• TipRadar Freebie of Leawo iTransfer, Best iOS Transfer Ever

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    Shenzhen, China, January 17th, 2013 – Leawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional multimedia software company aiming to provide state-of-art software solution for iOS devices, recently hands with TipRadar to carry out the first giveaway plan of Leawo iTransfer in 2013. As the TipRadar freebie, Leawo iTransfer has been viewed as one of the best iOS transfers in the market for years. Therefore, it is a certain thing that users, especially iOS users, can benefit a lot from TipRadar freebie of Leawo iTransfer. 

    Tipradar giveaway of Leawo iTransfer

    As one of the most influential forums in the world, TipRadar is also the gathering of information about giveaway activities. Generally speaking, most TipRadar freebies have won good reputations for being excellent in performance and powerful in function. This is an important reason that the cooperation between Leawo Software and TipRadar can be achieved. Moreover, TipRadar freebie of Leawo iTransfer is actually designed to celebrate the coming of the year 2013 and to express gratitude towards customers who have been supportive to the company for years.

    What can users do with the best iOS transfer?

    While Apple has posed many limitations to prevent users from transferring data between iOS devices, this best iOS transfer will help users to eliminate those limitations. In other words, with Leawo iTransfer, users are allowed to transfer data files including apps, books, movies, photos, songs and ringtones between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod). For example, this iOS transfer allows users to transfer music from iPod touch 5 to iPhone 5 easily. Of course, Leawo iTransfer can also be used to manage the data transference between iOS devices and the computer.

    How can users get TipRadar freebie of Leawo iTransfer?

    Free registration codes of Leawo iTransfer will be provided on corresponding websites of Leawo Software and TipRadar. To enter into the activity page designed by Leawo, users need to click here and to visit corresponding page in TipRadar.com, users can refer to this link. The registration code will be sent to users via emails after they have filled required information including their names and email addresses. For those who haven’t found the mail in inbox, they had better check their spam box. Further instructions will be provided in the mail.

    What is the validate date of TipRadar freebie of Leawo iTransfer?

    The latest giveaway of Leawo iTransfer will be last for 3 days starting from January 16, 2013 to January 18th, 2013. Therefore, users still have enough time to get involved in the giveaway plan. However, one thing to notice is that the registration codes for Leawo iTransfer shall be used before the TipRadar giveaway goes outdated. If not, the codes will lose their effects.

    Company Website: http://www.leawo.com
    Product Webpagehttp://www.leawo.com/imediago/
    TipRadar Giveaway Page: http://www.leawo.com/cooperation/tipradar-giveaway.html
    Leawo Software Co., Ltd.
    Chief Executive Officer
    Email: contact@leawo.com

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  • Leawo PowerPoint Converter Upgrade Added Support for Microsoft Office 2013

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    Shenzhen, China, January 3rd, 2013 – Leawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional multimedia software company aiming to provide state-of-art software solution for users to get accesses to PowerPoint presentations on multimedia devices, has in recent days released upgraded PowerPoint converters including Leawo PowerPoint to Video, Leawo PowerPoint to DVD, Leawo PowerPoint to FLV, Leawo PowerPoint to iPad and Leawo PowerPoint to YouTube. The Leawo PowerPoint converter upgrade has included added support for Microsoft Office 2013 and some small-bug fixings.

    As the successor of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013 provides users various newly-added innovative and practical functions. Even though Microsoft Office 2013 is not available in the market at present, its popularization in the future has become almost a certain thing. Therefore, this Leawo PowerPoint converter upgrade not only goes match with the future trend, but also is beneficial to users. Moreover, upgraded Leawo PowerPoint Converter enables users to take full advantages of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for entertaining purposes.

    What’s the content of Leawo PowerPoint converter upgrade?

    1. Added support for Office 2013

    With added support for Office 2013, Leawo PowerPoint converters are compatible with PowerPoint 2013 presentations. Therefore, users are able to make full use of Leawo PowerPoint converters to convert PPT file of all formats to various videos. Of course, as the functions of the PowerPoint converters differ, their uses vary. Leawo PowerPoint to Video allows users to play PowerPoint 2013 file on Google Nexus 4; Leawo PowerPoint to DVD enables users to burn PowerPoint 2013 presentation to DVD movie; Leawo PowerPoint to iPad gives users the chance to convert PowerPoint 2013 to iPad movie; Leawo PowerPoint to FLV provides users good solution to convert PowerPoint 2013 document to Flash video; Leawo PowerPoint to YouTube makes uploading PowerPoint 2013 to YouTube an easy task. Therefore, with PowerPoint 2013, users can give wonderful presentations and with Leawo PowerPoint converters, users can turn those wonderful presentations to excellent and impressive movies.

    2. Fixed some bugs

    Another important feature of the Leawo PowerPoint converter upgrade is the fixing of small bugs. Most of those bugs had been found and reported by users who are using the previous version of Leawo PowerPoint converters. With this PowerPoint converter upgrade, Leawo PowerPoint converters can not only enhance user experience but also improve the efficiency and fasten the speed of the conversion process from PowerPoint to videos of all formats.


    Leawo PowerPoint to Video, Leawo PowerPoint to DVD, Leawo PowerPoint to FLV, Leawo PowerPoint to YouTube, and Leawo PowerPoint to iPad have both free trial version and registered version with prior technical support. Users could freely download Leawo PowerPoint Converters via the following links.

    Company Website: http://www.leawo.com/

    Leawo PowerPoint to Video: http://www.leawo.com/powerpoint-video-converter/

    Leawo PowerPoint to DVD: http://www.leawo.com/powerpoint-to-dvd/

    Leawo PowerPoint to FLV: http://www.leawo.com/powerpoint-flv-converter/

    Leawo PowerPoint to YouTube: http://www.leawo.com/powerpoint-to-youtube/

    Leawo PowerPoint to iPad: http://www.leawo.com/powerpoint-to-ipad/



    Leawo Software Co., Ltd.

    Chief Executive Officer

    Email: contact@leawo.com

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  • Leawo iTransfer Released to Help iOS 6 Users Transfer Data between iPhone 5 and Computers

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    Shenzhen, China, September 28th, 2012–Leawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional multimedia software company aiming to provide state-of-art software solution for iOS devices, had official announced the availability of Leawo iTransfer In the newly updated Leawo iTransfer, there are minor updates like small-bug fixings and there are major updates like newly added supports for iOS 6 and iPhone 5. Consequently, iOS 6 users can take full advantages of Leawo iTransfer to transfer data between iPhone 5 and computers.

    What are the major updates in version

    1. Added support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 in all respects

    After the release of iOS 6, it turns out to be the newly favored operating system for Apple devices. In the foreseeable future, iOS 6 will be the major operating system of Apple devices. Therefore, to help iOS 6 users transfer data with ease, iOS 6 is included in the supporting list of Leawo iTransfer Of course, as the latest iOS 6 device, iPhone 5 also gains access to the updated Leawo iTransfer.

    2. Added support for the iTunes 10.7, the latest version of iTunes

    As a third-party app, iTransfer only works when users have installed iTunes beforehand. As iTunes has updated to version 10.7, adding support for the latest iTunes can make sure most iOS device users have the ability to enjoy the functions provided in iTransfer Moreover, after adding support to iTunes 10.7, the updated Leawo iTransfer is now compatible to most versions of iTunes.

    3. Added App tab to transfer, back up and install iOS apps with ease

    A new feature of the updated Leawo iTransfer lies in its capability to transfer apps with newly added App tab. By clicking App tab, all the apps in the iOS device will be listed so that users can choose those they desire to transfer. After finishing the transference of apps from computer to iOS devices, they can also find the newly added apps in App tab. Moreover, with App tab, users can back up their apps by transferring apps from their iOS devices to other devices.

    One thing to notice is that when a new app is transferred to the iOS device, it will be installed automatically. Moreover, the transference process will retain the data records of the app. For example, when a user has transfer Angry Bird Space from iPod to The new iPad, he can continue the gaming process he has stored in iPod instead of playing from the very beginning.

    4. Added USB Storage tab with which iOS devices can be used as powerful storage tools like Flash disks

    For iPhone and iPod Touch users, they fail to use the devices as storage tools because Enable Disk Mode button is not provided in iTunes. Therefore, they can only store those files compatible to iTunes. However a newly-added USB Storage tab in Leawo iTransfer enables users to use iOS devices like iPhone 5 to store files of all kinds including those files incompatible to iTunes. To this extent, the updated Leawo iTransfer can make the iOS devices function like Flash disks.

    5. Added Recommendation tab where hot apps, music and movies are listed

    To make users take full advantages of their iOS devices, Recommendation tab is provided in the updated iTransfer. Via the Recommendation tab, users can instantly get to know the hot apps, music and movies for their iOS devices. For game lovers, Hot App option collects information about those top free applications and top paid collection for iPhone and iPad. For music fans, Hot Music option brings them to the recommendation page where top songs and top albums are provided. For movie enthusiasts, Hot Movie option leads them to a page where various top movies and top video rentals are listed.

    What are the minor updates in version

    1. Enhanced the support for iPhone 4S and The new iPad 3 and improved the stability of the application

    2. Optimized large-scale data transference system to fix those issues appeared on transferring numerous files

    3. Reduced response time on reading and loading the device

    Company Website: http://www.leawo.com
    Product Webpage: http://www.leawo.com/imediago/
    Product Download Link: http://www.leawo.com/downloads/itransfer.html
    Leawo Software Co., Ltd.
    Chief Executive Officer
    Email: contact@leawo.com

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