• The Most Underrated Phone of 2016

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    Technobuffalo just honored the LG V20 with the title of The Most Underrated Phone of 2016.

    Strangely, LG kind of skills at making great phones and make them being underestimated. The G2, LG’s flagship phone in 2013, was actually a pretty awesome phone at that time. It featured a gorgeous 5.2-inch 1080P IPS display, a 13MP camera capable of shooting nice pictures and a decent 3000mAh battery. And the power button and volume rocker of the phone are placed at the back of the device, which makes the sides of the phone look very clean. And one of the most beloved features of the G2 is called Knock On, which allows you to wake the device by tapping twice on the screen. Despite its heavily skinned UI and the plastic body, it’s almost a perfect phone. But the sales of G2 didn’t go well, and it’s, of course, honored the most underrated phone of 2013.

    This time in 2016, it’s a totally different story. The company should’ve handled the launch and the available time of the device in a better way. The V20 was announced at an early time but it was actually available months after its announcement. The hype couldn’t hold on for that long, no matter how great the device is.

    You can find that the design pattern of the V20 is totally different from its predecessor, the LG V10, from the exterior stand point. But it kind of resembles HTC.  LG had been working on narrow bezels and high screen-to-body ratio and the result came out pretty well on G2 and G3, now it seems such a shame to abandon that design concept. The V20’s bezel is way off from what you’d expect from a flagship device and the manufacturer that once made the phone with a high screen-to-body ratio. In a time that all Android smartphones tend to have similar specs and user experience, the look of the phone can be the most critical element to be taken into consideration when buying a phone.

    But still, the phone features great specs and a lot of stuff that you can barely find on other devices these days. As a flagship device, it has a 5.7 inch Quad HD display with the pixel density of 513ppi, Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 16MP+8MP dual camera with laser autofocus. And there are some features the LG V20 has that you can hardly find on other devices these days: expandable storage, removable battery, and a unique secondary screen which is capable of showing notifications, shortcuts and signature, etc.

    All in all, the LG V20 is a wonderful device worthy of being called flagship and it shouldn’t be ignored by people who are looking for a premium phone. It’s too good a device to be missed out.

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  • Samsung Expected to Launch Galaxy S8 in New York in April

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    According to the latest reports from South Korea, Samsung is expected to hold the Galaxy S8 event in New York next April. The launch has been delayed reportedly/ Samsung has reported delayed the launch of its next-generation flagship to earn more time for regaining the trust of its fans from the ill-fated Note 7.

    Traditionally, the launch of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S Series would be at Mobile World Congress in late February, but this generation’s S phone means a lot more to Samsung and its fans than the previous generations do.

    It doesn’t only have to be the best seller, the new Galaxy S8 need to rebuild the confidence of customers in Samsung, to let people know that the company is still able to make powerful and reliable smartphones that don’t have the major design flaws.

    According to Naver, Samsung is in “consultation with external agencies” and planning to regain consumer confidence before the Galaxy S8’s arrival. And in order to make sure that there’s enough time to do that, the launch of Galaxy S8 has been postponed, the report claims.

    Samsung is said to have said at its global strategy meeting in South Korea this week that the Galaxy S8 will have its dedicated launch even in New York in April. This further confirms previous reports claiming the delay of the launch of Samsung’s next generation flagship.

    Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of this yet. Whether the launch will delay to April or not is still speculation for now. But the announcement of the S8 at Mobile World Congress is still unlikely.

    One thing we learn from the Note 7 is that always back up your phone because you never know if your phone is going to blow up at some point in the future. This can apply to not only phones from Samsung, other phones blowing up is not something we haven’t heard of.

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  • Google Drive can now back up iPhones and makes Android switching easier

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    Google has just updated its website with the guidance for iPhone users to make the switch from iPhone to Android. But the point here is Google adding a new feature to its iOS version Google Drive: the ability to back up data on your iOS device like contacts, calendar, and camera roll and save it in the cloud. With this neat little feature added, you can have all your stuff prepared in Google’s various apps when you want to make the switch from iPhone to Android devices like the Pixel. Data backup is being done automatically, as opposed to the old days when all those data have to be uploaded from several different apps.

    This new data backup option can be found in the settings menu under “backup”. And you’d expect the backup process to be fast and efficient, but in actuality, if you’ve got a lot of stuff on your iPhone, it’s probably going to take a while. Google says that it can take several hours in some cases, so you’d better have your iPhone plugged in and keep it charged and connected to stable Wi-Fi network before you start the process. Also the app have to stay open and on screen during the process.

    This is basically Google’s attempt to make it easier for iOS users to switch to Android. But that’s not what Google Drive is all about, it can do a lot of other great stuff, this new backup feature is more like a bonus from the already awesome program. Unfortunately, you can’t have your texts or music library backup with Google Drive. For that you’ll have to do some extra work, like plugging your iPhone directly into the Pixel or other android phones for data transfer. The Google Drive update doesn’t seem to be available just yet but it should be coming pretty soon.

    Switching from one operating system to another could be painful, which is why a lot of people keep buying phones of the same brand. And even switching to phones under the same brand could be troublesome. Leawo iOS Data Recovery, a program that can back up and recover data types like contacts, messages, call history, notes, calendars and reminder between iOS devices, making phone switching a more pleasant experience.

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  • How to Return or Exchange Your Faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

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    Due to battery issue, Samsung has officially recalled its Galaxy Note 7 globally starting September. According to Samsung, 35 separate incidents have resulted in a Note 7’s battery catching fire. Sales have stopped, and all devices already sold will be replaced by the company.

    If you have got a faulty Note 7 and have no idea on how to return or exchange the phone, you can check out the post as it lists different instructions for each carrier.

    Go through Samsung:

    Samsung will give Note 7 users the option to exchange a recalled model for a brand-new (and fixed) unit. Any Note 7 sold before September 15 is impacted by the recall, and should be treated as such. If you’re unsure about your device, you can use the IMEI checking tool on Samsung’s recall site.

    Alternatively, users can exchange the Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge instead of a Note 7, complete with a refund of the difference in price between the two devices. Samsung will also allow users to exchange Note 7-specific accessories, should they choose this option.

    Samsung advises users to return the device to the retail outlet at which the device was originally purchased, or call 1-800-SAMSUNG to initiate the exchange directly with Samsung.

    Customers will also receive a $25 gift card or bill credit for the inconvenience. More details can be found on Samsung’s website, by visiting a dedicated webpage for the Note 7 recall.

    Verizon Wireless:

    Verizon customers can return the Note 7, with Verizon waiving the restocking fee through September 30. “Because customer safety is our top priority, Verizon has stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7,” the carrier said in a statement.


    Sprint’s CEO Marcelo Claure posted a statement on Twitter detailing Sprint’s plan of attack for the recall. For current Note 7 owners, you should visit your local Sprint store to return your Note 7. Sprint will give you a “similar device” to use until Samsung is able to fix the issue and sales of the Note 7 resumes.


    The company is “strongly encouraging” customers to exchange the Note 7 and any accessories purchased with it. “Samsung has notified us that they have identified a battery cell issue in certain Galaxy Note7s. They have asked all retailers, including AT&T, to stop selling the device. Because safety is our top priority, customers are strongly encouraged to exchange the Samsung Note7 for a new device. Customers with a Note7 may select a new smartphone, and may also return any Note7 accessories.”


    T-Mobile will issue complete refunds for the Note 7, including any accessories purchased with the device. The company is also waiving any restocking or shipping fees during the exchange process. Visit your local T-Mobile store or call 1-800-937-8997 to initiate the process. T-Mobile expects to have replacement Note 7s “in the next two weeks,” according to a statement published on its website.

    Best Buy:

    If you purchased a Note 7 from Best Buy, you can return the device to the store for a full refund. Here is Best Buy’s official statement: We have stopped selling the Samsung Note7. Customers can visit a Best Buy store to return or exchange their device, without a restocking fee. Customers will have the option to replace it with a new Note7 when they become available.

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  • Smasung Offcially Recall Galaxy Note 7 Due to Battery Issues

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    Samsung launched and released the Galaxy Note 7 in August this year. Just like its predecessors, the Galaxy Note 7 was highly anticipated in the smartphone space. However, 35 customers have reported that the battery of the new Samsung phablet has exploded or caught fire while charging. According to Samsung, it has received 30-40 reports of Note 7 devices catching fire while charging. Out of the millions that were sold, that’s not very many phones. The odds of the phone actually catching fire are minuscule, but it’s still enough of a problem that you should take action.

    All we know about the cause is that some of the batteries used in the Note 7 are at fault. Some owners may have also been using sketchy third-party charging cables, though this still shouldn’t make a battery explode. Not all phones are affected, but Samsung has not released any guidelines on which serial numbers are bad. Perhaps the company doesn’t know, or it may not be possible to track down all the bad batches. The bottom line — if you have a Note 7, it’s part of the recall.

    Samsung is running the recall on its own in cooperation with carrier partners. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is not involved, which makes the process a little murky. If you bought your phone from a carrier, you can call or go into a store to return it without incurring any fees. If you purchased directly from Samsung, call the help number listed on the recall page.

    It is not clear what will become of phones that were resold or imported. Because Samsung is doing all this proactively without the CPSC, there aren’t any rules about how to handle this. That makes buying the Note 7 from third-parties problematic. No official retail channels are still selling the Note 7 right now. More stock with new batteries will begin showing up this week, which is what Samsung will use to replace defective Note 7s. Some carriers are also offering the option of swapping for a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and getting a refund for the difference. If you see a Note 7 for sale on eBay or other reselling sites, don’t buy it. There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to swap it yourself and it’s guaranteed to be one of the recalled phones right now.

    Although Samsung has not confirmed the cost of the recall, estimates compiled by Bloomberg from Credit Suisse Group AG, Daishin Securities Co. and Pelham Smithers Associates suggest that the battery snafu with the Galaxy Note 7 may have cost the company about $1 billion.

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