• 5 Must Have Photo Editing and Sharing Apps for iPhone

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    Photo sharing apps are catching fire and basically becoming a necessity for those social media addicts. Actually, with photo sharing at an all-time high via various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with iPhone becoming the most using device to take photos for social sharing, you may need some photo editing apps integrated with sharing features to help you post an image that stands out in the crowd.

    While some may consider their shooting options limited from a phone, there are actually so many apps available that can enhance the photo taking and editing process substantially. If you have an urgent need of photo editing app for iPhone, here I will list top 5 photo editing yet sharing apps for iPhone to help you beautify and share your photos in everyday life.

    1. Instagram Free

    Each iPhone owner should get the Instagram app installed. As the most popular photo editing app for iPhone, Instagram comes with a wide range of filters and optional borders that can be easily, instantly applied to any photo. Not only is Instagram one of the best photo editing apps you can find thus far, it could also perform as a popular social network, allowing you to share you photos on the Instagram website and gather followers who admire your artwork. Besides sharing your photos on Instagram website, you could also directly posted your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or some other social media sites for sharing. Obviously, Instagram is the most recommended photo editing and sharing app for iPhone in this list.

    2. Camera+ $0.99

    Another big name in the entire app store. It offers the best shooting experience, the most helpful shooting options, and a good set of in-app edits and sharing options, making your photo to be an art. Camera+ does much more than just letting you customize your photos. Vastly superior to Apple’s built-in camera app, it includes tool that help you take better, faster photos. On the customization side, Camera+ offers several photo borders, custom filters, and other personalization effects you can apply before or after saving your photo to your Camera Roll. As with other apps, you can layer effects and filters on top of one another, edit your photo, rotate it, crop it, and make it just right before you share it with the world. If you’re looking for a complete camera app replacement for the iPhone, Camera+ is a worthwhile download.

    3. Snapseed Free

    Many consider that Snapseed is the biggest competitor for Instagram, but the difference is that Snapseed takes more attention on making your photos look fantastic and putting high-quality editing tools on your pocket, not necessarily on being social, although you can do that likewise. Snapseed comes loaded with a wide range of photo filters and personalization tools, allowing you to give your shots a sepia, old-timey look. However, it goes further than that. This app can be also used for adjusting photographic features like saturation, color levels, brightness, contrast, white balance and more. It uses a distinctive gesture-based interface that makes photo editing enjoying and easy. With just a few tweaks, you can transform average snaps into photos worth framing. While it may take you some time to grasp how this app works, it is well worth it.

    4. Viddy Free

    Viddy is one of the most up and coming photo sharing app for iphone out there right now. It has an in-built community that helps users to learn how to use the app in a short time. It also offers a quick way to edit and share photos and videos with friends. It integrates with Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, making it quite easy for users to upload video snippets with effects. Its inclusion of free new effects packs is a great touch.

    5. Photshop Express for iPhone Free

    The last recommendation on my top 5 must have photo sharing and editing apps for iPhone list. This free photo app by Adobe is a formidable photo editing app for iPhone. It allows you to quickly crop, adjust color, straighten and fix other flaws. You can also add visual style with effects, borders and amazing filters, and share your edited photos. Photoshop Express is a great app for any budding photographer and a must have for you serious about photography on your mobile phones.

    Any other great photo editing app, photo sharing app for iPhone that you would like to add in this list? Welcome to drop them as comments.

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