• Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 on YouTube and Save it for Your Own

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    Where is the best place to watch FIFA World Cup 2010? What is the best way to enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2010 with excellent picture quality and fast speed? How do we do if we want to save those exciting FIFA World Cup 2010 match clips?

    Take it easy, let’s explain it one by one:

    I. YouTube, the best place to watch FIFA World Cup 2010 online: that ‘s right, there is nothing you can not find on YouTube! From the World Cup theme song to individual games between any teams; from World Cup commercials to scandals; from handsome well-known David Beckham to beautiful anonymous cheerleader……

    II. Video Accelerator, the best tool to assure the high quality and fast speed FIFA World Cup 2010: I have to say this program provides the most complete solutions for dealing with online videos(not just the FIFA World Cup 2010 videos) ever. With this all-in-one software, you can:

    Browse FIFA World Cup 2010 websites inside the program: the built-in IE core makes it the powerful internet browser. You can check several webpages at a time using its multi-tab function; you can set your preferred homepage and you can add anything that interests you to Favorites, etc.

    Search FIFA World Cup 2010 from famous video sharing websites: you can easily type the searching key words and choose from where(YouTube, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, etc) the program is going to perform this search.

    Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 with accelerated speed: the good thing of this program is it has an embedded FLV player and accelerator that work perfectly with each other to bring you the fastest and most convenient watching experience.

    III. Video Accelerator again, the best downloader as well to save the unforgettable FIFA World Cup 2010 game clips.

    You can download any browsed FIFA World Cup 2010 video clips to your computer with just one click; you can convert them to any popular video/audio formats for playback on different portable devices; and you can even burn them to hard copy DVD.

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  • Hot 2010 World Cup, Cool HD Video Experience (Part 7): Watch World Cup 2010 in High Definition Online

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    FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa has begun, are you ready for the exciting matches that will be aired live on television via different channels across the world in the next 30 days?

    Yes! But what if you have to work on that day or your cable TV suddenly gets disconnected? No problem! Thanks to internet, you won’t miss a single match no matter wherever you go and whatever you do, you can always watch World Cup 2010 matches live online and keep yourself connected with this hottest event.

    That is the purpose of this article: to introduce a way that can help you watch World Cup 2010 football matches in an “HHOF” mode, that is High-Speed, High-Definition, Online and Free.

    The following ten links we have discovered can really enable you to watch World Cup 2010 football in high speed and high definition online for free.

    1. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on ATDHE

    2. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on MyP2P

    3. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on ESPN

    4. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on Tv Bunch

    5. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on from SPORT

    6. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on IraqGoals

    7. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on live-foot

    8. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on Justin.tv

    9. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on USTREAM

    10. Watch World Cup 2010 football live online for free on Channelsurfing

    You may notice that all above websites are not opened in any browsers you know, like IE, Firefox or Google Chrome, instead, they are opened in a program called Video Accelerator. It’s indeed an all-in-one tool that can browse, play, speed up, download and convert those online flash videos, including HD flash videos.

    While you are watching World Cup 2010 matches from the above websites in this video accelerator, the built-in accelerator will surely speed up video’s playback and downloading process, so that you will have a smooth and uninterrupted watching experience of World Cup 2010! Cheers!

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  • Hot 2010 World Cup, Cool HD Video Experience (Part 6): Top 3 Free iPhone Apps for FIFA World Cup 2010

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    The atmosphere of South Africa has been heated up since the beginning of FIFA World Cup 2010 on 11th, so has the excitement of football lovers all around the world. If you are keeping an Apple iPhone in your pocket all day long, you might want to get the latest news of World Cup 2010 within reach at any time. Here we put forward the top 3 free iPhone apps which will turn your iPhone into a helpful World Cup 2010 messenger.

    1. Soccer Fever

    Free iPhone Apps for FIFA World Cup 2010
    With this free iPhone app, you can get very detailed information on all aspects of this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament, such as the match schedules, venue introductions and score news. Even if you don’t have an access to a PC connected to the internet, you can still get plentiful live update of what is happening on the pitch.

    2. Goal.com

    Free iPhone Apps for FIFA World Cup 2010
    Goal.com is a professional football reporting portal and its massive content on FIFA World Cup 2010 is now obtainable freely and comfortably by this iPhone app. You can get all round information of the game in real time, including top news with corresponding photos, specialist World Cup content, live scores, player ratings, teams with schedule and lineup details, fixtures and Results by day, etc.

    3. ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup

    Free iPhone Apps for FIFA World Cup 2010
    This iPhone app released by the official ESPN, a renowned sport radio broadcaster, brings you the most extensive coverage of FIFA World Cup 2010 live stories, news and analytics. You can look into the profiles of the competing teams and footballers and the history of FIFA World Cup dating back to 1930. If you would like to share your favorite teams, news and articles with others, you can do so easily via this app to Facebook, Twitter and Email. This app also includes extra get-by-paid functions to watch the broadcast live in video streams.

    With these 3 free iphone apps, I am sure that you won’t be missing out any important news on FIFA World Cup 2010 this summer. Enjoy and have fun!

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  • Hot 2010 World Cup, Cool HD Video Experience (Part 5): Burn World Cup 2010 HD Videos to DVD

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    Recording HD videos for World Cup 2010 will occupy much more hard disk space than you may think, and no one would like to be interrupted by the insufficient hard disk space prompt. A pragmatic solution is to burn the World Cup 2010 HD videos to DVD-R discs, either for archive purpose or replay with a DVD player. What you need for the solution is a good tool which will do the HD video to DVD conversion in an intuitive course and keep the most of the original image quality. Since not many DVD burner software have full support for HD video formats while are still easy enough for novice users to operate, Leawo DVD Creator should be your best choice.

    Leawo DVD Creator is not only an HD video to DVD converter but also a fully capable DVD burner. Follow me to learn how to burn a collection of World Cup 2010 HD videos to DVD with Leawo DVD Creator.

    Download Leawo DVD Creator.

    Click "Start Menu" in your Windows OS, navigate to "All programs -> Leawo -> DVD Creator" and click the program shortcut.

    Use the file browser to open the file folder for the World Cup 2010 HD recordings. Select them all and drag into the program interface.

    burn world cup 2010 hd to dvd

    If you want to make an ordered archive for the HD recordings, you can click the "MoveUp" or "MoveDown" button to swap the position between two recording clips.

    If you tend to prune the recordings, you can click "Customize" button to enable video edit functions. You can raise the value for video brightness and contrast, trim the length of poor recordings, crop for best display size and tack a watermark on the recordings.

    burn world cup 2010 hd to dvd

    Choose "Football Games" menu template to create a World Cup themed DVD menu. Click "Menu" button and you can change the menu background for your favorite World Cup 2010 picture to increase personal sense.

    burn world cup 2010 hd to dvd

    Choose the profile that matches the display mode and aspect ratio of the view screen.

    burn world cup 2010 hd to dvd

    Click the red round button at the bottom right to start burning the World Cup 2010 HD recordings to DVD.

  • Hot 2010 World Cup, Cool HD Video Experience (Part 4): Clip Your Favorite Moment of World Cup 2010 and Share on YouTube

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    FIFA World Cup 2010, is just set to go; and South Africa, makes you feel like home!

    As the FIFA World Cup 2010 theme song Waving Flag sings:

    Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher

    World Cup has always been the world-class fiesta for football lovers and sports fans. It gives all of us freedom, it makes us enthusiastic, and the most important, it gives us a very good reason to be indulged in excitement and happiness.

    See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud

    World Cup, a special event through which you will witness how the players make themselves proud, make us proud and make their country proud. There are no losers in this game as long as you have exerted yourself and made the whole world proud.

    Singing forever young, singing songs underneath that sun
    Lets rejoice in the beautiful game
    And together at the end of the day

    No matter where you come from, no matter what language you are speaking, no matter how old you are, just join this beautiful game and the solidarity will make us stronger, just like a waving flag!

    View the theme song Waving Flag of FIFA World Cup 2010, South Africa below.

    Player will show here

    South Africa, a country of rainbow, now will present the FIFA World Cup 2010 to the world in a beautiful way!

    You are lucky if have the chance to go to Johannesburg in person and really be a part of the game; you are still lucky if you don’t have such a chance because every match will be broadcasted in the standard of HD and you will feel it’s so real and crystal-clear even if you just sit in front of TV or computer.

    TV and computer, especially the latter, exactly are the two main channels where you can obtain the original HD video source easily during the FIFA World Cup 2010 from Jun, 11 to Jul 11. That’s a good news. However, the bad news just comes after: it’s not an easy thing to deal with those HD video data because usually it’s huge and not proper for sharing with friends online.

    Well, in this case, you may need a little extra help from the HD related program that can extract your favorite World Cup best-shot moments, merge them into one complete media file, and then upload to video sharing websites like YouTube, Google Video etc with the unchanged good quality.

    Step 1: Input the HD World Cup Video Sources you get from home TV recorder or internet, or any other possible devices.

    Step 2: Choose the web-ready flash video format FLV as the target output video, so that you can upload it to various video sharing websites like YouTube to share with more friends.

    Step 3: Extract the specific HD video parts(it could be the best-shot moments, the most embarrassing footfault collection or the funniest facial expression capture and so on ) using “Trim” function and continue to further edit them, for example, adjust video effect, crop video to the proper size and place text/image logo, etc.

    Step 4: If you extract your favorite HD video parts from multiple HD sources and you want to make it the complete collection, check the box before “Merge into one file” and then start the conversion process.

    When the conversion is done, you can then upload the output video to YouTube and enjoy the best HD video collection of FIFA World Cup 2010 on the internet with the world!

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