• Hewlett Packard (HP) upgraded webOS to 3.0.5 adding the support of HTML5 video playback

    Posted on December 9th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    HP updated webOS to 3.0.4 with a number of performance tweaks and some new features back in October. Even though the future outlook of HP webOS is still not clear, HP is still working on the optimizations for webOS. Just recently, people have found that HP has introduced the webOS 3.0.5 upgraded version available, optimized with patches to fix software flaws and some functions to improve the performance of TouchPad tablet. But, at present, the upgraded version of webOS is only available for members of HP webOS early access program.

    HP webOSThis upgraded version of webOS is still in the pre-release section, still needing more tests. Even though HP has stopped the sale of TouchPad, some new TouchPad will be in market in December. For those people who have possessed a TouchPad, this upgrade would be absolutely popular. Besides the improvement to fix bugs, this fairly routine update also features minor improvements — support for HTML5 video in all screen orientations, which means that you can freely watch video in HTML5 or watch DVD in HTML5 on all screen sizes of webOS devices, and low disk space download alerts are the only noteworthy additions for webOS users.

    Obviously, no matter HP is going to adopt webOS or not, the upgrade for TouchPad will last for some time, at least before the street market of Windows 8 tablets.

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