• 3 Methods to Set Timing and Speed of PowerPoint When Saving PowerPoint as Video

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    Usually when we create a PowerPoint slideshow, to make it look better we would add animations, transitions, music and video clips. The problem is that how to make all these effects and components sync with each other. So here in this article we will discuss about 3 methods to help you set timing and speed of PowerPoint so that you can make a perfect video for uploading to YouTube or watching on iPad with others.

    Method 1: Set Slide Transitions

    Open your PowerPoint file and select each of the music and video files you have inserted. Click “Playback” tab, in the “Video Options” group, remember to set the video “Start: Automatically“. This setting enables the music and video clips to play automatically even after PowerPoint to video conversion.


    Now, click “Transitions” tab on the Ribbon, uncheck the “On Mouse Click” option so that the slide will jump to next slide automatically. Then set a “Advance Slide” timings in “After” section.


    Method 2: Rehearse Timings

    Another way to control the slide speed is to preview the whole PowerPoint presentation and rehearse the timings for each slide. Click “Slide Show” tab on the Ribbon, choose “Rehearse Timings” in the “Set Up” group to tools.


    Then you will enter the “PowerPoint Show” mode, with a timing setting dialog box on the top left. You need to pretend you are doing the PowerPoint presentation now and click “Right Arrow” to save the timing for the slide and jump to next slide. Pause and reset the timing anytime as you need.


    The advantage of “Rehearse Timings” function is that you can set the timing for each slide and animation really accurate. The disadvantage is that it will take quite a long time.

    Method 3: Set timing in PowerPoint converter

    After setting the timings using method 1 or method 2, you can then save PowerPoint as video directly in PowerPoint 2010 or using PowerPoint to video converter. Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Pro support converting PowerPoint to popular video formats besides burning to DVD or Blu-ray Discs.

    Run the program and import the PowerPoint file you want to save as video. Click the “Customize” button below the preview window.


    In the pop up window, if the original PowerPoint file has transition settings, the transition timing of each slide is listed there. If not, the transition section will be blank. Double click and enter a desired timing as you want whether or no.


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