• About 1000 BlackBerry PlayBook Recalled by RIM: What People Say on RIM

    Posted on May 16th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

     BlackBerry maker, RIM (Research In Motion Ltd.), has recalled about 1,000 of its 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook tablets that were shipped to Stapes with faulty operating systems which may have prevented users from performing the initial setup of the device. Analysts mentioned that over the first day of release, RIM sold 45.000 units of the device, 900 is a small figure to worry about.

    BlackBerry PlayBook recall

    In a statement, RIM said the majority of the affected devices are still in the distribution channel and haven’t reached customers. “RIM is working to replace the affected devices……In the small number of cases where a customer received a PlayBook that is unable to properly load software upon initial set-up, they can contact RIM for assistance.

    BlackBerry PlayBook

    Users have been quite active to the BlackBerry PlayBook issue. Some commented that RIM would be the next PALM just like dead man walking, while some others highly commented RIM’s recalling and made comparison between RIM and Apple, HP, Dell or other giants. Here I have found some comments online:

    I used to have great admiration for RIM and their ability to provide tech solutions that were on the cutting edge. But since they have failed to recognize that users want an eco system rather than one-off products, I can’t justify giving them my future support. Perhaps they need 1 less CEO so that the company can go in a focused direction. I dunno, I’m just a lone observer here.” From Online.VSJ.Com.

    If RIM recalls a product, that is actually a good thing. They care about customers getting a bad product and perhaps tarnishing their brand. Kudos to RIM. Standing up and saying “sorry about that, we’ll fix it” takes serious balls in today’s PR focused world.” From Engadget.com.

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  • BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date Confirmed to Be April 19

    Posted on April 8th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    BlackBerry Logo

    Latest news for BlackBerry PlayBook: the Research In Motion (RIM) is preparing to release the long awaited BlackBerry PlayBook at April 19 to compete with iPad 2 and Moto Xoom, a month later than scheduled date. The BlackBerry PlayBook was supposed to be out the first quarter of 2011 but due to some hard ware and software difficulties, is set to be released this April 19.

    From all reasons, two main reasons are most often mentioned for the delay of BlackBerry PlayBook release. One is about the touch screen glass shortage, and the other is the difficulty in getting Flash to work properly on the PlayBook. 

    Trade magazine Digitimes reports that the reason that the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook is later this month is partly because Apple tied up the supply of touch screen panels from various Asian suppliers. Apple had booked up most of the available touch screen glasses for its iPad 2, which has postponed the manufacturing of touch screen glasses for BlackBerry PlayBook and delayed the release date.

    Blackberry Playbook

    Also, Digitimes also mentioned that aside from the touch screen glass shortage for the delay of BlackBerry PlayBook, the software testing contributes to the delay as well, mainly on the Flash support. This problem has been a common difficulty for many other tablet PCs, like Moto Xoom, which supports no Flash even though Flash support is highlighted as a key feature. Also, the sluggish performance and battery drainage of Flash have been a big concern for all tablet PCs. And without the Flash support, the PlayBook would have noting advantageous and competitive.

    It’s been six weeks since Motorola released the Xoom, and April 19 is probably as long as Adobe can wait before Flash can no longer be considered “a few weeks” late. Adobe and RIM made no response to a comment request upon this story.

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