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    Buddies, welcome to my today’s share on how to fix and add album art for iTunes! In the following you will embrace 3 most widely-used ways to get album artwork for iTunes.

    If you are the one that prefers to download songs from various sources on the web other than directly downloading from iTunes store, for sure you get the highest possible to run into the problem of missing cover art. That frustrated problem also occurs when you import songs from say a burned CD into iTunes library. If you get songs from the web or CD on the regular, the missing cover art problem will be spreading like wildfire, finally becoming a disaster and stops you enjoying better music with iTunes.

    So have you ever thought of getting album artwork back for your iTunes songs? Have no clue to cope with that problem? No fear! Right here you will find 3 different methods to recover album art effectively.

    Method 1: Find album artwork with Google

    In the beginning, I will start by introducing a free and manual way of adding missing cover art to your iTunes songs. For this method, your best mate is Google Image search. Actually you can take advantage of the richest resources on Google Images to get album artwork for iTunes songs. Here also list the full steps to add album artwork to iTunes songs with Google.

    1. Visit google.com and search for the album you need cover artwork for on Google Images.
    2. Click the image so it expands and you get the larger view of the image.
    3. Right click the image and save it to your computer
    4. Open iTunes and drag the saved image into the missing album spot.

    If you just have several songs to be recovered, undoubtedly this method is the best. However, it will be time consuming if you have a large amount of songs to find artwork for. So if that’s the case, you can directly turn to the method 3, which is introduced  to add iTunes album art massively.

    Method 2: Get Album Artwork for iTunes with iTunes itself

    This method is by far the easiest and quickest way to find album artwork, since iTunes has an option built-in that will search and attempt to bring back the correct album cover art for your music collection. Obviously this option is worth a try, but I should remind you that this method is the least effective as you will get quite poor recovering results. You will find only few album covers are recovered due to iTunes limited online database. The recover success rate relies on the album actually being sold on iTunes.

    1. Open iTunes and select one or more albums that are missing artwork.
    2. Control-click (Mac) or right-click (PC) to bring up the contextual menu.
    3. Select Get Album Artwork
    4. You’ll receive a message that information about your songs will be sent to Apple, although they don’t retain information related to the contents of your library.

    If successful, you’ll see it show up immediately in iTunes. If not, have no fear, as there are a number of good alternative paths we can adopt, like the Method 3.

    Method 3: Get Album Artwork for iTunes with Album Cover Finder

    Since we have mastered all traditional ways to get album artwork back, now it’s the time for me to introduce the holy gray way to get album artwork for iTunes – take use of Leawo Album Cover Finder. With the help of this best-reviewed program, you can automatically get album artwork for iTunes in just a matter of minutes.

    I should say this is truly the best method for the die hard music collector. Not only you can find your missing music artist, album, album artwork, etc. automatically, you can even remove duplicate songs in iTunes or music folders on other MP3/MP3 devices. Songs labeled “track 01” or “unknown artist” will be restored accurately and massively thanks to its world’s most powerful and richest online database. This app is indeed your best mate to find all missing cover art along with fully automated duplicate removal.

    1. Download and install this Album Cover Finder on your computer.
    Album Cover Finder for Win / Album Cover Finder for Mac
    2. Run the program, and click Start to Clean iTunes button.
    3. The program then scans your music library automatically and displays all songs missing album artwork in Songs Without Album Artwork section. You can choose to download artworks for all songs.
    4. Artwork of some songs might be not downloadable. Or if you feel disatisfactory with the fixing result, you can double click the song or click the Edit button in each unrecognized song to do manual editing. You can import artworks as you like.
    5. At last, after fixing, you can simply apply the results to your iTunes music library by clicking on the Apply button on the top-right corner.

    Okay, above are by far the top recommended methods for anyone who wants to cover album artwork for iTunes. You can choose your desired one to complete the missing iTunes album artwork restoring task. You are also welcomed to share  other great ways to get album artwork back in the comment box below.

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