• iPad 3 rumors: iPad 3 to be equipped with Apple A6 2 Quad while iPhone 5 still comes with A5

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    It is reported that the next generation of Apple iPad, the iPad 3, would be equipped with Apple A6, a 2-Quad core produced by Apple, to make iPad 3 more competitive. The senior editor Linley Gwennap of Barron’s reported last Thursday that Apple would introduce its next generation of chips for Apple devices, the A6 2-Quad core, as its competitors like NVIDIA would also release 2-quad cores.

    iPad 3

    2-Quad chip is no doubt a big innovation for the future development of portable devices. It would empower handheld tablet as powerful as desk computers. The recently released 2-Quad chip Kal-El from NVIDIA shows very vivid display effect. Once it is on market, it is predicable that all Google Android OS tablets would adopt this chip, which would make great competitive pressure on Apple.

    But Gwennap also predicts that the A6 chipset might not be suitable for small sized smart mobile phones as it might be a little bit large, upon the existing A5 chipset which is larger than NVIDIA chipsets. Thus the next generation of Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5, may not adopt 2-Quad chipset, still with the A5 dual-core chipset.

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