• Leaked photos of the purported next-gen iPad show new LED backlighting system and iPad mini inspired design

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    Being one of the most popular mobile devices in the world, Apple iPad has successfully gained great anticipations upon each update. The rumors about the next generation of Apple iPad have been lasting for long, though no official news yet. This is typically Apple style on new product release – always keep secret until the final moment.  Recently, some leaked photos of the purported next-gen Apple iPad show that the next Apple iPad, officially the fifth generation of iPad, could use new LED backlighting system to cut weight and include cover glass surface to melt iPad mini inspired design.

    iPad 5

    Adding to the bevy of rumors surrounding a next-generation iPad release, a report on Thursday says Apple will likely use a modified LED backlight apparatus in a bid to make the 9.7-inch tablet as thin and light as possible.

    It is widely expected that Apple could launch Apple’s fifth-generation iPad with a more efficient LED array, as well as a change to film-based touch sensor technology. Apple is widely expected to launch a redesigned 9.7-inch iPad with an aesthetic borrowed from the current iPad mini. Such a design was revealed in some photos of a purportedly leaked next-gen iPad cover glass, which had thinner bezels and significantly modified dimensions in comparison with existing models.

    iPad 5 cover

    Closer inspection of the alleged part reveals a number of changes from the current fourth-generation iPad, such as significantly trimmed bezels and tweaked proportions. By comparing the size of the home button cutout to the surrounding design elements, it can be guessed that the overall dimensions are akin to an oversized iPad mini. This is supposing the home button’s size was carried over from the current model.

    iPad 5 cover

    The supposedly leaked pictures come on the heels of mounting rumors that Apple is preparing to begin production of the next-generation tablet this month ahead of a release in July or August.

    Those estimates run counter to sources who told iMore that instead of an iPad launch, August may see the debut of a new iPhone. The site, which has published accurate device predictions in the past, estimated an “April-ish” timeframe for the fifth-gen iPad’s unveiling.

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