• Apple iOS 5 adds brand new Notification system and widgets

    Posted on May 30th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    The upcoming Apple iOS 5 on the Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) has been confirmed to include Nuance Voice Recognition technology, though this tech has not been supported by the existing iOS voice control system. Some other exciting news about the Apple iOS 5 includes the brand new Notification system and widgets introductions.

    Apple iOS 5 features

    The notifications scheme on the iPhone and other iOS devices has been long complained from users for its messy, distracting and obtrusive design. Earlier in this February, there were reports on the improvement of Apple iOS Notification system. The detailed information about the upcoming iOS 5 Notification system has not been revealed. However, there exists a very popular iOS Notification concept online – Bidirectional Slider Notification design, showed in the picture bellow. Sliding the block left would result in iOS dismissing the currently displayed message to display the second in line, while a simple slide to the right would open up the necessary applications to let users review the notifications.

    Bidirectional slider concept notification

    As far as widgets go, CultofMac suggests that the new widget system could look something like the concept designed by graphic designer Jan-Michael Cart, who made a mock-up of a widget system that would make iOS more like OS X and its Dashboard feature, with widgets on pages to the left of the home screen and applications to the right, as they are currently.

    Apple iOS 5 widgets

    It is also reported that Apple would launch the Mac OS X Lion on the WWDC together with the Apple iOS 5 to get more attractions from users.

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  • Apple Delayed the Release of iOS 5 to September, iPhone 5 Probably Adopts iOS 4

    Posted on March 28th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    Apple icon

    According to the report from TechCrunch, Apple has decided to delay the release of iOS 5 until this fall. Usually, main updates of Apple iOS would be mentioned by Apple every February or March and then unveiled in June together with next generation of iPhone, and released after that or along with the release of new iPhone. But it seems a little bit different this year, showed by this report, that Apple would officially unveil the next update of iOS until this September.

    It is also indicated in the news that in Apple’s WWDC this summer, users would be able to glimpse the new iOS 5, which is said to be totally different from previous iOS generations. Cloud technologies are widely used in this new iOS 5. And besides the rumored application of Apple music store, other apps like Media Stream, Find My Friends would also be supported. For people who want to take a glimpse of iPad 3 in this Apple’s WWDC this summer, the possibility seems to be really poor.

    iOS 5

    From this news, it is most possible that the next generation of iPhone – iPhone 5 would adopt iOS 4. As the A5 processor has been accepted by iOS 4.x by iPad 2, and in iOS 4.3 SDK, the Media Stream and Find My Friends are also proved to be acceptable, plus the upcoming MobileMe in April, all these have proved that the iOS 4 could walk more distant.

    Of course, these are just our speculations about the iOS 5. More information about Apple iOS 5 would be provided.

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