• Back to School Shopping List for College Freshmen

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    Back to School Shopping List

    It is August now, which means you should start to prepare for your new semester in college. As a college student, I bet you don’t ask your mom to do the back-to-school stuffs for you. Whether you are in your freshman year or already for the senior year, you will need to make up a back-to-school shopping list for the new semester. Here goes some tips of finding out what you are in need of.

    1. Check out how many clothes you have.

    2. Check out how many tools according to your habits.

    3. Check out if books are in need.

    4. Cleaning tools and furnishing supplies.

    Basically, you will need these four kinds of stuffs. Now let’s make up a back-to-school shopping list in detail according to the four categories listed above. Of course, everyone could have their own ideas, and this list is just for your reference.


    This depends on the climate of where you live. In some areas, you do want to take some clothes for the coming September. You may have your own style of choosing clothes, but you need to make up some space for another formal suit.


    The tools actually mean academic tools and daily-use ones. For academic tools, you will need to take your laptop and iPad along with you. Maybe you will also need an iTunes alternative to transfer files without limits. The notebooks, pens and highlighters are also in need of taking notes in class. A flash drive is also necessary for all kinds of uses. Of course the bags (for books, laptops and so on) are also in need. For daily-use tools, the stuffs can be based on the habits you have. If you ride to class, may be a set of spanner is in need for fixing your bike. If you are an artist and like drawing in your part-time, you may want to take the paints and drawing pens with you. This depends on you, I point it out just to notice you, never leave your habits behind.


    Even though you are going to college, you can’t get rid of books. But the books on the back-to-school list are not the textbooks. You are able to choose the books you want to take along with you. It may be your favorite masterpiece, the latest magazine on sports or the academic research book you are interested in. Those books will help you kill time.

    Cleaning and furnishing stuffs

    Normally, both of these two kinds of stuffs are in very need. The first thing of your going back to school is to clean you dormitory. So the cleaning stuffs are needed. You may get mops, brooms and other necessary stuffs in your dormitory, so you only need to prepare the cleansers, washing powders, a duster and so on. The furnishing stuffs include a mirror, a collapsible blanket or box, a lamp, things used for shower, an alarm clock and so on. If you are allowed to use coffee-machine and microwave in your dormitory, you can take them as well.

    Back to School Shopping List

    These are my list of back-to-school shopping. By the way, if you worry about the quality of your sleep in a new environment, you can take a pair of earplugs and an eye mask with you. Or you can listen to some soft music when you want to go to sleep. You will meet new friends and have a new experience in college. Good Luck to you guys!

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