• Hot 2010 World Cup, Cool HD Video Experience (Part 2): Record FIFA World Cup 2010 with HD-DVR

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    Watching FIFA World Cup 2010 at home is as spectacular as at the stadium. The foremost reason is that you can record World Cup 2010 with an HD-DVR (High-definition Digital Video Recorder) and watch it according to your own schedule. If you are a fifaholic but you have very important work at hand during the tournament, a good option is that you can use an HD-DVR to time shift the match you are about to miss.

    Record HDTV World Cup 2010 with HD-DVR

    Where to get an HD-DVR unit?
    Most HD-DVRs are provided by the HDTV service provider directly, including cable and satellite. You can also purchase one at a local retailer. The most popular manufacturer of HD-DVR, TiVo, is currently used by millions of viewers with more added every day. The cost depends on what kind of TV service you subscribe to. If you are a cable subscriber, you have the option to rent one from the provider; otherwise if you subscribe to satellite, you are required to buy one other than rent if needed. Satellite HD-DVR models are usually more expensive than cable specific models.

    Figure out the recording capacity of your HD-DVR
    HD-DVR is usually with built-in hard drive storage to store HDTV recordings. The storage capacity varies among models. However, the HDTV programs require massive amounts of disk space, so even if you have a 250GB drive, don’t expect to record any more than 30 hours of HDTV World Cup broadcast. Note that HD-DVRs leased from the providers do not agree that the recordings be copied out of the box. If you need to copy the HDTV World Cup 2010 recordings out of the HD-DVR, you need to purchase the third-party model that supports the copy function.

    Compress the HDTV World Cup recordings for better archive
    Leawo HD Video ConverterA 90-minute single World Cup match can account for 10 GB storage space or more. It has to be compressed to become suitable for transportation and playback on small-storage devices like iPod and Zune. Once you copied the HDTV World Cup recordings out to your computer, I recommend you use Leawo HD Video Converter to compress the HD recordings to MP4 or MKV format, which can greatly reduce the video file size while keep the original sharp picture quality.

    With HD-DVR and Leawo HD Video Converter, you can make World Cup 2010 a permanent memory on your hard drive or any storage media. You can also use the converter’s edit function to clip your favorite moments of the FIFA tournament and share with friends.

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