, but also her prophetical mission: to overthrow the Red Queen’s tyrannical reign.

    The film story befits both adults and children, either for its elaborate plots or for its dreamy scenes. Ever since its debut, Alice in Wonderland has topped US box office with $127.9 million in takings. The film has 3D and 2D versions. For those who would like to feel the position inside a magic world, 3D version is recommended. However, those who have seldom seen 3D films will have trouble adapting to the 3D illusion, as a result, they will find some objects on the scene blur and unclear. Then the 2D version is the better choice.

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