• Google Remolds YouTube to Launch 20 New Pay-Channels for Professional Original Content Topics

    Posted on April 7th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    It is reported that Google is going to spend upYouTube Logo to $100 million to remold its YouTube video sharing site by making original content delivered on the Internet while viewed in users’ living room, so as to make better use of the Internet and traditional TV to attract more video viewers.

    One insider divulged that Google would remold the present YouTube home interface to highlight channels like arts and sports. YouTube would begin to launch  about 20 pay channels for professional original content for 5 to 10 hours each week, while the other channels would assemble the present contents for users to watch. Also, it is reported that this plan would probably launch at about the end of this year periodically. The video sites is currently making preparation work for this.

    YouTube Offering Movie Rentals

     YouTube has flirted with changing the mix of its content for about a year, experimenting with live events, a selection of on-demand Film Festival movies, and has even been rumored to be talking with the NHL and NBA about streaming games live on YouTube. Last year, YouTube streamed Indian Premier Cricket to millions of viewers.

    The design for YouTube video sites is still on the way. This has marked that a new phase has arrived for YouTube. For years, YouTube has been committing to help broadcast personal videos online. And now, it will be going to found an ad-based network to make viewers stay longer on it.  

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