• Creative Christmas Card Made out of iPhone: the Initiative Christmas Gift Idea for You

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    The red warm Christmas hat, the green gifts-dressed Christmas tree and the golden delicious Christmas ham… Christmas spirit is blooming around us. Yes! The joyfulness and happiness featured Xmas is just around the corner. In such a festival full of cheerfulness, the deluge of warm wishes to parents, lovers and friends are indispensable. And a practical and creative Christmas gift is a necessary part when sending your wishes.

    Sending Christmas gifts on Christmas Day is a tradition for people to express wishes and blessings. The following element should be taken into account when considering Christmas gift: Christmas gifts must be of emotional value, practicality, suitability and creativeness. The process of picking up a Christmas present is like sticking in the mire. Last night, when I was hanging around on the Internet an initiative Christmas gift idea came into my sight: a homemade Christmas card which is made out of iPhone.

    The whole process is quite simple. Let me get you across the procedure:
    The stuffs you need: iPhone, iPhone Video Converter, cardboard, color papers, glue and the ornamental decals.

    The step-by-step tutorials:
    1.Folding the cardboard in half, and then the cardboard will be shaped the way a greeting card looks like.

    2.Making an outline drawing for the iPhone. In order to make sure that you can fasten the iPhone on the card, the outline you draw should be smaller than the actual size. Then plucking out the iPhone shape.

    3.For the sake of beauty, color papers of different shapes such as Christmas tree, Christmas bell or Christmas snowflake can be pasted.

    4.If you want to have your Christmas card with more individual characters, just add some creative elements to iPhone. You can transfer some Christmas-themed videos to iPhone by using iPhone Video Converter which can convert videos to iPhone compatible video formats. What’s more, if you want to extract audios from videos you shot in those good old days when you were getting together. This all-inclusive smart tool that can also convert audios to iPhone compatible audio formats is able to give you a hand.

    5.Since all things are settled down, fix the iPhone on the cardboard. Keep playing it until you send this creative Christmas card to your beloved one.

    The general budget of this Christmas card:
    iPhone4 (16GB): $199
    Cardboard + color papers + glue + ornamental decals: $5
    iPhone Video Converter: $19.95 (33% off on Christmas special offer)

    If you have been thinking about Christmas gift ideas for days or weeks, try to DIY a creative Christmas card as the above one. I am sure this Christmas card can meet the receiver’s absolute satisfaction. Have fun, my friends!

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  • Make Your Own Treasured Christmas Gift to Be the Best of 2010 with a Video Converter

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    When we withdraw ourselves a break from the modern busy life, it would be quite pleasantly surprised for us to find that Christmas season is just around the corner. Picking Christmas gifts for beloved ones would become a rather big challenge then as different people might get different Christmas gift wishes.

    There are many classic Christmas gifts available in malls. If you are hunting for a Christmas gift for your dreamed girl, you would like to choose brilliant roses, testy chocolate or fabulous handbag, which would make she get the right point of your inner thought. Well, if you are a girl-in-love, a HD camcorder or well-look watch would be a nice gift for your lover. Christmas gifts for parents would be even easier, as they would always know your heart whatever you gift. For kids? A Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster or a RC motor would make your kids laugh all day long.

    These Christmas would do solve a really tough problem for you. But, a new question may arouse that everyone knows these and so, is there anything special or unique to make Christmas more memorable? Well, here provides a Christmas gifting idea for you to make your Christmas gift more treasured and even the best of 2010 with only a powerful video converter and your Apple device.

    Undoubtedly the Apple devices would be a hot Christmas gift choice for the upcoming Christmas 2010 for the newly released iOS4.2, which brings in many new functions customers expected, like Multitasking, AirPlay, AirPrint, etc. Getting an iPad, iPod, or iPhone as a Christmas gift would be absolutely a good idea. Yet accompanied with a video converter, the Christmas gift would become more enjoyable and make your Christmas more memorable, as you can create a Christmas video yourself to make a unique Christmas gift. Record a video clip with iPhone, convert favorite videos to iPad/iPhone/iPod or even AirPlay on Apple TV alike, all these would be just a fantastic creating experience for you. To make the videos more enjoyable and memorable, you can do editing work with the video converter, like trimming, cropping, adjusting the effect or even adding some text or an image as a watermark of your creation.

    Now, you have caught the Santa Claus’ lucky sleigh to enjoy a full scale discount of the video converters on Leawo. All items on the homepage of Leawo would make a big discount for the approaching Christmas, some even saving you up to $90. More interests would be available if you become Leawo Facebook fans. Want to join in this campaign and make your Christmas gift special? Just click here and you would know the whole.

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  • Useful Christmas gift tips: pick a colored iPod nano for your loved ones

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    Note: Here is a useful tip for choosing a colored iPod nano as a special Christmas gift. The latest iPod nano is no doubt a suitable Christmas present, with its spectacular design and colorful profile.

    Are you feeling like trapping in the mud while picking a right Christmas gift for your beloved and family? Certainly it is hard to do so if you don’t have something they really want in mind. So why don’t you spend just a modest amount of money on the presents that is latest, coolest and usually symbolic? Yes! I am talking about the latest Apple iPod nano G5. Hitting the market in this quarter with 8 exceptional innovations, iPod nano 5th Generation is no doubt at the highlighted spot of ideas for Christmas gift. Who would resist the excitement of receiving a present that has an 8-16 GB capacity for 2,000 up to 4,000 songs, 7,000 to 14,000 photos, or even 8 to 16 hours of videos? A slim, glazed and light body of iPod nano is just the golden size for a pocket-out gift. And to make it more unique as a personal gift, there are multiple color choices for you to select an iPod nano that exactly matches your loved one’s personality. Find the color that mostly attract your receiver and get your money’s worth in this Christmas season.

    What makes iPod nano G5 a worth buy as Christmas gift?
    1. can load 2,000 up to 4,000 songs, 7,000 to 14,000 photos, or even 8 to 16 hours of videos.
    2. extends to up to 24 hours of music playback or an incredible 4 hours of video playback.
    3. 2.2 inch LED backlight screen for better video enjoyment.
    4. new modules: video-capable camera, recorder microphone, speakers, FM radio and step counter.
    5. iPod shuffle 3 voice functionality.
    6. shell choices in full color spectrum.

    Which color of iPod nano best matches the personality of your Christmas gift receiver?
    1. Apple iPod nano 16 GB Black (5th Generation). The black color is for those who like to conceal their mind, have a decent behavior or be independent. It is normally known as the universal color that can easily fit into all kinds of occasions.

    2. Apple iPod nano 16 GB Purple (5th Generation). Purple fits those creative and eccentric types of adolescent boys and girls who wanted to express their creative souls. It is the color of passion, meditation and knowledge, in the favor of the youth.

    3. Apple iPod nano 16 GB Blue (5th Generation). Relaxing, soothing, and light, blue is the color for those who considered themselves as dependable, determined, and faithful. This color is the least "gender specific" hence, gives equal appeal to both men and women.

    4. Apple iPod nano 16 GB Green (5th Generation). This is best for those who are naturally looking for harmony, happiness, and renewal. Green iPod Nano can definitely alleviate one’s depression, anxiety, and nervousness especially if you want to be relaxed mentally and physically.

    5. Apple iPod nano 16 GB Yellow (5th Generation). If you want a mentally stimulating at the same time fun gadget this Christmas, the yellow Apple iPod nano is the one for you! This color activates memory and stimulates the nervous system promising you a very bright future.

    6. Apple iPod nano 16 GB Silver (5th Generation). For those looking for an iPod that would best describe their silent and discreet but outstanding personality, the silver Apple iPod nano is the one for you. It also matches well with any other color making it suitable for almost all kinds of occasion.

    7. Apple iPod nano 16 GB Orange (5th Generation). If you think you are Mr. or Ms. Congeniality in town, the orange iPod nano is the one you deserve. This is highly recommended for the sociable, friendly, and always on the go people.

    8. Apple iPod nano 16 GB Pink (5th Generation). For those celebrating aloud their femininity, for those who just love to be a girl and cannot resist their sweetness nature, the pink Apple iPod nano is a must have for you!

    The latest iPod nano with selected color will surely be a special Christmas gift for your loved one. To add to his/her surprise, don’t forget to send him/her an iPod Video Converter which can easily and fast convert all videos for playback on iPod. Therefore, he/she can have smooth music videos to watch on iPod nano anytime. To recommend one, Leawo iPod Video Converter is the right solution and it is now on great Christmas discount. Visit Leawo Christmas discount page to find out more!

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