• Mac OS X Snow Leopard on Sale- Splendid and Innovative

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    Refrigerant water for the thirst of Mac OS fans!

    Apple Inc has recently confirmed its latest OS product, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, is on sale. This splendid and innovative system pack wraps about 900 features, utilities and updates for OS X applications. According to official’s announcement, upgrade from Mac OS X Leopard only charges for $29, an astonishing low price compared to its main competitor Microsoft windows 7. A source from the net told that Mac OS X Snow Leopard puts its stake on GPU optimization that can enhance the system performance by exploiting the latent power available in the GPU, the Graphic Process Unit. By now, can you deny Snow Leopard’s potential to be the best OS ever in history? Can you resist the lure of money saving and performance enhancement?




    Snow Leopard Photos. Let’s see the real living wildlife at large.

    Snow Leopard Photo 1

    Snow Leopard Photo 2

    Snow Leopard Photo 3

    Snow Leopard Photo 4

    Snow Leopard Photo 5

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