• See What Can You Do with World Cup Videos on YouTube

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    Some of my friends always stay up very late recently to see the live broadcasting of World Cup 2010 matches. Snacks and beers therefore become their best mate in front of TV and computer.

    They say: “I need more!”. Besides something they can grab to eat, something that can really facilitate the game watching is also very important. Instead just simply watching the games, most people are likely to control the games, I mean, to have more options about what can they do with those online World Cup videos.

    Here comes our topic today: the introduction of a tool that you can use to handle World Cup football videos in any way you want!

    Leawo Video Accelerator is a multi-functional utility for accelerating and downloading online flash videos. We only focus on its fabulous video handling features right now and will take youtube.com for example to show how it works.

    Whenever you browse an online flash video from YouTube, Google Video or others in “Browse” tab, all the video information is recorded in “Video” tab for your future references and actions. And this is where we start to illustrate with the following pictures.

    You can Play, Stop, Download, Convert and Burn World Cup videos directly from the control bar.

    Play: enjoy the smooth and fast World Cup video playing because of the built-in FLV player and accelerator.

    Download: one-click to save the World Cup video in your computer.

    Convert: invoke the FLV converter to convert the World Cup video to other popular video/audio formats.

    Burn: invoke the DVD creator to create your own DVD for playback on DVD player for great fun.

    You can also Classify, Trace, Rename and Check Properties of World Cup videos from its right-click menu.

    Move to Other Category: classify the World Cup video to the proper category showing on the left of the program.

    Rename: change the World Cup video name to the one you prefer and easy to recognize, for example, MEX VS URU.

    Browse Website: go back to the original World Cup video URL in “Browse” tab.

    Properties: check all the available information of the selected World Cup video.

    If you are going to stay up again tonight for the exciting World Cup football games, make sure this video accelerator is part of the celebration! LOL! Enjoy!

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  • Hot 2010 World Cup, Cool HD Video Experience (Part 7): Watch World Cup 2010 in High Definition Online

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    FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa has begun, are you ready for the exciting matches that will be aired live on television via different channels across the world in the next 30 days?

    Yes! But what if you have to work on that day or your cable TV suddenly gets disconnected? No problem! Thanks to internet, you won’t miss a single match no matter wherever you go and whatever you do, you can always watch World Cup 2010 matches live online and keep yourself connected with this hottest event.

    That is the purpose of this article: to introduce a way that can help you watch World Cup 2010 football matches in an “HHOF” mode, that is High-Speed, High-Definition, Online and Free.

    The following ten links we have discovered can really enable you to watch World Cup 2010 football in high speed and high definition online for free.

    1. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on ATDHE

    2. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on MyP2P

    3. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on ESPN

    4. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on Tv Bunch

    5. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on from SPORT

    6. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on IraqGoals

    7. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on live-foot

    8. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on Justin.tv

    9. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on USTREAM

    10. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on Channelsurfing

    You may notice that all above websites are not opened in any browsers you know, like IE, Firefox or Google Chrome, instead, they are opened in a program called Video Accelerator. It’s indeed an all-in-one tool that can browse, play, speed up, download and convert those online flash videos, including HD flash videos.

    While you are watching World Cup 2010 matches from the above websites in this video accelerator, the built-in accelerator will surely speed up video’s playback and downloading process, so that you will have a smooth and uninterrupted watching experience of World Cup 2010! Cheers!

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  • Free animated Christmas screensavers video clips for PC desktop Christmas decorations

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    Note: These are not those normally known as Christmas screensavers. Instead, they are lovely fancy Christmas video clips that can act as "screen savers". They are free to get, easy to port and without setup process.

    Christmas screensavers are good decorations along with Christmas wallpapers to load your PC desktop full of Christmas moods. People can easily get free Christmas screensavers from the internet. But some of those free Christmas screensavers setup programs would harbor virus, therefore you have to take the risk when installing those free screensavers. In this post, you will not only get free but also safe Christmas "screen savers". They can also be displayed as Christmas background during a family dinner or the company Holiday party.

    Select one of the videos above and play it with Windows Media Player or other players, and stretch it to fill your screen. The video will smoothly loop back and play over and over again.

    Click the thumbnails above to play each of the fancy Christmas videos. You can download all these videos easy and fast by Leawo Video Accelerator, a free and powerful online FLV video download tool.

    You may have noticed that as you stretch the video, the quality of the pictures is degraded. Your media player does not know how to improve the video quality while stretch it, but a professional video converter does. Use Leawo Video Converter to convert these Christmas screensaver videos to higher resolution that matches your screen and remain good playback quality. For more information, visit Leawo’s special Christmas discount and a guide on Leawo Video Converter advanced codec settings.

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  • Leawo Video Accelerator V3.0 Accelerates Video Playback and with Multiple Video-Relevant Functions

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    The newly-published Leawo Video Accelerator V3.0 is delicately designed to accelerate online video playback and with powerful integration of video browsing, playing, downloading, managing and converting.

    Shenzhen P.R.C-Nov, 26th, 2009-Leawo Software Co., Ltd. (http://www.leawo.com): a professional multimedia solution provider and an award-winning video/audio converting software supplier, today officially announces the release of its latest Leawo Video Accelerator V3.0 which combines numerous video-relevant functions like online flash video browsing, accelerating, playing, downloading, managing and converting.

    Key Features of Leawo Video Accelerator V3.0

    This video accelerator focuses mainly on flash video acceleration and downloading, however, it can do much more than that due to its multifunctionality.

    1. Convenient video browsing- it provides two ways for customers to browse videos: choose from the listed video-sharing websites or enter the URL in the address bar. Its multi-tab browser with “Favorites” function allows users to browse different video content in different tabs and save the preferred websites anytime they want.

    2. Faster video playing- the featured accelerator immensely accelerates video playing so that the customers can watch the selected video immediately and consecutively even before it has finished downloading through the built-in FLV player.

    3. Quicker video downloading- thanks to the multi-threaded process and the technology of temporarily saving videos to local computer while being browsed, it’s extremely fast to download videos with just a click. Batch-downloading up to five videos at a time is also easy to be done after simple settings.

    4. Comprehensive video managing- when the downloading tasks complete, users can easily catalogue those downloaded videos according to the recorded video information such as title, size, name, origin, length, viewed times, ect.

    5. Powerful video converting- the embedded FLV Converter makes it possible to convert those downloaded FLV flash videos to other popular video formats like AVI, MP4, VOB, MKV etc for playback on different portable devices like iPod, iPhone, DVD player and many other more.

    Price and Availability

    Leawo Video Accelerator applies to OSs like Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista and currently there are two versions available: Free version that temporarily doesn’t support accelerating and downloading HD videos whose size exceeds 852(W)x480(H) and Pro version with complete compatibility of HD videos priced at only $29.95. Register now to ensure the lifelong updates and prior professional technical support.

    Company Website: http://www.leawo.com/
    Product Webpage: http://www.leawo.com/video-accelerator/
    Product Download Link: http://www.leawo.com/download/videoaccelerator/videoaccelerator_free.exe

    Contact Person:
    Leawo Software Co., Ltd.
    Executive Officer
    Email: contact@moyeamedia.com

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