• YouTube introduced video editing tools to enable YouTube users edit YouTube video in the browser

    Posted on September 16th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    On September 15th, Thursday, YouTube announced that new video editing tools are introduced in YouTube to enable YouTube iconYouTube users freely edit YouTube video in the browser and save changes. The YouTube video editing features include rotation, stabilization, brightness, contrast and temperature controls, as well as adjustment of the start and end points. YouTube users could also alter colors of YouTube videos with the color effect options provided in the video editing tools.

    Before now, if you want to make editing work to your YouTube videos, you have to edit your video with other software or tools and re-upload your video after editing, which will result in the loss of views, comments and links. With the built-in video editing tools, you can edit your uploaded videos right on YouTube and maintain the same video IDs, thus you would retain the views, comments and links.

    Edit YouTube videoClick the new Edit video button in the YouTube video page, you are brought with the video editing tools. Every operation is finished in simple sliders, with a quick preview right bellow. And when you click Save button, your YouTube video will save your changes. You can check the following YouTube video to get a detailed show on how to edit YouTube video within browser video editing tools.

    Of course, if these new editing features of YouTube could not meet your needs, you can use other wonderful video editing tools to edit your video before you upload to YouTube, such as Apple iMovie and Leawo’s Video Editor (a professional video editing program). Anyway, the new video editing tools would certainly bring better user experience for all YouTube users, especially in everyday video editing.

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