• How to Insert One PowerPoint File into Another PowerPoint File

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    Surely you are not using Microsoft PowerPoint for the first time, and you may have inserted picture, music and video clips into PowerPoint slide for many times. But in some other situations, when you are presenting one PowerPoint but you need to refer to another PowerPoint file for details, last time we have talked about how to switch from one PowerPoint presentation to another smoothly, today you are going to learn how to insert one PowerPoint into another PowerPoint file.

    Step 1: Open you PowerPoint file and click Insert > Object.


    Step 2: In the pop up Insert Object dialog box, choose Create from file and then browse the desired PowerPoint file you want to insert.


    You have inserted the PowerPoint. It will be played after you click on it. Now let’s go a little further, when you switch to the slide where the PowerPoint is inserted, how to make it play automatically?

    Step 3: For PowerPoint 2007, go to the Animations tab, then select Custom Animation. Choose Add Effect > Object Actions > Show.


    For PowerPoint 2010, the buttons are somewhat different. Go to the Animation tab, click Add Animation and select OLE Action Verbs. In the opened window select Show.


    Then set the animation as start After Previous.


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