• 10 practical and funny April Fools’ Day pranks for the office that wouldn’t let you be fired

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    The April Fools’ Day is just on the way. April 1 is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other. On this special holiday, every person gets the opportunity to prank others, like your kids, parents, friends, co-workers, or even your boss who’s always been strict to you. However, though the holiday spirit of April Fools’ Day is to prank each other out of friendly fun, none could be sure whether they would be fired by their bosses or not. For the sake of safe pranking on your boss or your workmates, I have collected some wonderful April Fools’ Day pranks for you to play on your workmates or boss without being worried of being fired. Check them below:

    April Fools' Day Pranks

    Let It Snow – Put some confetti or glitter on top of a ceiling panel where your victim will be sitting. Get some fishing line, and when you’re ready, let it snow.

    Pardon me, I can’t hear you – Place a small piece of clear tape over the speaker part of the handset and watch the person get annoyed at the caller. For more fun remove the tape for a while then stick it back. Continue this on and off throughout the day.

    Chair wrap – From foil to wrapping paper to toilet paper, decide on your material of choice for this April Fools office prank. Wrap your coworker’s chair completely, sneaking a Whooped Cushion under the wrap beforehand. When they walk in and see their chair wrapped, they’ll likely laugh and expect the joke is over… until they sit down on the hidden Whoopee Cushion.

    Fake Wall – In this awesome prank, a group of workers worked over night to put up a wall in a hallway that held 11 senior offices.

    Out of service – Put “Out of service” on all the toilet cubicle doors. Watch all of your colleagues run around. Why not add to the banter and put signs on the elevator doors as well.

    The old flip screen routine – Click Ctrl+Alt+the down arrow and the display will flip vertically and the mouse controls with it. Impossible to get out of unless you know the shortcut which is the same, but with the up arrow instead.

    Dead mouse – No, we’re not talking about killing any real animals here. For this April Fools office prank, position a sticker (or tape a piece of paper) under the mouse on their computer. Whether it’s a laser mouse or a ball-rolling mouse, the sticker will interfere with the mouse’s ability to work. Once they finally realize why their mouse isn’t working, they will look under their mouse and see the sticker or tape. Don’t forget to write “April Fools” on it.

    Plastic wrapped doorway – Whether it’s the main door, your office door or the bathroom door, it can be hysterical watching a coworker bounce off! This prank is most effective in a dimly lit space to avoid glare spoiling the surprise. Sometimes just a strip waist high does the trick and goes most easily undetected.

    Voice Activated Printer – With technology always upgrading, I guess it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if a printer could turn voice activated. But this employee really buys it and doesn’t understand why it won’t work.

    Sneeze – Do you have a germaphobe that works with you? This one is a classic. A co-worker pretends to sneeze and sprays water into the air making it look like a cloud of flying germs is landing all over your desk.

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