• iOS 7 VS. Jailbreaking

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    Since the unveiling on the WWDC 2013, the jailbreakers have been working hard to jailbreak iOS 7. One of the iOS 7 rumors was that iOS 7 jailbreak had been about to accomplish three weeks after the WWDC. Though Apple keeps on preventing its iOS from jailbreaking, those iOS hackers could always find new ways to give the fruit company a big surprise. Ryan Petrich, an iOS hacker and engineer behind the Activator jailbreak app, posted a photo couple of days ago, the photo showed the activator couldn’t run on iOS 7 because the system was too new, and it seemed like he had found a way to jailbreak iOS 7.

    iOS 7 VS. Jailbreak

    Another famous jailbreaker, MuscleNerd, posted on his twitter to make a response to the “open jailbreak based on the exploit of bootrom”, he said that no exploit was available on A5+. But he also said that the fruit company hadn’t defeated the jailbreakers. “Not even close”, he said that. The iOS 7 Jailbreak has really run into success or just been at a start, it still depends, no latest proof has showed that iOS 7 has been completely occupied by the iOS hackers. And for the users, also two kinds of attitudes exist.

    Some of the users tend to jailbreak iOS 7. For them, the Apple devices even cannot be regarded as smartphones without jailbreaking. Using third party apps freely, making Apple devices as flash drives, setting up blacklist, etc, the jailbreaking do provide solutions to those who need those functions. However, if users want to jailbreak iOS 7, the Apple devices may take risks of system collapse and being full of bugs. Those are also the reasons why some people don’t want to jailbreak iOS 7. In normal iOS, users can only download apps from iTunes, and without any opportunity to change the system files and settings. So the iOS without jailbreaking protects the Apple devices to a degree. What’s more, the iOS runs very stable without jailbreaking, and the apps from iTunes won’t have any leftovers after deletion. Moreover, the battery life is 10% to 20% higher in a non-jailbroken iPhone than a jailbroken one. So the people against jailbreaking Apple devices are also reasonable enough. So each coin has its two sides, we may never say who is right.

    I wonder if any jailbroken Apple device users experience “Bricking” problems. When I search the jailbreaking problems on the Internet, this one is really awful. The author of that post says is if the Apple device fails in jailbreaking and cannot restore to the non-jailbreaking iOS, the Apple device will become unusable. The “bricking” problem is not a big deal in his opinion, but you can never figure out what will become after restoring the “bricking”, will it happen again? And the data leftovers are annoying as well. After jailbreaking iOS device, users would love or definitely will download a lot of third party apps, may be most of the apps are games. When get tired of the apps, users will delete them. However, without iOS content management, the app data may not be cleaned up completely, may be some data remain in your system files, and that is the reason why some iOS devices gradually run slow after jailbreaking.

    But the jailbreaking “career” is still carried on by those iOS jailbreakers, and the jailbreaking Apple devices are really attractive to some users. For others who want to keep their Apple device safe, iTunes is just enough, but if you want to transfer some files from other sources, I recommend this Apple device utility to you, it is easy to use and multifunctional.

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