• 9 accessories every iPhone photographer must have

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    Whether you got the oldest iPhone or the latest iPhone 4S or are looking for the upcoming iPhone 5, one outstanding feature you will take must be iPhone shooting. You can upload iPhone photo to YouTube for sharing, transfer iPhone photo to computer for watching with your family members, more fun can be generated with iPhone embedded camera. You may have known some iPhone photography techniques, but what if you intend to further improve iPhone professional photography techniques. I will list 9 accessories which can definitely improve your iPhone photography techniques from “amateur” to “professional” level.

    1. iPhone SLR Mount ($249.99)
    iPhone SLR Mount can be served as an adapter to link SLR(Single Lens Reflex). Then you can connect Canon Eos or Nikon SLR to iPhone for photographing. The advantage is that you can make good use of those idle high-grade lenses but the price is quite a surprise.

    2. Pico Flex Skater Dolly ($74.99)
    Pico Flex Skater Dolly provides stability and fluency for iPhone photography process. Within only 30 seconds, you can fulfill the assembly of it.

    3. iPhone Lens Dial ($249.99)
    iPhone Lens Dial is a multiple filter lens that owns three lenses for different shooting effects: Fisheye, WideAngle and Telephoto. It adopts aluminium material and rotating design.

    4. The Joy Factory ABD106 RainBallet ($39.75)
    It lets you take photos and shoot videos underwater. The intelligent filter design has effective waterproof and the sound quality is ensured as well.

    5. Olloclip ($69.99)
    Olloclip is a small and exquisite three-in-one lens for special effects. You can get access to it in Apple retail stores and from other retailers. Users can quickly install it to the top right corner of iPhone and then make a selection on photography effects: Fisheye, WideAngle and Telephoto.

    6. iStabilizer Mount ($17.90)
    This cost-effective product can maintain iPhone stability when you are using it on the go.

    7. The iPhone Shutter Remote ($40)
    This cool gizmo can make users carry out remote control photographing via Bluetooth technology within up to 30 feet (about 9.14m). It is especially suitable for group photographing.

    8. Joby Gorillapod ($13.10)
    This movable tripod enables you to fix iPhone on any surface, so as to shoot clearer images. You can fix the three flexible stents to the nearby branches, fences, park benches and other convenient location.

    9. OWLE Bubo ($161.45)
    Seen from the appearance, OWLE Bubo has a handlebar that is in accord with human body engineering. Then you can hold iPhone stably and avoid screen wobble. At the same time OWLE Bubo is with a built-in 0.45X wideangle lens, highly sensitive microphones and headset interface.

    OK, buddies. The above are what I sort out for you to improve iPhone photography techniques. If you want more information on iPhone video processing you can also refer to tips on how to convert iPhone video and edit iPhone video. Hope you gain more fun with you iPhone camera!

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  • Creative Christmas Card Made out of iPhone: the Initiative Christmas Gift Idea for You

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    The red warm Christmas hat, the green gifts-dressed Christmas tree and the golden delicious Christmas ham… Christmas spirit is blooming around us. Yes! The joyfulness and happiness featured Xmas is just around the corner. In such a festival full of cheerfulness, the deluge of warm wishes to parents, lovers and friends are indispensable. And a practical and creative Christmas gift is a necessary part when sending your wishes.

    Sending Christmas gifts on Christmas Day is a tradition for people to express wishes and blessings. The following element should be taken into account when considering Christmas gift: Christmas gifts must be of emotional value, practicality, suitability and creativeness. The process of picking up a Christmas present is like sticking in the mire. Last night, when I was hanging around on the Internet an initiative Christmas gift idea came into my sight: a homemade Christmas card which is made out of iPhone.

    The whole process is quite simple. Let me get you across the procedure:
    The stuffs you need: iPhone, iPhone Video Converter, cardboard, color papers, glue and the ornamental decals.

    The step-by-step tutorials:
    1.Folding the cardboard in half, and then the cardboard will be shaped the way a greeting card looks like.

    2.Making an outline drawing for the iPhone. In order to make sure that you can fasten the iPhone on the card, the outline you draw should be smaller than the actual size. Then plucking out the iPhone shape.

    3.For the sake of beauty, color papers of different shapes such as Christmas tree, Christmas bell or Christmas snowflake can be pasted.

    4.If you want to have your Christmas card with more individual characters, just add some creative elements to iPhone. You can transfer some Christmas-themed videos to iPhone by using iPhone Video Converter which can convert videos to iPhone compatible video formats. What’s more, if you want to extract audios from videos you shot in those good old days when you were getting together. This all-inclusive smart tool that can also convert audios to iPhone compatible audio formats is able to give you a hand.

    5.Since all things are settled down, fix the iPhone on the cardboard. Keep playing it until you send this creative Christmas card to your beloved one.

    The general budget of this Christmas card:
    iPhone4 (16GB): $199
    Cardboard + color papers + glue + ornamental decals: $5
    iPhone Video Converter: $19.95 (33% off on Christmas special offer)

    If you have been thinking about Christmas gift ideas for days or weeks, try to DIY a creative Christmas card as the above one. I am sure this Christmas card can meet the receiver’s absolute satisfaction. Have fun, my friends!

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