• Xbox 720 Supposed to Be Released in E3 2013 by Microsoft’s Countdown Clock

    Posted on January 3rd, 2013 David Brooks No comments

    For a long time, we have been speculating the new Xbox from Microsoft, the Xbox 720. There’re quite a lot of anticipations on the official release date and detailed specs upon the next console. And for long, there isn’t any official news from Microsoft. But now, things seem to change. Microsoft seems to have finally given us a hint, and all indications point to a major reveal at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The hint is from Microsoft spokesperson and public personality, Major Nelson, who has posted a giant countdown timer on his blog.

    Xbox Logo

    Nelson posted the giant countdown timer on his blog with a simple note above the timer: “And it’s on…” The timer shows a deadline on June 11. And very coincidently the E3 venue, which runs from June 11 – 13, is used by most gaming companies to reveal new. The countdown on the giant timer of Nelson’s blog meets exactly to the E3 event, which no doubt guides visitors to Major Nelson’s blog certainly to believe this means Microsoft will be revealing a new Xbox at E3.

    E3 Xbox 720 countdown

    The convention may still be five months away, but it seems that Microsoft is keen to get gamers excited and raise some adrenaline levels with plenty of advance notice. We are still hearing murmurings around the web that are suggesting Microsoft may blind-side us all by revealing the next-generation Xbox console before E3 actually begins and use the convention as a forum to go into greater detail about the hardware but there is no evidence to back those claims up.

    As for the detailed specs of Xbox 720, there’re also quite a lot of rumors, one of which suggests that the Xbox 720 has 18-core CPU and extra HD 7680×4320 screen display. Of course, other features could also be found in this post. What do you want from a new Xbox?

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