• Before Christmas: Last minute Christmas card survival tips

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    Christmas cards

    It must be very late to send a Christmas card now since Christmas is just two days ahead of us. However, don’t get frustrated. You can employ Christmas e-cards as a survival tool. Someone says Christmas e-card is not as sensational as traditional Christmas cards. That’s not true. There are a number of reasons for you to send Christmas e-cards:

    • It delivers much faster, and you can confidently send it in the last minute before Christmas.
    • It is versatile in expressing your Christmas greetings, whether it is an affectionate music video or a funny naughty prank, it is all up to you.
    • It is environmental friendly and fit for long time preservation without running any color

    After all, making a good Christmas e-card needs no less elbow grease than making a traditional card. We present links here to tip you onto a successful shortcut.

    christmas card tips oneGather up resources for molding your Christmas e-card. Do you have photos, video clips and music that you and your families or friends cherish together? They are the symbol to your personal Christmas e-card.

    christmas card tips twoWrite an affective Christmas greeting. Try to be unique. You can base your greetings on his/her funny stories, favorite pet phrases/poems or important moments of the year. Or you would like to thank him/her for everything they have given you. Be true to the blessing expression and avoid empty rhetoric. Here are some Christmas greeting templates that might help you think faster.

    christmas card tips threeUse instant Christmas e-cards from some free and funny Christmas e-card page like this. This is a good approach, but I don’t want to recommend you to use one for you very dear one. It worth all the efforts to make your own Christmas flash e-card if there is shortcut for it.

    christmas card tips fourSend the Christmas e-card via your email agent. If it is the first time you send a Christmas e-card through an email agent, be sure to experiment before sending the e-card mail. Many online email services like MSN hotmail and Gmail allow users to send emails back into their own inbox. It is the very important final step to make sure you are not doing everything so hard just in vain.

    christmas card tips fiveThere is one secure way to ensure that your recipient can always read your Christmas e-card, despite his/her system’s lack of flash playback support. It is to use an SWF to video converter to turn your Christmas e-card from SWF to AVI, MPEG or other compatible formats. You may also send your Christmas e-card in 3GP format directly to his/her Blackberry or in MP4 format to his/her iPhone. It would be a great surprise for them to catch your Christmas e-card on the go.

    In the end, the truth is, you can send very special and unique Christmas e-cards as you can do with traditional Christmas cards. Traditional Christmas cards will be weathered away by time flow, but Christmas e-cards won’t. So spend as much effort as you can on making your own Christmas e-card which would be cherished for a life long.

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  • Nice and funny Christmas greeting templates for personal Christmas cards

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    As a Christmas tradition, people send Christmas cards with Christmas greetings to their families, friends and colleagues. Christmas greetings are varying by the person you are going to address. Generally the greeting can be anything between a simple Merry Christmas and an affectionate Christmas poem composed by yourself, depending on the person’s relation with you. For intimate people such as your families or your friends, you can handwrite your Christmas cards with casual even funny Christmas greetings. For formal relationship such as your boss or your business partners, you will need to print out the greetings or use Christmas e-cards. Here are some nice and funny Christmas greeting templates that can be used in writing dozens of different personal Christmas cards.

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