• Three Giants Focus on NFC: Apple iPhone, Google Android Phones and MicroSoft Smart Phones

    Posted on March 30th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    NFCNFC, the Near Field Communication technology, has been a hot topic for all smart mobile phones users recently. Near Field Communication, or NFC, is a new type of electronic payment system that allows users to wave an NFC device over an NFC reader to purchase items. An NFC equipped smart phone would use this new technology as a safe and secure method of buying things at stores that were equipped with the reader. Smart phone users have long been anticipating this technology on smart phones for convenient and safe payment.

    The earliest rumors about NFC on smart mobile phone were about iPhone 5, which was greatly rumored to support NFC. However, now, another two giants in smart mobile phones are rumored to own this payment technology: Google Android phones and Microsoft smart phones, the WP 7.

    Along with the rumors that iPhone 5 would not adopt NFC due to the absence of NFC standard currently in the circle announced by Apple; users may have been unsure and may feel disappointed and long for a smart mobile phone to solve this problem. Google Android phones and Microsoft Windows smart phones in such conditions are rumored to own NFC-enabled smart mobile phones to compete with Apple iPhone. The negotiation between Google and Mastercard and Citigroup is still on the way for the NFC support, while Microsoft NFC-enabled WP7 only shows a hint for public.

     Although NFC-enabled WP7 devices could arrive as early as this year, Microsoft will likely continue to play catch up with Apple and Google, as both industry heavyweights are reportedly planning to debut NFC smart phones in the very near future. So, let’s just wait to see the latest news about this.

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