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    Halloween has gained more and more popularity over the years, and the most obvious fun of Halloween is dressing up in Halloween costumes.

    Of course, you can go shopping for your favorite Halloween costumes with an amount of dollars. However, if you are on a temporarily tight budget and still want to have fun of Halloween costumes, then making your own Halloween costumes is definitely a wise choice.

    Here we have some suggestions on making your own Halloween costumes without spending a whole lot of money.

    1.A dice

    You can make a dice as your Halloween costume: wear a box, paint it white and then put black dots on it.

    2. A devil

    Devil Halloween costume: wear all red and get the horns.


    Paint a black eye, and wear a bathrobe.


    Part your hair to one side with the comb, and tuck your pants into your socks and your shirt into your pants, then wear glasses and those fake teeth from vending machines.


    Take an unused white sheet, bleach one if you have to, then cut out eyes and a mouth on it, wear it and…

    6.Mother nature

    Just take a plain dress or an ole blouse and skirt, then glue/iron on or pin fake flowers onto the dress. Of course, you can also use ivy if you like, and you can wrap it around one leg or your waist. Besides, you can easily make a tiara out of fake flowers. Light colored make-up and glitter/sparkles will add a nice touch.

    7. Maybe the simplest way to make Halloween costumes is to dress like someone you hate. Wahaha… Surely, you can also dress as a pop star. Here is a video on how Lady Gaga thinks you should dress as her for Halloween:

    There are also some more complicated steps for Halloween costumes, just like this one:

    Dress like half-angel half-devil for the Halloween costume party.

    You need angel wings, a devil tail, red horns and a halo leaning off on one horn.

    Horns and halo: Get red construction paper and make a cone. Then get glow in the dark paper for the halo, make a cylinder that gets a little smaller at the top and tape it all the way down, cut it in strips and put them smallest to largest inside each other and tape it to one horn.

    Angel wings: Get some white features and white construction paper or cardboard. Glue the features on starting from the inside closest to the body to the tips.

    Devil tail: The same as wings. Cut the shape into cardboard and just paint it red

    Done! Wear red pants and white shirt, maybe get red elf shoes!

    OK, you may have got an idea for making your own Halloween costumes in your mind now. Then just get started, maybe your Halloween costume will be the cheapest but most creative this year!

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    OK, everyone, hope our suggestions will help you a lot, and you can also share your own Halloween costume ideas here. LOL LOL…

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