• HTC Official Promo Video Unveils the Mysterious HTC Sensation 4G Specs

    Posted on April 12th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    The Vodafone leak had unveiled the mysterious HTC Sensation specs for all HTC fans. For months, this mysterious HTC Sensation has been widely known as HTC Pyramid. Now the long-rumored Android phone is official and coming to T-Mobile under the moniker HTC Sensation 4G.

    HTC Sensation 4G

    The HTC official promo video further introduced multimedia superphone HTC Sensation: a premium unibody aluminum design with true widescreen qHD display, rich high-fidelity audio, advanced entertainment capabilities with HTC Watch, full HD video recording, instant capture camera and an immersive HTC Sense experience that sets a new multimedia high for smartphones.

    Just like what I predicted in another post, this new HTC Sensation features more powerful functions like 8MP rear camera, 1.2GHz dual core processor, 4.3 inch touch SLCD screen with PHD resolution (540*960 pixels), etc. The detailed specs of this HTC sensation are listed below:

    HTC Sensation specs

    It is said the Vodafone version of Sensation will launch in the European markets in mid-May, and other versions of this HTC sensation would launch in June. Meanwhile, the HTC Sensation 4G would come to market this summer under the communication giant T-Mobile.

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  • HTC Pyramid Leaked Images Show 4.3 Inch QHD Screen Resolution and Other Specs

    Posted on March 22nd, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    As the first dual-core smart mobile phone of HTC, HTC Pyramid has attracted great attention. Recently some HTC Pyramid images were leaked. People now have got a rough comprehension towards the specs of HTC Pyramid upon the leaded images and rumors.

    From leaked front image of HTC Pyramid, a front camera could be seen on the top, which could be used for visual chatting. On the bottom features four operation keys for touch control. Compared with HTC Desire HD, this HTC Pyramid also adopts 4.3 inch touch screen, but higher screen resolution, which could be seen from the number of icons on the home interface. Every line owns four icons, smaller icons representing higher screen definition. By comparing length and width, the screen resolution of HTC Pyramid is considered to adopt PHD (960*540 pixels) screen.

    From the view of the HTC Pyramid back, a main camera could be seen, which is believed to be a 8MP camera, but not previous estimated 5MP camera. This would absolutely attract more eyes for its wonderful picture and video shooting ability.

    Some other features and specifications included in this HTC Pyramid from people’s anticipation and rumors: It would adopt Qual Comm’s 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with 768MB RAM, which enormously improves the operating speed and reacting. This phone would include the support for DLNA, adopt the latest Android OS, maybe the latest Android 2.4 OS, and Sense 3.0 interface. As for the release date of HTC Pyramid, there is still no exact information on market. After all, we hope to see some new things on this upcoming HTC Pyramid.

     More information would be provided soon.  

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