• Top 10 Interesting and Useful iOS Apps for iPad and iPhone

    Posted on July 8th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    Anyone who has an iPhone/iPad (or is looking for an excuse to get one) would spend a bit of time in the App Store on iTunes looking through the thousands of iPhone apps that are available. However, you busy work and fast life might let you have little time to choose proper apps for your iPad and iPhone. And meanwhile, it is really hard to get the right ones from such a wide selection of apps on App Store. Here, I have listed some top 10 interesting yet quite useful iOS apps for you iPad and iPhone.

    Chargeable IM app with wonderful interface – Verbs


    In the Verbs 2.0, developers add the Push Notification for up to one week of online state for this IM app. Verbs 2.0 owns ultra excellent interface and provides instant messaging function only with no annoying customizations. It can also send the links in the message received to Instapaper – an iOS app for reading. It charges US $2.99, with additional US $4.99 for the Push Notification function, totally pricing at US $7.98.

    Wrapped inside serial game – Continuity 2 (US $0.99)


    Continuity is in fact a serial game, in which users could rearrange video game levels to open the “red door”. Different levels require for different procedures and users have to connect with the wire. It is a really challenging game for all users.

    History record app for Facebook – MyLine for iPad (US $1.99)

    Myline for iPad

    MyLine is a fresh new iPad application, which collects the original Facebook data and shows the record to users via beautiful charts, Timeline and maps. Users could check the record of status renewal, photo, sign in and others. The only shortage existing is that still some bugs are not fixed.

    Nevus check for cancer prevention app – SkinScan (US $4.99)


    SkinScan is a quite creative iOS application. It could tell whether users have the symptoms of melanoma by analyzing the nevus of skin for cancer prevention. Of course, it should not replace diagnosis from doctors.

    Play Dead –disguise app for battery out (Free)


    This funny Play Dead app could launch the background picture of your iPhone’s battery is running out (1%-2%) so as to cheat other people who want to use your iPhone for a call or message.

    Music Producer – TNR-i (US $19.99)


    TNR-i lets users adjust time crosswise and adjust musical note. It could automatically play music customized by users. The fatal function of this app is that it could send your customized music to your friends or other users and allow them to modify. It has both iPad and iPhone versions.

    MedCoach –remind users to take medicine (Free)


    MedCoach could record the medicine note and time to take medicine for users with its Push Notification function. MedCoach also features with built-in tools to record detailed information of medicine, contacts, additional medicine, etc.

    TriviaFriends – get to know everything of your Facebook friends (Free)

    Trivia Friends

    TriviaFrinds app lets users compete with Facebook friends to get who knows more about each other. This application will provide users with multiple questions like which city your friend comes from and which movie is his/her favorite.

    Tumblr – for Tumblr blog management (Free)


    The iPhone application Tumblr performs well in managing multiple Tumblr blogs. Browsing dashbard, viewing blog, replying notes, and changing blog templates are all very convenient.

    Bizzy app – unify Yelp and Twitter (Free)


    Bizzy is a new crowdsourcing social network app. It allows users to “sign in” restaurant and entertainment spots and make a simple evaluation by marking. Users could write a short comment after marking, and add image to it. It also allows users to send the news to Twitter. It could make a recommendation to users via the marks of other users.

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  • Top 5 Office Augmented Reality Applications for iPad 2

    Posted on April 14th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    It has been widely known that compared with the first iPad, the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter. With the powerful 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 processor, the iPad 2 provides better processing power for graphics and videos. What’s more, the front and rear cameras configured on iPad 2 have made it possible to become a great helper for video conference and other business affairs.

     I still remember a funny video which joked iPad 2 to be a 10-inch large mobile phone: just imagine how cool it would be for a person to make a call with a 10-inch large phone in the street. However, this was finally not compatible with iPad 2.

    iPad 2

    And today, I would like to share 5 most useful augmented reality applications for iPad 2, which could realize this and mostly enhance the office performance with all iPad 2 users.

    1. FaceTime

    The front and rear cameras on iPad 2 allow users to attend video conference through Apple FaceTime with other Apple products users.

    FaceTime iPad 2

    2. Skype

    The Apple FaceTime could realize the video calling between Apple users, but when if you want to make a video call with a PC user, what should be done? Skype would be the right choice for you. Though Skype has not been optimized for iPad 2, it allows users to freely video-chat with other Skype users like PC users.

    iPhone Skype call

    3. WebEx for iPad

    WebEx for iPad enables iPad users to make WebEx conference through tablets. The front and rear cameras even make it possible for users to make two-way video conference.

    WebEx for iPad

    4. Fuze Meeting HD

    Fuze Meeting HD is another augmented reality application for business video conference. It supports HD video conference for multi users.

    Fuze Meeting HD

    5. Boardbooks

    The Boardbooks app, another subscription service, offers iPad users offline access to board materials directly on Apple’s slate. It creates paperless board office conference for business with the assistance of iPad 2.


    All these augmented reality applications could enhance the performance of iPad 2 in office processing. Still, some other applications that would strengthen iPad 2 include Google Earth, Word Lens, Hootsuite, iMovie, Popplet, GarageBand, etc.


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