• WhatsApp Releases the New Version with A Voicemail Feature

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    WhatsApp updated the new version for iOS and Android users today. The new WhatsApp version 2.16.8 (iOS) and WhatsApp version 2.16.229 (Android) come with the Voicemail feature, which is taking the messaging app a little closer to being a true phone replacement.

    Voice messages can now be left voicemail-style when calls are rejected or not answered by the person being called.
    The app update works when calls are either rejected or not answered. On the bottom right of the call screen, there will be a microphone icon. When pressing and holding that, people can record a voicemail message that will be sent when they release the button.

    Voice messages were in WhatsApp before this, so the recent update is more like a UI tweak to make leaving voice messages more convenient when calling someone. It’ll be more familiar to anyone use to making calls the old-fashioned way, at least. There’s no way to play back the message before sending it, but if users don’t like what they are recording, they can swipe left to get rid of it before releasing the button.

    The Voice Message will be sent to the contact as a record voice note and (s)he will be able to listen to it whenever (s)he wants. It is good to know that this feature comes to WhatsApp a week after the company has included the option to send Olympic rings emoji.

    In addition to the voice messaging tweak, Android Police is reporting that the new update has made it possible to select multiple recipients when sending a text message or image. It’s pretty handy when people have news and need to share with a lot of people, but they don’t have all those people in the same group.

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