• 5 Most Popular Christmas Games for Kids and Family to have more enjoyable Christmas 2012

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    Traditionally, just like the New Year celebration in China, Christmas is the right time for family members to get together to enjoy family warmness. Before the Christmas celebration, people usually would prepare Christmas trees, Christmas food, Christmas costumes, etc. The parents would also prepare Christmas gifts for their children. Some people may also prepare some Christmas movies for kids and family members to watch together. Besides these ways to celebrate, another tradition way to celebrate Christmas is to play Christmas games with family and friends, which could be the happiest moments of Christmas besides the Christmas gifts. Today, I would like to introduce some popular Christmas games that are suitable to play for kids and family.

    Christmas games

    Christmas song picture game: Got a family that likes picture games? Head over to this website and print out the game, then let everyone take a shot. First one to finish is declared the Christmas song guru! This is a great game for families to play at the table after dinner and before dessert.

    Family tree: This game will only work if you someone in your group is an incredibly good sport (always performed by the daddy). The idea is to decorate a person as a Christmas tree. The willing victim must stand still as all the kids in the group decorate him (or her) with decorations made from red and green crepe paper, aluminum foil, paper, candy, bows, leftover wrapping paper and whatever else you can find laying around. The end result: hilariously good family fun!

    Pass the Ornament: Like the game of hot potato, in this Christmas game for kids you don’t want to get caught with the ornament in your hand when the music stops. You need to choose an ornament that isn’t breakable first, have the kids sit in a circle, and then play Christmas music while the children pass the ornament to each other. When the music stops, the child holding the ornament is out.

    Candy Cane Hunt: Why wait until Easter to have an official hunt? Instead of eggs, hide different colored candy canes throughout the house. You need to give each child a Christmas stocking to hold the candy canes he or she finds. Then ask the kids to find candy canes. The child with the most candy canes wins.

    Guess What’s in the Stocking: This game forces children to use their five senses to guess the secret item hidden in a Christmas stocking. First, have the players close their eyes. Then fill a Christmas stocking with a holiday inspired object, like candy cane, Santa hat, ornament, etc. After that, ask children to take turns touching, shaking, and smelling the object hidden inside the stocking. The first child to guess the item wins.

    What’re your games you have prepared for this Christmas? Just share with us your own one in the comment part if you like.

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