• Guide on How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android

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    When it comes to transferring photos from iPhone to Android phone, like transferring photos from iPhone 6s to Samsung Galaxy S7, people may feel puzzled. Being two totally different operating systems, how could the transfer happen? Actually it can be finished within several steps. In the guide below we will see how to transfer iPhone photos to Android photo within three clicks.

    The third-party iPhone data recovery software can give much help for transferring iPhone photos to Android phone. Nowadays, it is quite common for iPhone users to take advantage of iPhone data recovery software to get some deleted or lost file back. These data recovery tools enable users to recover various kinds of data from iOS devices, iTunes backup and iCloud backup. In addition to this, people can use the software to transfer photos from iPhone to Android phone. The following steps will show you how to do that.

    Download Windows Version
    Download Mac Version

    Steps on how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android:

    Step 1. Run the iPhone data recovery software on your computer, Choose “Recover from iOS Device” and connect the iPhone to computer with USB cable. The software will recognize and analyze your iPhone.

    Step 2. After the analysis, Leawo iOS Data Recovery will start scanning the contents in the iPhone. Choose the photos library after the scan, and the contents will show up in the right part. Check the photos you need and click the “Recover” button at the right bottom.

    Step 3. After clicking the recover button, you will see a pop-up dialog. Click “Open” to choose a folder on your computer to save the exported photos. Then click “Go” to start transferring photos from your iPhone to PC.

    When the transfer finishes, you can find the photos in the target folder. Then connect your Android phone to computer, and transfer these photos from the target folder on computer to Android phone. Apart from iPhone data recovery, the iPhone data transfer software released by the company are also helpful for transferring photos from iPhone to Android phone without any data loss in few minutes.

    The iPhone data recovery software has the trial version for Windows and Mac users, therefore people can visit the official webpage of the software to free download and have a try. All popular iPhone models like iPhone SE, iPhone 6s/6s Plus and Android models, like Samsung, Huawei, Sony are all supported by the program.

    Besides the method mentioned above, there are some traditional but useful ways that can be considered. For example, Dropbox is a good choice. Firstly people need to create their Dropbox account if they haven’t signed up and install the app both on their iPhone and Android phone. Then upload their pictures in iPhone to Dropbox folders. After finishing the uploading, open the Dropbox on Android phone, and then download the pictures to Android phone.

    Please note that the free storage space of Dropbox is 2GB, so take care of this limit. Windows SkyDrive and Google Drive are also helpful, but iCloud is only able to sync files with iOS devices. All these apps are in Freemium mode, people should pay for the larger storage spaces.

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  • Blu-ray to iPad 2 Converter: Rip Blu-ray to iPad 2 for Freely Watch Blu-ray on iPad 2

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    Apple released the iPad 2 on March 2 and it would be available just days after. Do you want to enjoy your exciting Blu-ray movies with your new iPad 2 on the go? Then you should need a Blu-ray to iPad 2 converter, which could help you convert Blu-ray to iPad 2 friendly file formats there for you can watch Blu-ray on iPad 2 on the go. Leawo Blu-ray to iPad 2 Converter is just the one you need, which convert Blu-ray to iPad 2 with video and audio well synchronized and enhances fantastic Blu-ray enjoyment on your iPad 2. The following content are some simple and practical steps to guide you on how to convert Blu-ray to iPad 2 for free watch Blu-ray on iPad 2 with this Blu-ray to iPad 2 converter.

    Free download and install this Blu-ray to iPad 2 converter, and then launch it for conversion.

    The following picture would show the overview procedures for you to convert Blu-ray to iPad 2 friendly file formats:

    Convert Blu-ray to iPad 2 step 1: launch the Blu-ray to iPad 2 converter and add Blu-ray discs or folders to this Blu-ray to iPad 2 converter by clicking buttons showed above. You can choose the chapters you want to convert, select subtitle, audio and angle, rename Destination File, re-order the converting order, preview Blu-ray movie, snap screenshot, etc.

    Convert Blu-ray to iPad 2 step 2: select output profile for your Blu-ray files by clicking “Profile > iPad” to choose the desired iPad 2 file formats. If necessary, you can reset codec parameters for your desired output profile by clicking “Settings“.

    Convert Blu-ray to iPad 2 step 3: start Blu-ray to iPad 2 conversion by clicking “Convert” button. Once finished, you can transfer/sync the converted videos to iPad 2 via iTunes.

    If you are not satisfied with the converted video and wants to add your own patent to the Blu-ray movies, you can realize that by making use of the powerful video editing features of this Blu-ray to iPad 2 converter, including trimming video length, cropping video size to remove black margins, adjusting video effects and adding text or image watermark, etc. How to edit and convert Blu-ray to iPad 2 would make a more detailed guide for you.

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  • Easily Rip DVD to AVI to Freely Playback DVD on Mobile Phone with Leawo DVD to AVI Converter for Mac

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    “I have tried countless applications and none have worked. Is something wrong with the computer or am I just using the wrong application? Please show me what you use. And tell me where a good DVD converter to AVI application for Mac is?” Again, I encountered such questions on answers.yahoo.com for help of converting DVD to AVI on Mac.

    There are apparently many DVD tools for you to choose from when you have the same problem in converting DVD to AVI to enjoy your precious DVD on mobile phone or other devices rather than DVD players. If you want to get a converting tool which owns full functions of ripping DVD to other video formats, I would like to recommend you a DVD ripper for Mac, which could rip DVD to all popular video formats for you on Mac. But here, I would like to make a simple guide for you on the question I met on ansers.yahoo.com, and the tool would be a Mac DVD to AVI Converter, which helps convert DVD to AVI for you and enables you watch DVD on mobile phones.

    Free download this Mac DVD to AVI converter and install it for conversion from DVD to AVI. The following steps would make a simple guide for you to convert DVD to AVI with this Mac DVD to AVI converter.

    Step 1: launch the program and add DVD to it by clicking “Add”.

    Step 2: choose your desired AVI format as output by clicking “Profile”. AVI contains different forms, and you can choose the one most fit your need as output profile. Step 3: hit the big “Convert” button to start the DVD to AVI conversion.

    These 3 simple steps would help you clear the way to convert DVD to AVI thus you can enjoy DVD on mobile phones freely as you like. If you want to make some DVD editing work during the conversion, this DVD to AVI converter would also meet your needs, and you can click how to edit DVD videos with Mac DVD to AVI converter for detailed guide.

    For people who would like to use a Mac DVD ripper to convert DVD to AVI, how to edit DVD with DVD Ripper for Mac would provide detailed video editing procedures.

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  • Leawo YouTube Downloader Helps You Watch Harvard Lectures Any Time You Want

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    The most famous popular professor of may be Michael Sandel as his lecture Justice is widely spreading on YouTube. His educational lecture attracts hundreds of people worldwide hungry for knowledge. You do not have to be a Harvard student sitting on the hall, and no matter where you are , you can access to these lectures as long as you link to the Internet. I am sure most people want watch them over and over again, however it is not very convenient to stick to the PC, especially your broadband is awful. It is very time-consuming and makes you upset. Then the Leawo YouTube Downloader may is a great help, you can download all the lectures from YouTube, in that case you do not wait for streaming.

    That is not enough, portable device users may not satisfy watching on PC, they need a solution to put them in their ipod, smart phone. With the Leawo Video Converter, you can convert lectures downloaded from YouTube to any formats you need for portable devices playing. That is fabulous, right?

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  • No Frame Drop! Convert SWF to AVI with Moyea SWF to Video Converter

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    Maybe you have an easy experience of converting between different video file formats, e.g. FLV to AVI. But if you want to convert SWF to AVI, or any other video format, your experience will be much trickier. Because SWF is different from common videos like AVI, MP4, though in a broad sense it can be categorized to the video group. Now follow me and learn something SWF in one shot.

    So, what is special of SWF?

    SWF is a container format for Flash animation, which accounts for a really large portion of web page animation today. To tell from AVI and MP4, the video formats we see everyday, SWF has additional unparalleled trait that allows for interactivity with the audience. It introduces ActionScript, a programming language, to make interactivity possible. So it could be a cartoon movie with triggers to end up with different plots, or a chess game smart enough to beat human player. Such SWF is called Flash application or Flash game. To wrap up, SWF has two characteristics: one resembles the linear data stream of AVI and MP4, the other caters to myriad interactivity that leads to unpredictable branchy data stream.

    What is the tricky part?

    It seems tricky enough to convert Flash applications or Flash game to video format. A media player like Windows Media Player is not a qualified game console at all. But it is possible to make a video of how you win the game or lose. So this can make sense. Nevertheless, the really tricky part is that the frame rate of SWF while playing is not constant. When the scene is very complex, insufficient CPU resources might skip some frames and render a very stumbling display: frame drop. If you let some normal screen capture software to handle the conversion, this annoying phenomenon will definitely go through SWF to AVI conversion to recur in the AVI video.

    The solution?

    Therefore, to handle this tricky frame drop problem, the software must be able to slow down the frame rate to let the CPU render every frame, so that the entire SWF can be re-encoded into AVI or MP4 without frame drop to ensure an exact recurrence. And we are talking about the original technology of Moyea SWF to Video Converter. This professional SWF to Video Converter can convert SWF of any complexity level without frame drop to any popular video formats we know today: AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, WMV, etc. So here finishes the introduction, let’s take a look at how to convert SWF to AVI with Moyea SWF to Video Converter; you can download a trial copy of Moyea SWF to Video Converter.

    This SWF to Video Converter is professional yet straight forward in operation. It divides the conversion operation into three steps: Input, Export and Convert.

    In Input step, click the “Add” button to input SWF files from various locations: folder, Moyea Free Flash Downloader, IE cache, URL or Flash Projector. If you get used to drag and drop action, feel free to do so as the fastest way to input SWF files to the program. There are not many buttons on the interface; let me fill you in fast.

    Switch to single/batch mode“: when switching to single mode, you can choose to manually control the interactive SWF to perform a “video recording”. When in batch mode, no manual control is available; therefore the SWF will be processed as a linear frame flow.

    Add“, “Remove“, “Clear“: buttons to manage the input list.


    Crop“: to cut a rectangular area of the SWF to convert, as well as to add an image watermark.

    Capture“: capture a screenshot when playing the SWF in the build-in SWF player.

    Open“: open the folder where the screenshot files and the converted video files are kept.

    In Export step, you will face the essential parameters for SWF to Video conversion: format/style, video quality, audio quality and output folder.


    Style“: contain up to 100 different optimal profiles for popular formats and devices.

    Video Quality/Audio Quality“: shortcuts for two same parameters in “Settings” dialog.

    Settings“: advanced video codec settings, click to view the details.

    Export To/Locate“: the output folder where the converted videos are kept.

    Rip Audio/Locate“: rip the audio in SWF separately to a specified folder.

    Conversion Mode“: switch to Manual mode for interactive SWF such as Flash application, Flash slideshow and Flash game to review the desired content. Switch to Always forward mode for linear SWF, the Flash animation without any ActionScript control.

    In Convert step, if you want to convert from the very beginning point, click “Play and Capture“. If you want to convert from another time stamp, click “Play Movie” to play the SWF until you decide to “Start Capture“. When you are done, click “Finish” to end recording and start the video conversion with parameters set by previous step.

    Afterwards, the destination folder will pop up with the converted video file selected. Check for yourself to see if Moyea SWF to Video Converter lives up to common expectations: no frame drop, no picture distortion, no capturing delay. Yet there are more buttons and dialog boxes to explore beyond margins of this article. Joining those additional settings and features, you will make your SWF to Video conversion practice really flexible and enjoyable!

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