• 5 Best iPhone camera apps with advanced photo retouch and manipulation

    Posted on May 30th, 2013 David Brooks | No comments

    The Apple iPhone gave the start to the smartphone revolution nearly six years ago, and with time it slowly evolved to be more than just a terrific device for accessing the web. It became the world’s most used camera. Most recently, we compared the latest iPhone 5 against its 2013 rivals and concluded that on many occasions Apple’s smartphone bested them all delivering consistently pleasing colors and performing well in both sun and rain, day and night.

    Being such a prolific device, it’s no surprise there is a huge enthusiast iPhone camera community. Instagram did not become a billion dollar company by chance – it was mostly because of the iPhone.

    But as a simple device with an almost fully automatic camera, photo enthusiasts crave more manual control: more settings, more filters, more editing options. Good news is all of that is there. Some of the best camera apps are built for the iPhone. Here are the ones that stand out from the rest, ones that you won’t regret buying, here are the essential ones.

    Laminar Pro – $3.99 (Advanced photo retouch and manipulation)

    Laminar Pro

    Laminar Pro is a small Photoshop that is always in your pocket, supporting layers and masks, and all bells and whistles for only $3.99. It is very stable and easily gets our recommendation for all who want to do more advanced image editing on an iPhone or iPad.

    SnapSeed – free (Advanced photo retouch and manipulation)


    Somewhere between advanced and basic photo editing, SnapSeed offers an intuitive interface that makes it look simpler than it really is. While it does not support the layers and masks of Laminar, it offers the absolutely best touch interface on mobile.

    iPhoto – $4.99 (Advanced photo retouch and manipulation)


    “With iPhoto for iOS, Apple brings Multi-Touch to photography in a breakthrough way. Browse, edit, and share your photos from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, like never before—all the powerful tools you need are at your fingertips. And with iCloud, you can share your experiences as stunning photo journals.”

    PhotoForge 2 – $3.99 (Advanced photo retouch and manipulation)

    PhotoForge 2

    “True layers support means you can now composite multiple photos into amazing works of art. Unparalleled powerful tools like curves and levels allow you to manipulate your photos with ease. Amazing filters and effects will allow even a beginner to transform their photos into masterpieces.”

    Photoshop Touch – $4.99 (Advanced photo retouch and manipulation)

    Photoshop Touch

    “Use popular Photoshop features, such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters, to create mind-blowing images.  Improve your photos using classic Photoshop features to bring out the best in your photography. Apply precise tone and color adjustments to your entire composition, a particular layer, or a select area.”

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  • Focus on WWDC 2013: All iPad Mini 2 Rumors Sum-up

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    Opening worldwide from June 10 to June 14 at the Moscone West in San Francisco, this highly anticipated WWDC 2013 will be worth the wait. The WWDC has been the legendary platform for some major announcements in Apple’s devices, hardware and software. At the countdown for this massive tech giant Apple’s annual developer conference, you may guess what new things can an Apple enthusiast wait for unveiling at this event? Here’s a list of rumored/expected things:

    * iPhone 5S/iPhone 6
    *  iOS 7
    * MacBook Air with Retina
    * 5th generation iPad
    * Apple TV
    * Second generation iPad Mini

    WWDC 2013

    There are a lot of speculations earlier about things being launched at WWDC 2013, today we will get down to concluding the second generation iPad Mini rumors.

    The first generation iPad Mini came to stores to rival with a series of market-hit midsize tablets that mainly include Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7. But, the Apple rival has been feeble and less powerful to lock horns with its alternatives. What is more, it has also been missing Apple’s landmark Retina display. So a second upgrade to iPad Mini can ne keenly expected, and it will be rolling out with a Retina display, better processor, a refurbished design and a lot of similar advances.

    Display: flexible?

    Drawn from rumors, the next generation iPad Mini is with 2048×1536 pixel Retina display so that the pixel density of the 7.9-inch screen can achieve to 326ppi which is higher than iPad 4 (264ppi). For the sake that mass production of flexible OLED TV display from LG has started, and more importantly LG has became the display supplier of next generation iPad Mini, there is great possibility the second generation iPad Mini will be equipped with flexible display.

    iPad mini 2

    Appearance: ultra-narrow frame or become thicker?

    News from Holland website MobiLeaks indicates that the next generation iPad Mini is 0.3mm thicker than the first generation iPad Mini (7.5mm VS. 7.2mm). The reason of the increased thickness lies in the fact that there must be sacrifice in hardware upgrades of iPad Mini 2.

    Inner specifications: upgraded camera or vibration function?

    Many people think that iPad Mini 2 will take A6X processor into use, but Holland website MobiLeaks states that next generation iPad Mini will be applied with A7 processor and quad-core GPU. Battery capacity will be improved simultaneously.

    The front-facing camera will be upgraded from 1.2 million pixels to 2 million pixels, at the same time the rear camera will be upgraded from 5 million pixels to 8 million pixels.

    In addition, vibration motor may be added to next generation iPad Mini so as to enrich experience while playing games with this tablet.

    Will iPad Mini 2 debut on WWDC 2013? Just wait and see…

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  • Prices and Specs of 8-inch and 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet Exposed

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    A large wave of tablets is just pouring to us, among which Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet owns an eye-catching place. There’ve been reports that Samsugn Galaxy Tab 3 tablet would include 3 different variants: 7-inch version, 8-inch version and 10-inch version. The prices of all these 3 different Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets have been exposed online. The 7-inch tablet would be priced at $199.99, the 8-inch version (16GB) at $329.99, and the 10.1-inch tablet would be priced at $379.99. The latest report leaked that Galaxy Tab 3 7.0-inch version would have two variants, 8GB and 16GB respectively.

    It’s reported that the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 version would be thinner than that of 7.0 inch version, with narrower edge, scheduled to be released next month. Currently, aside from the price being leaked, the detailed specs of Galaxy Tab 3 8.0-inch version are also exposed online.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet

    Leaked features of Galaxy Tab 3 8.0-inch version:
    * Name: Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0) 16GB (3G/Wi-Fi);
    * Codename: SM-T310 (3G) and SM-T311 (Wi-Fi);
    * Screen display: 8.0 inches display with 1280×800 pixels resolution;
    * Processor/RAM and storage: 1.5GHz dual-core processor with 1.5GB RAM, 16GB storage with SD card slot to expand memory storage up to 64GB;
    * GSM network: EDGE (850/900/1800/1900) HSPA+42Mbps HSUPA 5.76Mbps (850/900/1900/2100);
    * Camera: 5MP main camera and 1.3MP front camera;
    * Micro USB and 3.5 audio jack;
    * Network: BT 4.0/USB 2.0/Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/A-GPS;
    * Battery: 4450mAh;
    * Size: 209.3×122.2×6.95mm.

    Just very recently, Samsung announced to hold a Premiere 2013 Conference in London to release new Galaxy and ATIV products. Maybe we could get more detailed information about Galaxy Tab 3 tablets then.

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  • Leawo Officially Released Tunes Cleaner to Clean up iTunes Music Library, Delete Song Duplicates in iTunes and Get Album Cover for iTuens Music Library Effectively

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    Shenzhen, May 28th, 2013 – Leawo Software Co., Ltd, a leading multimedia solution provider in supplying DVD, Blu-ray, video, audio, PPT and other media solutions for both Win and Mac, officially announced the release of Leawo Tunes Cleaner, a Windows based iTunes cleaner program to help people clean up iTunes music library and other external music folders.

    Leawo Tunes Cleaner is far more than a simple iTunes cleanup program to clean up iTunes music library. It could also clean up music folders out of iTunes. With powerful online database, Leawo Tunes Cleaner could clean up iTunes music library and external music folders quickly, accurately and massively. It could delete song duplicates in iTunes and external music library, get song album cover for iTunes music files, download and add music tags automatically for iTunes music files, apply fixed music files to iTunes within one click, etc. Also, it could allow people to manually edit music tags like artist, album, album cover, song title, etc. and play music files back via the built-in music player.

    Leawo Tunes Cleaner

    Key features of Leawo Tunes Cleaner
    1. Clean up iTunes and external music folders smartly;
    2. Get album artwork for iTunes music library and other music files;
    3. One-click operation to delete song duplicates in iTunes and other music libraries;
    4. Automatically download and add music tags to perfect music info for iTunes music library and external music folders;
    5. Support manual fixing to customize music info and get accurate repairing;
    6. Support to save unfixed results for future fixing;
    7. Clean up iTunes music library and external music folders by fixing in specific categories;
    8. Unique scoring system to score music library and show iTunes health;
    9. Play back music files for accurate manual fixing;
    10. Clean up iTunes music library and apply to iTunes in one click;

    Price and availability
    Leawo Tunes Cleaner has both trial and registration versions, both of which are free downloadable. The trial version couldn’t save the fixed results, while the registration version costs $29.99 and has all functions.

    Company page: http://www.leawo.com/
    Product page: http://www.leawo.com/tunes-cleaner/
    Download page: http://www.leawo.com/download/tunescleaner_setup.exe

    Leawo Software Co., Ltd.
    Chief Executive Officer
    Email: contact@leawo.com

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  • Xbox One vs. PS4: Which One is Your Dish?

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    Microsoft has already unveiled the Xbox One, its next generation gaming console that aims at being the central focus of your living room to let you watch TV and movies, listen to music, check fantasy stats while watching live sports, and much more. However, the new Xbox will soon face the fierce competition from the PlayStation 4, the game console Sony has introduced in February but plans to formally reveal at E3 this year. The 2 console giants will be fiercely fighting for your attention, your adoration and more importantly your dollars.

    Although we are far from knowing all the details of both systems, we can still take a gander at the information we have so far. So right here I collected all the available specs of both consoles to let you get a clear understanding of how they stack up against each other. Here is what we know thus far:

    Xbox vs. PS4: Hardware specs

    While both consoles make use of an 8-core AMD Jaguar processor, there is still a big winner in terms of AMD. The PS4 features 1,152GPU cores as compared to the Xbox One’s 768 graphics cores. Sony’s new console drives 1.84 TFLOPS, while compared to the new Xbox’s 1.23 TFLOPS.

    Besides, the PS4 also has the edge when it comes to system memory. It features 8GB of 5500MHZ GDDR5 memory as compared to the Xbox One’s 8GB of 2133MHz DDR3 RAM. So as for gaming power, Sony’s PS4 is the clear winner. However, what should be highlighted is that Microsoft and Sony’s missions appear to be quite different, as Microsoft continues to layer more home entertainment elements on the top of Xbox’s gaming element. Both the Xbox One and PS4 comes with a Blu-ray optical drive. So for diehard gamers, the PS4 seems like the better choice at this point. If you focus on both gaming and entertainment, go for Xbox.

    The hardware specs battle is just the beginning, below I also put my spotlight on the 4 most important next-gen combat zones to let you see how the two consoles compare. Keep reading.

    1. Launch games

    Indeed launch games make a big difference for a console. Sony has revealed tons of exclusives and special titles from first parties on its reveal event, like Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and Driveclub. On top of that, Sony also scored third party titles like Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Watchdogs.

    For the Xbox One event, Microsoft also shows off games like Forza 5. Quantum Break is also set for release although Microsoft’s trailer was incredible cryptic. The company also promised 15 Xbox One exclusives will be shown at E3.

    Winner: PS4. Although Microsoft made more noise, but right now PS4 looks like more stunning. Hope Microsoft shows off more heavyweights at E3.

    2. Share Media

    Sharing your gaming media is one of the key points of Sony’s PS4 reveal. There is a dedicated share button on the controller, which allows you to send snippets of recorded video straight to a friend or even invite them to watch your game, or ever perhaps participate in it in some minor way. On top of that, Sony has a partnership with Ustream, one of the most popular streaming sites online.

    Although Microsoft spent quite less time to talk about sharing media, it is still a big part of the new Xbox Live. There is a feature called Game DVR, allowing you post recorded gameplay to Live and on unspecified social network services. Besides, you could attach videos on your Achievement list, letting everyone see exactly how you increased said Gamerscore. It is a pity that there is no info showing Xbox one could stream.

    Winner: PS4. Obviously Sony’s sharing solution looks far more convenient, particularly for the less technologically inclined.

    3. Controllers

    Xbox One’s pad looks quite similar to Xbox 360’s, which is consistently voted one of the best controllers of all time. Meanwhile, Microsoft promised to fix the old design’s weakest point- the d-pad. Also, do remember that your entire body is the controller thanks to the new Kinect technology that you even track swivel in your wrists. That’s a great progress.

    PS4’s controller is a variant of its tried-and-trusted DaulShock design. However, its built-in light on the top edge of its casing can be seen by the PlayStation Eye, meaning it can be used as a pointer. There is also a front touch pad which can act as a rudimentary display thanks to the colored LEDs.

    Winner: Actually the focus is on the pad of each, but no one now has used either pad yet, so no winner.

    4. Price and release date

    This part is the hardest to judge, possibly, since Microsoft and Sony are playing this part very close to the vest. Both giants promise to formally release the consoles at the end of 2013. Similarly both are likely coming in the days before Black Friday, maybe even on the same day.

    Although neither Microsoft nor Sony has announced how much their next game consoles will cost, analysts have agreed that the consoles are likely to sell for around $400~$500.

    Winner: There are too many unknowns at the moment. Ask again later.

    So which one is your dish?

    Indeed at the moment there are too many unknown factors for us to make the decision, but the deeper look at the currently known hardware and features will help you better decide which system you believe is right for you. If you have already made the choice, why not share it with us in the comments?

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  • Sony Xperia i1 Smartphone Details and Specs Exposed Along with A New 6.44-inch Device

    Posted on May 16th, 2013 David Brooks | No comments

    Because of the ultra-powerful camera shooting ability, the Sony Xperia i1 has been focused for a period. Though the reports said this new flagship smartphone probably gets released this summer, the latest information from Indonesia suggested the model number C6802, which probably will be this new smartphone. That also might be a hint that Sony might soon officially release Sony Xperia i1.

    Actually, it’s not the first time to see Sony C6802, which has been exposed in previous HTML5 testing page. According to the leaked information at that time, this new smartphone would come with FHD touchscreen and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. And upon the prediction from Xperiablog, this new smartphone might be Sony’s summer flagship smartphone this year.

    Sony Xperia i1

    The latest reports and information indicated that the first “One Sony” smartphone Xperia i1 might be right the final phone of Sony C6802, which is reportedly to include Cyber-short and Walkman technologies, built-in 20M camera with 1/1.6 sensor, brand-new JPEG algorithm graphics engine. The new graphics engine is reported to be adopted in Sony’s Alpha and NEX digital camera lines.

    The Sony Xperia i1 is also reportedly to come with a 5″ FHD touchscreen, thus producing excellent movie experience for users to watch HD movies on Xperia i1. The device would also come with Walkman technology, which makes the audio quality of this smartphone quite excellent. Aside these, it features a 1.7GHz Qual-comm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor with 2GB RAM and up to 3000mAh battery. As to the size, this new smartphone is reportedly to be the same size of Xperia Z. The international version of this smartphone is reportedly to be announced in August or even September.

    Sony Xperia news

    Besides the Xperia i1, another Sony C6833 model was also exposed in Indonesia, which has been analyzed to be a crossing device of tablet and smartphone. The codename is Togari. This new device was reported to have a 6.44-inch touchscreen with FHD screen resolution. As to the specs, Sony C6833 was rumored to get quad-core Qual-comm processor with up to 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage, 13MP Exmore RS camera and 3500mAh battery.

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  • The next Nexus 7 and next gen Surface tablets reportedly to be out in the Q2 of 2013

    Posted on March 11th, 2013 David Brooks | No comments

    The competition between Google and Microsoft in mobile communication has become even fierce.  Google’s Nexus 7 tablet no doubt has gained great popularity in the tablet market since the official release. To compete with Google in tablet market, Microsoft announced its Surface tablet in both RT and Pro versions for different needs. From the results of the tablet sales, Nexus 7 seems to win. But Microsoft has never given up. As reported, the new Google Nexus 7 and the Surface 2 tablets would be released in the Q2 and market available in the end of Q2.

    Nexus 7

    This time, Google would once again cooperate with Asus on the new Nexus 7 tablet. According to the rumors, the next Nexus 7 would be about the same price as its predecessor while feature better features. The hardware configurations would be greatly improved. The tablet screen would be in edge-to-edge design with improved screen resolution to 1920×1080 pixels. Thus, if you want to watch HD movies on new Nexus 7, you would get more vivid visual effect. The price of the next Nexus 7 is rumored to be $199 – 246, just the same level as the current Nexus 7 tablet. It is reported this new tablet would be officially released on the upcoming Google I/O from March 15th to March 17th.

    As to the Microsoft Surface, though the performance and sales of Surface are not satisfactory, Microsoft would continue to bring Surface 2 tablet, according to the supply chains. It is reported the Surface 2 would get narrowed in screen size, to 7-9 inches. The component supply factories would also be changed. No more detailed information about the Surface 2 has been leaked online currently.

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  • A shiny black Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 gets leaked online with 8-inch touchscreen, quad-core processor and S-Pen stylus

    Posted on March 3rd, 2013 David Brooks | No comments

    To challenge the dominant position of iPad mini in the market and get more market share, Samsung introduced an 8-inch Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, in white only, on the 2013 MWC. Currently, this new Note 8.0 tablet has been displayed on various websites. According to the latest news from Phonearena, Samsung would output a shiny black Galaxy Note 8.0 with the white version. From the leaked pictures, showed below, the shiny black Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet looks the same as the white one and features an S Pen stylus as well.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Being a strong challenger to iPad mini, Galaxy Note 2.0 would come with an 8.0-inch 1280×800 pixels touchscreen resolution. The large screen display delivers exactly the same visual effect for people to enjoy HD movies on Galaxy Note 8.0 just like that of iPad mini. Meanwhile, the 1.6GHz Exynos quad-core processor with 2GB RAM ensures users with smooth and fluent operating. The Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet provides 32GB and 64GB models with up to 64GB memory expansion via microSD card.

    As to the camera, Galaxy Note 8.0 features dual cameras: 5MP main camera and 1.3MP front camera. The front camera could recognize whether users are in sleep or not to decide the state. Other features include: 4600mAh battery, IR blaster support for remote control, etc.

    Galaxy Note 8.0 would be available in the very near future. The India version would be named as Galaxy Note 510. To compete with iPad mini, it’s most possible there would be more choices of Galaxy Note 8.0 on color.

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