• Does the New Nexus 7 Stand Out in Comparison with Other Similar Tablets

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    Google unveiled the New Nexus 7 on Wednesday and as far as I am concerned, this tablet is about to shake the world’s tablet market and make the tablet users excited. I’m sure about this. Why? When compared the New Nexus 7 with other similar tablets, the New Nexus 7 almost defeated all the competitors in the major specs: the CPU, the RAM, the screen, the storage, the battery and the connectivity.

    Now let’s take an overview of the comparison between the New Nexus 7 and three other similar tablets: the iPad mini, the Kindle Fire HD and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0. By the way, it’s not a war between Android and iOS, the operating system is not taken into comparison. Actually, users are able to transfer files easily between iOS devices and Android devices.

    1. New Nexus 7 Vs. iPad mini

    New Nexus 7 vs iPad mini

    CPU: New Nexus 7 runs with the quad-core Qualcomm Snap Dragon S4 Pro process, while iPad mini runs with the dual-core A5 processor. It is obvious that New Nexus 7 wins.
    RAM: New Nexus 7 owns a 2GB RAM which could be the largest RAM among all the 7-inch tablets. iPad mini, however, has only 512MB of the RAM.
    Screen: New Nexus 7 uses the HD IPS on its 7-inch screen with the resolution of 1920*1200, and the PPI is 323. iPad mini uses the IPS LCD on the 7.9-inch screen with the resolution of 1024*768, and the PPI is 163 pixels. So the winner goes to New Nexus 7.
    Storage: the New Nexus 7 has 16GB and 32GB versions, so does iPad mini.
    Battery: Google says that they have improved the speaker performance of the New Nexus 7, this tablet is capable of lasting 9 hours for playing videos. While iPad mini can last 10 hours for surfing the web and web browsing. New Nexus wins without doubt.
    Connectivity: New Nexus 7 supports AT&T and T-Mobile LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth. iPad mini supports WiFi and Bluetooth. I vote for New Nexus 7.

    2. New Nexus 7 Vs. Kindle Fire HD

    New Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD

    CPU: Kindle Fire HD uses a dual-core processor as it was released last year. So New Nexus 7 wins without doubt.
    RAM: Kindle Fire HD’s 1GB RAM is defeated by New Nexus 7’s 2GB RAM.
    Screen: Kindle Fire has a 7-inch screen with the resolution of 1280*800, and the PPI is 254, and New Nexus 7 has high resolution and PPI, so New Nexus 7 wins.
    Storage: Kindle Fire HD has 16GB internal memory, the 32GB version is in bigger size of 8.9 inches. The New Nexus 7 has both 16GB and 32GB in its 7-inch version, so New Nexus 7 wins.
    Battery: According to Amazon, Kindle Fire is capable of playing videos for 5-6 hours, it good, but not competitive with the New Nexus 7.
    Connectivity: Kindle Fire HD only supports WiFi and Bluetooth. New Nexus 7 wins again.

    3. New Nexus 7 Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0

    New Nexus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0

    CPU: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 has a dual-core processor, while New Nexus 7 has a quad-core processor. The winner is New Nexus 7.
    RAM: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 has 1GB RAM, it is beaten by New Nexus 7’s 2GB.
    Screen: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 has a 7-inch screen with the resolution of 1024*600, the PPI is 170. So the New Nexus 7 wins with no doubt.
    Storage: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 supports a microSD slot up to 32GB, but New Nexus 7 has 32GB version without microSD expansion.
    Battery: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 can last about 5 hours of playing videos, while New Nexus 7 can last 9 hours.
    Connectivity: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 supports WiFi and Blutooth. New Nexus 7 supports WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE, so New Nexus 7 wins.

    Here are also other 7-inch tablets, like Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Asus Memo Pad HD, HP Slate 7 and so on, but here is no need to compare New Nexus 7with them all. New Nexus 7 wins in almost all categories when compared with similar tablets. But it’s not to say the New Nexus 7 is the best, because all the tablets taken into comparison are not latest version and the companies of these tablets are about to release new products soon. So the New Nexus 7 may shake the tablet market but other tablet makers may not be just watching.

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  • New Nexus 7 with Faster Speed Is Going to Be on Sale Next Week

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    July 25, 2013, Shenzhen, China – Google unveiled the New Nexus 7 on Wednesday. The Nexus 7 2nd generation is going to be on sale in the coming week. The New Nexus 7 has doubled its RAM and the CPU will be twice as fast as the previous Nexus 7.

    Google Unveiled the New Nexus 7 on Wednesday

    Google has finally unveiled this Nexus 7 2nd generation which the customers has been waiting for a long time. This New Nexus 7 keeps the dimensions as the previous Nexus 7, but has a higher resolution of 1920*1200 with the 7-inch screen, and the PPI is 323 pixels, which means the Nexus 7 2nd generation users will have a better visual experience than the previous Nexus 7. Google improved the RAM of New Nexus 7 to 2GB, and the CPU uses a quad-core Qualcomm Snap Dragon S4 Pro processor, so everything runs faster than the previous Nexus 7. The operating system of this tablet is Android Jelly Bean 4.3, the latest version of Android OS. Google also claimed that they had made an improvement on the speaker performance so that the Nexus 7 2nd generation can last nine hours for a high definition video. The Wi-Fi versions of New Nexus 7 will be on available on the 30th and the 4G LTE version will be on sale in the coming weeks.

    The New Nexus 7 Front

    The senior vice president of Google, Pichai says, “By the end of 2013, consumers are going to buy more tablets every year than personal computers.” It is reasonable for him to say like that. As Apple has started a revolution of the tablet market, more and more users choose the tablets for daily uses. But Apple still pays their attentions to the senior consumers and the price of iPad somewhat keeps high. But the Nexus 7 2nd generation, the New Nexus 7 16GB version will be only $229.99 when it is on sale next week. That price is attractive to most of the tablet consumers. And the high-speed development of communication is another reason. Wi-Fi has been widely used all over the world, and the 4G communication is just approaching. So a tablet which can be used over Wi-Fi will be popular for sure. The New Nexus 7, which allows Wi-Fi and mobile data only, will meet the consumers’ needs well in the competitions of tablet market.

    The Nexus 7 2nd generation uses the HD IPS screen as the previous Nexus 7 does, which provides natural images with accuracy. If users transfer movies from iPad mini to Nexus 7 2nd, they will be surprised by the wonderful visual experience the New Nexus 7 provides.

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