• iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and Next-Gen iPad mini Are Coming

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    iPhone 5S with 3 Colors?

    It may be a good news for the Apple fans that the iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and the next-gen iPad mini will be released on the 10th of September, however the iPhone 5C, is about to be released on October.

    From the name of “5S”, it’s easy to find out that this iPhone is an updated version of iPhone 5, so users don’t have to expect for the crazy-new features of this iPhone. Actually, many iPhone users are eager to having a large-screen iPhone, but Apple hasn’t made it clear that the large-screen iPhone will be released, only the rumors go that the a large-screen iPhone might be released next year. For this iPhone 5S, maybe the greatest change is that it will run with iOS 7. The flat-design iOS is different from the former versions, and from the iOS 7 Betas, it’s not hard to find out that this iOS borrowed some Android ideas (task panel) and some jailbroken iPhone functions (blacklist for phone calls). So iOS 7 may be more user-friendly than former iOS, but meanwhile it is less personalized, it seems that this iOS is becoming more and more common. Will iOS 7 run long on iPhone? We’ll wait and see.

    iPad 5 - Bigger iPad mini

    Another two new products, iPad 5 and the next-gen iPad mini (name uncertain) are about to come alongside with the iPhone 5S. The iPad 5 is likely to be a bigger-size iPad mini because it ia going to use the film-based touch panel technology just as the iPad mini does. The bezel of iPad mini is also about to be reduced, and this iPad 5 will be thinner and lighter than the former iPads. The next-gen iPad mini, however, is probably not to be equipped with the Retina Display even if many iPad mini users expect Apple to do. The next-gen iPad mini may be a 7.9-inch screen tablet just like the former one. Although iPad and iPad mini won’t have any revolutionary changes, we still want to hear the news of the iPad and iPad mini, after all, we have waited long enough for the new iPad.

    iPhone Sales Map from ReadWrite

    A post from ReadWrite, named “Apple needs a Roadmap, Again”, says that Apple now is in a zombie maintenance mode, and I think it makes sense. Apple hasn’t provided any genius products after Jobs’ death, and the market share of iPhone goes less and less. Apple just stays where it used to be, and is still losing itself in the success of iPads. The annual update is also a shortage for Apple to win the market share, although more than 1 billion people are using iPhone all over the world now, they want to update their iDevices to a new version. But if Apple keeps updating once a year, and no new characteristics are available to attract users’ attentions, those iPhone users may turn to other smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S4, Moto X and so on. It is now happening in some area, some iPhone users are not satisfied with the 4-inch screen iPhone, they choose 5-inch screen smartphones as alternatives, and they can transfer movies from iPhone to these large-screen smartphones for enjoyments. Maybe that’s why Samsung Galaxy S4 is now popular among all kinds of users. Apple says the user experience is the most important thing, but what Apple doing now is not like what they have said. Apple really needs a roadmap to redesign a route of development, whether it is going to listen to the customer or carry on developing unique products, Apple does need to think about it now, if the zombie maintenance mode existed for long, Apple would be rotten in the fierce smartphone market.

    By the way, Apple got a “Live Listen” brand recently, and this brand is believed to have certain relations with the coming iTunes Radio.

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