• Top 10 Funniest and Best Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch of 2012

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    The long anticipated next Apple iPhone, maybe named as iPhone 5, has been confirmed to be released this fall, mostly at the September 12th event as reported recently. Even though the detailed features of the next Apple iPhone have not been unveiled, upon the iPhone 4S, we can get a lot of apps to add fun to our iPhone. In this post, I would like to share some funny and wonderful apps for iPhone and iPod Touch which are emerged this year so far. These apps could include ones for killing time, image and video editing apps, email tools, user interface optimizing apps, and utilities that could speed up common iPhone tasks to improve your iPhone and iPod performance. With the help of these practical apps, you could get a more productive iPhone or iPod Touch. Some of these apps could be installed directly on your iPhone, while still some other apps need to be installed on your computer as assistant.

    iPhone AppsSparrow: If you need a gesture based email client to replace your Mail app, Sparrow would be your right choice. You only need to have a Gmail, Google Apps or IMAP account. This app enables you to pull down the inbox list to refresh your inbox and also you can swipe across a message to reply, archive and delete emails. This app has full support for Gmail’s archive, labels, and priority inbox features. $2.99

    Clear: Clear makes use of gestures in a very Apple-esque way to manage your task list. List items are displayed in a heatmap by priority and you create new items by pinching items apart, dragging from the top of the list or tapping at the bottom. To mark items as done you just swipe left or right. Clear is very intuitive with no buttons or switches to act as a simple task manager without advanced features like setting time or location-based alerts. $2.99

    Draw Something: Draw Something is a funny app to help you kill time with your friends or family. You challenge your friends to guess the word you are drawing and you get game currency for each guess, depending on the word difficulty. Starting with simple sketches, you can get more colors and drawing tools for your Draw Something masterpiece as you own more coins. Free

    iPhoto: If you need a photo editing tool on your iPhone, you can refer to iPhoto for iPhone. iPhoto is packed with effects, filters and adjustments for your photos. The app organizes your mobile photo library and integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. You can also send photos wirelessly to other iOS devices running iPhoto in the foreground with the wireless beaming feature enabled. $4.99

    SloPro: Strictly, this app is a video recording and editing tool. SloPro is a perfect video shooting app to help you take 60fps slow-motion video in 720p HD with your iPhone 4S only. The built-in editor allows you to select in an out points where the video will be slowed down. It’s free to get this app, but the recorded and edited videos would be covered with watermark. You can spend $1.99 to update it to remove the watermark and export results to the camera roll or iTunes.

    Video Editor: This app is useful for you to edit images and videos on your computer and then transfer the edited videos to your iPhone or iPod Touch freely. It provides different effects, transitions and titles, as well as other editing features for you.

    Frameographer: Also as a video editing tool, Frameographer helps you create stop motion and time-lapse videos in a simple and straight-forward way. Since staging such videos can be time-consuming, the app lets you stop a project and resume it at a later time. You can easily delete unwanted frames and change the frames per second. But this app is very power consumptive. $2.99

    The Daily for iPhone: As a popular app on iPad, the iPad-only newspaper The Daily has also transitioned to the iPhone this year. It’s a separate, less expensive to subscribe version of The Daily, which is free of charge if you already subscribe to the iPad version. The layout is like a mix of Facebook and Sparrow, and unlike the tablet version, you also get a selection of free ad-supported stories every day. What’s more, it’s free.

    FreezePaint: A quite fun and unique app to merge parts of a photo with another. You can freely create images you like with pictures you have. You simply take a photo, swipe your finger on the part of the picture you want to keep and then take another picture with the chosen frozen parts overlaid. Free

    iTranslate Voice: iTranslate Voice is a translation app on your iPhone, looks a bit like Siri. You can choose the target language through flags provided, press the flag button and speak what you want to be translated. The app gives fairly accurate results. For accurate translation, it’s better for you to say simple sentences. You can also type text to translate. There’re 30 languages are included. Make sure you have connected to the internet. $0.99

    Well, how do you think of these apps? Quite useful and practical, right? If you have some other better advices, feel free to share with us here in the comment part.

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