• Top 5 Best Android Games Apps in 2013 for Game Fans

    Posted on May 31st, 2013 David Brooks No comments

    There are a lot of android game apps in Android Play store. But what are the pretty awesome ones for game lovers? Some time it is tough to select because we have so many options present for a single purpose. To remove your trouble, here’s a list detailing some exciting game apps that we think are the top 5 best game apps for android users in 2013. Among these games, hopefully you will discover some free apps that you’ve missed or haven’t used before. Some of them are having paid version too. So, let’s quickly see what these top 5 games are.

    1. Iron Man 3
    Iron Man 3 earned a 4.4-star rating in Google Play, giving it popularity on par with the movie. If you’ve already seen the latest Iron Man movie and want to experience the running and attacking experience, then this app is hard to pass up. Of course, the Gameplay is similar to other Endless Running Games, except that Iron Man flies instead. In fact, As Iron Man is running through an endless legion of bad guys, you’ll get to buy upgrades for his armor and unlock new powers from Stark’s research lab. This game is funny and great!

    2.  Flatout: Stuntman
    Flatout series is one of the most popular stunt titles on gaming consoles, and Flatout: Stuntman is the latest most popular game containing a ton of different and fun themes, stunts, plenty of vehicles and numerous characters to have fun with. It is a one crazy racing and crazy stunts game with lots of violent and detailed car crashes and flying people in the air than carmageddon. The game is optimized runs on a wide variety of Android smartphones and tablets. It’s free to play.

    3.  Floors Escape
    The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity. Players start in a room solving puzzles in each room to get out and escape to the next floor, and the only exit is a locked elevator. This app is good for a quick cognitive conundrum on your way to work. There are only nine floors at the moment. However, the developer also plans to add more floors, and presumably more doors to escape through, so you’ll have a few more challenges soon. This game app is totally free also.

    4. Bejeweled Blitz
    Bejeweled Blitz is the world’s No.1 puzzle game for Android users, giving players a time limit in which they have to match as many gems as possible. During the game, players should match and detonate as many gems as they can in 60 action-packed seconds. The game is integrated with Facebook, so you can challenge your friends who are bored and reading their newsfeed or you can show off your achievements. This game supports Both phone and tablet devices.

    5. Angry Birds
    The amazingly popular iOS game moved to Android a while ago, earning over two million downloads during its first weekend of availability. The Android version is free, and it use birds to hit the pigs and shatter down the castles. I like the concept that we have to use while hitting those ugly face pigs. you fail. One thing should be noticed that the force adjustments and angle matters a lot in this game. Or you will easily fail even though you think you get the trick.

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