• 3 Reasons for Us to Convert PPT to Video

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    PPT slide show is a ubiquitous means to exhibit learning materials either at school or at work. When I was a college student, I had to make countless PPTs to do the presentations; when I started to work, I had a lot of training courses, and almost all the learning materials were exhibited on PPTs. Sometimes I find it quite troublesome if want to have a quick review of what I have learnt. This problem keeps bothering me for quite a long time, now I finally find an ideal solution–convert PPT to video. Here are the reasons for the conversion.

    1> More advanced applicability. When I was a college student, it happened a lot that computers in our teaching buildings could not play our PPT due to different versions of Microsoft Office among different computers. Do not consider it as a trivial matter, if that kind of situation happened, teaching schedules had to change and it would inevitably waste our precious time for learning. If we had converted PPT to video, that kind of awkward situation would not have happened.

    2> Flexibility of video files, for instance, you can adjust the size of the video and watch several videos at the same time. While PPT slide show can play continuously only in full screen, that is to say, each time you can only watch one slide show.

    3> Last but not least, it’s quite easy to convert PPT to video. All you need is  Leawo PPT to Video Converter, it can convert PPT to video in various formats, and the software retains all audios, videos and all the effects of animations in PowerPoint presentations.

    If you are also bothered by piles of PPT files, why not convert them to videos right now?

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